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Avatar f tn Plus, make sure you do see the doctor and get on some medications, they are like God! Im taking Ritalin 10mg 3 times a day and Concerta 36mg for when I need all day concentration. It really does help, it stops that mind running 24/7 giving you some time to breathe! Well I hope I've helped you in anyway at all, cleared up anything for you, hopefully it makes a little more sense now, good luck with it all, if you have any more questions don';t hesitate to ask, cheers!
429700 tn?1308011423 Personally no but i've worked with quite a few kids and young adults who take it for various reasons. Basically if your brain is racing so fast it can't follow (ADHD with or without the H part) long enough to function as well as you could, Ritalin can help to slow it down and give you longer concentration. It also slows down the hyperactive part of ADHD and provides some relief though not always.
Avatar f tn if he has ADD he should be taking aderral not ritalin. Ritalin is for ADHD, that is supposed to calm him down so the person is not always hyper. Aderral should help with the concentration problems.
Avatar n tn These symptoms may also be caused by mood disorders (such as depression and bipolar disorder), alcohol/illicit drug abuse, and personality disorders (such as Borderline Personality Disorder), which may all co-exist with ADHD. The treatment of adult ADHD with amphetamines or Ritalin may help with an increased attention span, improved mood, and decreased impulsivity.
Avatar f tn Hopefully, he can find the right mix of meds to pull him out of this. You (and him) might want to check out this site for adults with AD/HD. It does explain a lot. http://jeffsaddmind.com/for-first-time-visitors This site also has some good information on how it effects relationships. http://www.additudemag.com/topic/adult-add-adhd/friends-relationships.html Hope this can help. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn ADD was diagnosed for me a short while ago, and I have to think about taking medication. One of the medication kinds is Ritalin, and there is another but it is said to be the same. I do not like the idea of taking Ritalin 'at all', I have read about it a lot and the more I read, the more terrible things I find out. Children even die of it?
Avatar n tn I had to start paying out of pocket on my 26th birthday. Some versions of extend release Ritalin are also FDA approved for adults and there are also non stimulant alternatives.
1453183 tn?1287852619 We don't because no long term studies have been done on children (with or without ADD / ADHD). All of the individuals who I know who were diagnosed with ADD / ADHD as children and did not take stimulants are all fine now. Everyone I know who was diagnosed and put on stimulants has mental health problems. Yes, they could be comorbid disorders that would have showed up anyway.
Avatar f tn Strattera is not a psychostimulant. Ritalin, Metadate Anderall are. Strattera is anothr type of medicine for ADD that doctors usually use when the stimulants do not work. Strattera rate of working is not as high as stimulants.
Avatar f tn I know I'm probably just being paranoid but is it safe for someone with mitral valve prolapse to be taking ritalin? I'm 21 years old if it matters, thanks.
Avatar f tn She may need to adjust later on by taking a IR in the after noon but thats for her to fiqure out. With any of the ADD drugs you just got to try each one out and find the one that fits you the best because they all affect each person differently. For her is she really using it for what its prescribed for, it doesn,t sound like it. And it can become easliy abused and addictive. Really have her try Dex and quit drinking and cut back on the wellbutrin.
Avatar f tn Kind of wonder what kind of a doc you are seeing. You might also want to check out this site. Its for adults with ADD and pretty well runs through all kinds of adult ADD stuff. Its kinda of helter-skelter, but the writer is ADD, and it tends to fit his personality I think. http://jeffsaddmind.
Avatar f tn As for differences between bipolar and adult ADD - google has information, personally I believe adult ADD to be up their with childhood *** as about most over diagnosed thing around and do not remotely believe its as prevalent as people say - I have met plenty of adults who claim to be ADD and not one of them truly fits the symptoms and the behaviours but hey they get ritalin and it works so they must be ADD right? * Ritalin works on non ADD and ADD people in most cases...
Avatar n tn My question is: is it possible for me to have adult ADD if I don't struggle with hyperactivity? ... and would a doctor be willing to give me a prescription for medication based on my inability to focus and stay on task along with several other symptoms? I exercise every day, eat well ( organic) , and don't do drugs or drink too much alcohol - I get 8 hours of sleep a night.
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I read about Ritalin being used in treatment resistent people, as well as those with symptoms like mine. I read the newsgroups as well and have run into quite a few people who have been helped by this treatment, and some who haven't. Many of their situations could have been mine, finally finding some relief after other medications had failed. I found out quickly that doctors (HMO) don't want to prescribe this, and was referred to a PDOC.
