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Avatar f tn Began with Percocet...and wound up with oxycodone, and heroin-in case i was running out of oxys...withdaw is hell. 7 years, and now taking the pain meds as RX. 4 years ago..xmas...I began coke...damn near every day-every day. so, I have depression..but that is only a part of issue. IT'S SO FUNNY WATCHING MY DR., AND ME...WRITE RX AFTER RX OF RITALIN...CLOSEST THING TO COKE 'WE' ADDICTS HAVE FOUND. HOW CAN I 'MANAGE' A DRUG THAT I AM SO ADDICTED..I USE 2-3 DAYS WORTH IN 5-7 HOURS...
Avatar f tn I have several chronic illnesses and pain and was on a whole wack of medication before I woke up and realized WTF? And c/t 37 days ago....It's possible...It really is. But you need to have an alternative non-narcotic pain management plan in place. Have you done any aftercare? Meetings? Counselling? Set yourself up for success this time...Every time you go back it will hurt more and you deserve to be happy and healthy....Just let us know what you need....
Avatar f tn Schedule II drugs are usually narcotic, stimulant, and depressant drugs. These include drugs such as Percocet and Ritalin. There are many more. Schedule III, IV and V Drugs include those containing smaller amounts of certain narcotic and non-narcotic drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, tranquilizers, sedatives, stimulants, and non-narcotic analgesics. Valium, Codeine and Vicodin are some examples and again there are many more. I'm sure you know that Gabapentin is not a scheduled drug.
Avatar f tn is that suggested to take to help sleep through while getting the percocet out of my system? the thomas recipe just seems so confusing, and so much to take and kinda confusing with all the different things..i would be afraid i would take something wrong or not take something...etc... i have heard the saying..."dont try to quit drugs WITH drugs..."....but if it does the job.and isnt my d.o.c..?? why not?
Avatar n tn Morphine still resides in my daily medication and probably will until the end, but ritalin can stay the hell out. I've learned to control the "morpheus nod" because the dose is so much lower. I also find that taking my meds early contributes to the tolerancy. It's better to take them before the pain gets too bad. There have been numerous times when I dropped all my pain meds 2 or 3 hours early solely to control break-through pain. My tolerancy level never changes.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Darvon in the late 80s with Ritalin for ADHD and depression along with Vistiril to help sleep. In the mid 2000s I had a number of significant injuries to my hand, then knee, then both shoulders. I had a left roto-cuff repair, but they told me my right shoulder and bicep tear was inoperable. From 2006 on I started on Percocet 10 mg , 2 per day and Ultram for pain associated with these injuries. I immediately felt i had found the miracle i had searched for all my life.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is a condition where the increased use of opiates, like Oxycontin and hydrocodone, heightens one's sensitivity to discomfort and reduces their tolerance for pain. Essentially, people will increase the amount of painkillers they are taking as their discomfort continues to escalate, but the added medication can actually make their pain worse.
1998601 tn?1368139948 I take oxycontin for my pain and have done so long before she became addicted to vicoden,soma'valuim, and ritalin that I know of because along with the addiction she has become quiet the liar and shady. So now she is home again and mind you I've taken on our two kids 5 and 7months old for the lastweek while she rehabed which is fine I want to do what I can to help her get off them .Now she's home and all of the sudden I am the bad guy who is still eating pills and I'm not helping her.
Avatar n tn My husband actually told me that he was a Vicodin user after his 2 back surgeries and that he was on the and Percocet for months, but he had to quit "cold turkey" and he did it. He was taking like 20 a day! So, why can't I quit! I told him that " I am not YOU...I am a GOD DAMN ADDICT". Hello!!! I think it's the fact that I can completely hold myself together, look good and take care of Emily that he feels that I don't have a problem.
Avatar f tn Opiates can be snorted and include oxycotin, percocet, vicodin, etc. Stimulants can be snorted, like ritalin, concertas, etc. Benzo's can be too, like valium, clonapin's, etc. Basically any type of pill can be snorted and there are tons of them. Herion can also be snorted, but is usually a yellowish brownish color.
Avatar m tn I would buy 50 at a clip and maybe take 3 a day, just to get high and get that confident feeling that is necessary in my profession. I'd say 50% of my office was on some drug on a daily basis. Well 3 a day became 5 a day and here I am almost 3 years later I have 2 docs writing me scripts for 90 10/325 percs and 90 10mg Oxy. If I am lucky both scripts will last me about 10 days and then I am back on the phone trying to score more meds...usually Oxy 80 or Roxy 30..
1448748 tn?1312959808 Oxycodone, Xanax , Vicodin, Ritalin, Valium, Percocet, Klonopin. Under the right circumstances, drugs such as these can cause you to drive erratically and make you vulnerable to a traffic stop, an arrest and a criminal charge.
