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Avatar f tn Every pregnant woman in the world should invest in a pair of pajama jeans!! Now hear me out because I used to scoff and say that they were stupid too but my boss recently gave me a pair and I just put them on because I had no maternity jeans left. They fit amazing! And they don't cinch at the waist the way your prepregnancy jeans would but they don't fit awkwardly like maternity jeans.
Avatar f tn Lol I'm silly I know but I'm excited I got a pair of old navy maternity jeans and they fit and are so comfy I'm 14 weeks and I'm small but none of my jeans fit anymore I'm so happy lol
912837 tn?1243643542 I guess this is where I begin. I don't know how else to do this. Several years ago, I was prescribed vicodin for a toothache. Then another script for another toothache- you get the idea. Eventually I became dependant on them to just get out of bed and make it through the day. Here I am about 5-6 years later, and still taking them. I take what I can get which can on some days be up to 8- (yellow) 1,000's, but on average- about 7- 750's a day.
Avatar f tn im the same. Been wearing just leggings and joggers cause I don't fit into my jeans.
Avatar f tn One problem, I actually grew bigger. Like the cercimfrance around my thighs got bigger and what ussed to be my baggy jeans are now my tight jeans. How is that possible? I'm drinking enough water. This is weird.
7607165 tn?1395780125 I live in yoga pants...I have 3 pairs of maternity jeans and I save them for the wkends which I try to get dolled up a little with make up and hair, otherwise all wk it's t shirts and yoga pants..
Avatar f tn m gonna spend money it will be on the bottoms. And they have good prices and great sales. I buy my tops from stores like ross and such. : ) Bottoms are most important.
1927715 tn?1392055940 So just out of curiosity I tried on my pre pregnancy jeans and THEY FIT!
Avatar f tn Im so excited because my maternity jeans i ordered came in today and tomorrow is jeans day at work lol. I live an exciting life :p i ordered them from walmart and they were only $16! Good deals there if anyone is looking for affordable clothes. I bought dress pants for $15 too!
Avatar f tn yea my belly is gettin big but i cant wear stuff that comes out a mile on my sides... any jeans are uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn Hello, I had vaginal intercourse with a female in Dominican Republic on what we'll call "Day 1". I was using a condom but it broke. I pulled out and noticed that the condom has broken in half and the top was gone. The female got tested in Dominican Republic on "Day 6" and the test came back negative. A week after the incident I had a terrible kink in my neck for 4-6 days that I could not seem to get rid of.
Avatar f tn Lol I went crazy looking for pants and jc pennys online has pants for every size for 15 to 30 bucks and cute stuff and for 25 bucks they will ship it to ur nearest store for free instead of having to do the shipping amount I got mines today and i love them I got ones for 15 and ones for 20 try it girl it might work out for u lol i mean its nice to be a pregnant person but I refuse to pay 115 bucks for a pair a jeans I'll wear a few months lol hope tnis helps
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Avatar f tn Im all belly and it was early on for me because i was all about comfort. I think by 15/16 weeks i couldn't wear my jeans, even with a rubber band, anymore. And i didn't even bother with a band thing, i wear leggings and yoga pants!!
Avatar n tn Hey I need some advice please...Me and my boyfriend use to live here in u.s.a together,but then he had to go to dominican republic to finish his high school because its faster,I was recently over there came back to u.s.a july 22.Now he's telling me to go to dominican republic to be with him until he finishes his studies..Well I tell him that if I leave my job to go live with him over there to dominican republic,when me nd him come to usa we not gonna have no job..
740886 tn?1233717443 So I am on day 5 from Vicodin withdrawals and still hurting. I've been taking them daily for maybe 5 years, varying amounts I had a script for both 500mg & 750mg which I would stagger so I'd have at least 2 a day. This is the first time I've been prepared to live my life without them and it's a constant struggle not to snap at the people around me. That and the tiredness has been the worst for me.
8734227 tn?1405101066 I went for comfort. Its not like anyone I knew was going to see me and my parents were coming over later but they wouldn't have cared.
Avatar f tn It's different for everyone. I was showing at 8 weeks. My belly went hard at about 19 weeks. I'm 35 weeks now and it's rock solid. I'm ready for baby to come.
272338 tn?1252280404 Discussion Forum Ok ladies, here is our chance. I have found a list of all of the corporate sponcers of breast cancer awareness that have something going on this month. These companies should be bombarded with e-mails asking why they only support breast cancer and don't the rest of us matter.
Avatar m tn Abstract Despite the existence of successful vaccine and antiviral therapies, infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) continues to be a major global cause of acute and chronic liver disease and high mortality. We synthesized and evaluated several lyxofuranosyl, 2'-fluoroxylofuranosyl, 3'-fluoroarabinofuranosyl, and 2'-fluoro-2',3'-didehydro-2',3'-dideoxyribose pyrimidine nucleoside analogues for antiviral activities against hepatitis B virus.
1508131 tn?1289912796 I tried to approach my wife about her vicodin addiction and gamling addiction, but she said she needed her vicodin for her chronic fatigue and gambling for stress relief. She would get severely angry at me, and tell me I only want to take the things she enjoys away from her even though she needed the vicodin for her chronic fatigue. We were only married for 2 years this month, and I had to tell her to leave. Now, she said I am 100% at fault for the marriage breaking up.
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1700643 tn?1464846682 I told him I was a C/L for a additive substance abuse forum and tram was one of the worst drugs to detox from he had no idea I told him the mild opiate and antidepressant mix mad the stuff miserable to get off and I wouldent take it also told him to quit prescribing it that he was better off with vicaden or pecacett just watch how much he gave out this drug is truly a wolf in a lambs cloth.........
Avatar f tn It is not water retention. Lasix was started at 1 pill and now up to 4 pills with no effect. Vicodin does little to ease the pain. Now also have severe pain in bone near right elbow, unable to lift or move anything with arm. Two days ago, right leg hemorrhaged from out of nowhere and without cause. Literally looked like the blood was coming from a pore or something and completely saturated the bottom half of jeans in about 3 seconds.
8526246 tn?1405601876 After baby's born that you are dying to do now but of course can't lol. ??? Me I will take my kids anywhere and walk like I haven't done so in so long and am dying to. I will go buy tons of jeans (specially ripped jeans ,oh how I love them) and wear jeans at all times bc I've missed them so!. And I'm gonna get sushi wasted lol. I will eat sushi till I can't eat sushi at all.