1156727 tn?1309571208 I was diagnosed at 13 w/ (mild) ADD. I took 10 mg of ritalin & that did the trick. In '05, I was diagnosed w/ complete heart block & had a pacemaker inserted in June 2005. I still feel that I have "adult" ADD & over the past year & a half feel it has been getting worse. I didn't notice it at my last job b/c I had been there so long I could do the work in my sleep. I have been taking quite a few medical classes b/c I am study to be an Occupational Therapy Asst.
172715 tn?1285498090 From time to time my Gp added 10 mg ritalin for about 2 to 3 months. For me it is an absolute joy. Together with anti depressant I am a complete new person. Focus and able to work. Beginning of this year I went to see pschyciatrist and he did not like the fact that I am on Ritalin. So he asked the Gp to prescribe Lamictim. But it is not working yet I am trying it. This week was very difficult. I could not work or focus. Yesterday I decided to drink a Ritalin.
7087196 tn?1389309719 Oh, and the fact that Ritalin did not help you really has very little to do with him. It is not unusual at all for kids with ADHD to become very frustrated, depressed, and to strike out. Especially, if it is undiagnosed and they are being treated like normal kids. Who is prescribing the meds? Is it a pediatrician or a psychiatrist ? Because if it is a pediatrician, he may be out of his area of expertise in this case.
Avatar m tn It helped me be off the meds for a month, but never taught me how to cope with the symptoms of ADD, so I've relapsed and cannot afford another trip to a treatment center. I cannot go on like this. I have to get off the medications, but I need something to help with the focus problems when I do. Some non-prescription, natural alternative.
Avatar f tn Better impulse control such as a decrease in motor mouthing for ADHD for example and they will calm down. Some one with SCT will do better with fuctioning in complex social situations like a room full of people having conversations. Their processing speed with will increase so they can keep up with whats going on and not feel so lost. If your child is not hyperactive, and seems slow and spacy in complex social situations, Type in SCT on Wikapedia and check it out.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with both ADD and hypothyroidism about 8 month ago at the age of 20. I currently take Levothyroxine 88mcg(μg) in the morning and 2 doses of Adderall (instant release, not XR) 20mg - one in the morning before classes and the second one whenever I need it depending on my classes that day or things I need to work on. I also later added Celexa 20mg which helped a lot with the anxiety and mood swings - especially from the "crash" of the Adderall.
Avatar f tn //jeffsaddmind.com/for-first-time-visitors. Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos if you wish to go that route. Quite entertaining and useful. Jeffs add mind really reflects him. Has much more adult interaction. Both are worth checking out. And both are a little confusing too use, so give yourself some time. Totallyadd is probably the best starting place.
Avatar n tn I started trying my son's Ritalin medication for a few days because 1. I suspected I might also have ADD or ADHD problem and 2. I suffer from compulsive overeating and have tried everything including very good 12 step programs.
865817 tn?1255285681 //jeffsaddmind.com/for-first-time-visitors. Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos. Quite entertaining and useful. Jeffs add mind really reflects him. Has much more adult interaction. Both are worth checking out. Anyway, thanks for your post.
Avatar f tn We have taken parenting classes to better understand teens or even for other tips or ideas. We are in this with him, we are not pawning him off for someone else to deal with and believe he is a wonderful kid who has a great personality and potential. Intellectually he is very smart. Socially he does is extremely immature all. I am here using this as another possible source to help us be able to help him reach his potential socially so that kids will want to be his friend.
598237 tn?1225647072 You might also want to check out web sites for adults with ADD so you can get a feeling how others handle similar problems. Try this one - http://jeffsaddmind.com/ Hope this helps. Please post if you need any more info.
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with ADHD and problems with sensory integration. He was on ritalin for five years which helped the ADHD but had side effects. The worst side effects were lack of appetite which caused him to very thin. He also had sensory integration therapy which I highly recommend. We also gave neurofeedback a try which helps to regulate the brain waves. His handwriting improved right away and was able to focus better.
Avatar f tn You do occupational therapy and that is also who diagnosis it. Sensory can be present in add/adhd but it can also be alone. Sensory is often confused for add/adhd and this is terrible for the child in question. All parents should educate themselves with as much information as possible when trying to decipher what is going on with their child. That is prudent and we owe it to our kids. We are their advocates.
1159468 tn?1262626054 Meds should only be used once resources have been used. At 9, your daughter is really just beginning to enter the academic age where things will get progressively harder. Things like common multiples lead to pre algebra, which leads to algebra and a child that can't maintain concentration is class is going to have a lot of trouble staying up, not to mention probably spending triple the time on homework. So what to do?