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255075 tn?1208136424 Amphetamine is a class of drugs and not close to acetaminophen. Amphetamines are the drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, and many, many others. They are stimulants. These drug names can get confusing at times. I'm all the time getting Zantac, Zyrtec, and Xanax mixed up.
524200 tn?1212354023 I stopped drinking two weeks ago and have chosen to go to outpatient treatment on June 10th. I have also been addicted to Opiates DOC Percocet. My concern is I have lost my weight and am looking great (Sorry, I know that sounds arrogant) I'm 43 but everyone tells me I look 28. I'm single and I know if I get help for the Focalin addiction, I'm definitely going to gain my weight back. I went from a size 16 to a size 5. However, I'm very concerned that the Focalin is really affecting my health.
Avatar m tn I manage it with diet and I don't drink. I am on Wellbutrin for depression and Ritalin for chronic fatigue and nuerontin fatigue. I had an infection in the epididimus which is the tube that leads from the testicle into the stomach. After two courses of strong antibiotics the infection was gone but the the pain was unbearable, both in my testicle and the epididimus (in my groin, just above the pubic bone and just inside the hip bone).
Avatar f tn i also have a seizure disorder i take zoloft,trileptal,lamictal,neurotin and ritalin. i was wondering will these drugs i take regularly help with the detox?i also take blood pressure meds.so for the past 5 months i've been taking more like 25 to 30 miligrams a day. any encourage will help me!
Avatar n tn Hi, I take Percocet 10/325- 4/day, Xanax .5 -4/day 15 years, Ritalin 20mg-3/day, Cymbalta 60mg 1/ day. May main concern is the pain meds. I have gone through the withdraws numerous times in an attempt to quit the pain meds. for over five years and I really want off of them badly, I manage the other meds fairly well. The problem is not quitting its staying off.
Avatar m tn I dropped out of college, couldn't maintain a job, and hurt a lot of my friends and family. Now I am 10 days from my last pill and the physical withdraws have stopped but the mental withdrawal is hell. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and do not know what to do next. I know I need to get a job but feel no motivation whatsoever to do it. I still find myself thinking about the drugs constantly and the temptation to use is still there.
535089 tn?1400677119 These are often prescribed for runners, sports injuries to joints, and those suffering from arthritis. Syva labs has recently reworked its Cannabinoid test and claims to have eliminated this problem. But a Science magazine article (July 8, 1988) lists Ibuprofen as cross reactive. Under the new government guidelines THC testing levels will be reduced to 50 nanograms. Many more THC false positives can be expected in 1994. Dristan Nasal Spray, Neosynephren, Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed, etc.
526311 tn?1229289930 The fentanyl/Percocet withdrawals got really really bad and I went to the emergency room. The dock wanted to put me on Subutex (Suboxone) but no pharmacy in the state (Alaska) has it! So she just gave me some ativan! What the hell! What am I saposed to do buy some off the street?! please tell me what to do before I go back to the patches/pills!
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Avatar n tn But my Dad had shoulder surgery recently and the dr gave him Vicodin, Percocet and Soma for pain. My Dad has sleep apnea-I don't know if the dr missed it or didn't know about it, either way I told my Mom about the problems with Soma, she called the nurse-who was very relieved that she called and made them aware because that could have been very serious. Also, after my accident I had the most painful muscle spasms of my life and the dr gave me Flexeril.
Avatar f tn I also have a question about muscle relaxers like Amrix and Zanaflex. I'm trying to go off of my meclazine and this morning has shown me that the next four days are going to be really rough. I would assume that Reglan is also on the list of drugs I can't take. I know Phenergan is not allowed. What about Aleve, indomethacin, and the triptans (Zomig, Imitrex, Maxalt, Relpax) in the event that I do end up getting a migraine during this time?
Avatar f tn hydromorphone (Dilaudid®), methadone (Dolophine®), meperidine (Demerol®), oxycodone (OxyContin®, Percocet®), and fentanyl (Sublimaze®, Duragesic®). Other Schedule II narcotics include: morphine, opium, and codeine. Examples of Schedule II stimulants include: amphetamine (Dexedrine®, Adderall®), methamphetamine (Desoxyn®), and methylphenidate (Ritalin®). Other Schedule II substances include: amobarbital, glutethimide, and pentobarbital.
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776210 tn?1235554143 Vicodin and Percocet...Would eat 5-8 in a day...way too much acetaminophen 7.Methylphenidate ; generic Ritalin: I snorted 135 pills in under a month every month for almost a year ................................................................................................................................................................... And that pretty much sums up my list. Now my question...and I don't know if this is even the right place to ask...but my question is this...
Avatar n tn Opiate withdrawals for me are only a slight headache and a return of pain. But then - ritalin puts me to sleep and makes me eat everything in the house. I've been on Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin - and have cold turkey'd every single time after 2 or 3 months on them. I also don't crave them --- I do like them --- but I don't think I'm getting 'high' off of them. I have a friend who gets a euphoric high off of opiates.
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