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14631020 tn?1436545476 It's all good. Cognitive brain farts are my specialty!!!!!!!! Yesterday I opened the door for my dogs as they were all waiting to come in and I said, "how", instead of hi to my dogs. I quickly looked to see if my neighbor was out then laughed. It's like where did that even come from. This was happening pretty regular at work except I was embarassed there. With my coworkers not so much but with the customers for sure. No worries here. This is a safe place for brain farts.
Avatar f tn I took ritalin in late teens for adhd and developed epilepsy in early thirties. No history of seizures in family but my brother who also took ritalin in late teens also eveloped seizures as I did.
Avatar n tn So often in the morning he will seem unfocused so will not do well during early 8am test. His doctor and I discussed trying Ritalin first in the morning and then adding Vyvanse, which is the reverse of what many people do. Since Ritalin is faster acting I'm hoping that it will kick in first ( is it within 30 minutes?) and then after it kicks in to give Vyvanse.
Avatar f tn And sometimes starting new medication can cause a short term increase in anxiety. I had severe tingling in my arms from anxiety and had to get a CT scan to rule out a stroke. Amazingly, as soon as I found out my brain was okay, my tingling went away within a day or so. Continuing to worry about it can cause the symptoms to continue and even become worse. I recommend speaking to your doctor and trying to calm down and see if your symptoms go away.
Avatar m tn All i want to know is will it show up at all and if it does will it show my high levels of ritalin being in my system so the doctors will know i was abusing it. If anyone knows what theyre talking about please answer this question so i know what i should expect at my next visit and perhaps give me a hint as to what i should say because if it does show up, perhaps just proving i have a prescription to ritalin will get me off the hook? any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
237053 tn?1258828426 They say it is rare in every dang state that is not in New England! I promise you, if you google "Lyme Disease in Dogs Map", you will see all the reported cases. If it is on dogs, they can get on us! This makes me so mad! Do they document dog Lyme better than Human Lyme? Probably, b/c it's not controversial in dogs. I'm going to post this map, b/c it's important and it includes co-infections - in dogs (again I am mystified).
Avatar m tn I have MS and this is why I am asking about Ritalin instead of the 600 mg of provigil i take every Morning
1497278 tn?1289708073 Ritalin was basically banned from pharmacies in Puerto Rico!! Ritalin is a very dangerous drug, it causes damages to the nervous system, it makes your body retain water and it makes people to have nervous tics. My advice to you is to stop taking that forever, don't even try another different medication because the doctors will prescribe you next time a stronger one, then a stronger one, then another and another and so on to the point were they will tell you that you are bipolar!!
Avatar m tn I am in a bind, all my life i have known i might have add, i am in my mid 30s. I currently in a service oriented feild.. my attention span has gotten worse and people notice slightly. I often lose track of conversations, hate doing reports, easily distracted. I am a very competant person and i do mask my add problems really well. i recently took a promotional test which i have studied hard for. i studied for months i felt really confident.
Avatar n tn ritalin is running my life its all i think about feel like i cant get enough, been on it for 3 yrs, just recently loss control sometimes takeing 200+ mg a day its going to kill me and im desperate to stop, anyone familiar with this monster
Avatar f tn I took Ritalin in the beginning and it was a major shock. It worked - however for not that long - for only one to two hours. Then poof I was back to my normal not being able to concentrate because of my weird moods again. I have not tried Adderall or Concerta because my doctor recommended a drug called Vvyanse but I found it works for alot longer than the Ritalin. Its only in the one pill instead of the multiple pills (Ritalin).
Avatar m tn t have any attention disorder but i occasionally took Ritalin from a friend that has one, it helped me tremendously in exams when i used it at a moderate and reasonable level. 2) I used it at a moderate level in the past during 2011 and 2012 but began abusing it during 2013.
Avatar f tn but he said thats only if you r prone to seizures...so i went to drug checker and put in all my meds ritalin,xanax and wellbutrin....it says the combo of wellbutrin and ritalin really increases the chance of seizures and so does the xanx..so im scared to take it now,dr also said i could drink a couple beers and i think that increases seizures to.............I have never had a seizure so maybe im worried for nothing ..anyone been on this combo?
636964 tn?1222990085 My husband recently decided that he had ADD so he went to his doctor and got prescribed Ritalin. Ever since he's been on it, he's been a zombie and emotionless. We barely make love anymore and he's also very sensative about things. Now I've heard that sometimes if you really don't have ADD, the medication will affect you different then for someone who really has it. I've discussed this problem several times with my husband but nothing has changed.
Avatar m tn The one question I forgot to ask him was if Ritalin could cause my eye tic to spiral out of control in the future. I am worried because I am doing so well on Ritalin. will it not suddenly cause my tic to come back worse or cause other tics. Also My psychiatrist told me I am very sensitive to drugs. I cant understand this. I am on wonderful medication that is really helping me. I am on 50mg Ritalin and 75mg Effexor.
2083581 tn?1332307861 I currently use Ritalin for ADD and it also helps depression. Does anyone have suggestions for supplementing this with another drug. I have heard wellbutrin works well with Ritalin but I would like to here from someone with experience. Ritalin is the only drug that has ever helped me but when it wears off I am depressed again. (and I have tried Concerta and did like it) Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn i got a new dr and he canged me from adderall to methylin generic ritalin....do they have kinda same ingrediaents..it to be used for depresssion but he said i have some add symptoms also on on xanax and prozac,,he is upping my prozac...
Avatar n tn Ritalin is a stimulant and if he is abusing it, that can cause so many problems. Not sure why he was put on it either with a history of drug use and now drinking too. Bad bad combo, with ritalin and alcohol. What did he say when you told him you can't be with him if he keeps drinking and abusing the ritalin? I am sorry your going through this right now, but it sounds like you need to take care of yourself first. Does he show any signs of wanting to quit?
Avatar m tn My daughter is prescribed ritalin and takes it at school. The doctor did a Urinalysis test and sent the sample to yhe lab. Well that didn't end so well because ritalin didn't show up in her system at all. Thank god that the day of the appointment she had school or it wouldn't have looked so good on me.
429700 tn?1308007823 Now the opposite affect is thought to happen in none affected individuals, so speeds up thought, energy etc one of the reasons Ritalin has value in the illegal drug world and club seen. It is sort of like speed but legal.
Avatar n tn Was the Ritalin for ADHD? you could try different forms of Methylphenidate in slow release to withdraw, ease symptoms, and reduce side effects.
Avatar f tn has anyone had their child prescribed ritalin for this and has it been affective in helping their child, my child masturbates does this help with it too