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1742269 tn?1315385233 OK, i know i posted a question about Abilify, but i have decided i am not going to pay that much. So, my pharmacy found a medication that was a much lower cost out of pocket pay. I have to ask what people think of it. Problems/issues. Concerns? im so pose to take 2 mg. a day. i have had the issue of high blood pressure, which i am taking meds for, which i believe was from my last anti psychotic, i also had severe weight gain.
2176476 tn?1338608899 And even sedated I started having more and more warning signs that my mania was returning. About a week ago, I started taking Risperidone after a two week break to clear out the thiothixene. During that two week cleansing, I was getting more and more manic, but still manageable. Now after a week of Risperidone, I'm completely wide open and out of control. My question is, has anyone found that Risperidone has exacerbated mania?
4971738 tn?1390568984 I was on it, off and on for 13 years. Most people I knew took 1mg to 4 mg. I generally require high dosages with my meds. Btw, I went through that severe forgetfulness period you were describing before, that can go hand in hand with the lack of concentration and focus. My concentration and focus went out the door with my primary problem --the severe depression--of the bipolar cycle. It was worsen by not sleeping for weeks to months.
713780 tn?1229728375 my concern is this last time his blood results came back with a level 60 of prolactin i have been very worried and concerned as to how this may affect him however his psychiatrist reassured me that it's ok his prolactin is high due to his RISPERIDONE intake and that within a year it will go back to normal i don't see how this is possible but he said not to worry. My question researching about high prolactin levels i see that it can affect his liver kidneys and more things can develop.
Avatar m tn pdf Rather than assume that the Endo will be a good thyroid doctor, I'd call and try to get a nurse to answer two questions. First I'd ask if the doctor is willing to treat clinically, by testing and adjusting Free T3 and free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by a suppressed TSH. Then I'd ask if the doctor is willing to prescribe meds containing T3. If either answer is no, then you will need to keep looking for a good thyroid doctor.
574118 tn?1305138884 that was all. she chose to listen to the non-patient. not a good idea. i've always felt she needed to to get her license taken away..
Avatar f tn I have seemed to get worse through the years, even though, I was just diagnosed (20 years as depression before now at BP1), it does seem that the episodes got worse and worse through the years. As my father got older, he seemed to get worse, and worse (he wasn't diagnosed or medicated), and I just wonder what it's going to be like as I get older. What does my family and friends have to "look forward to"? I know we can get "stable", but does it continue to get worse?
Avatar n tn today i had an mri and started feeling dizzy like my head was spinning out of control and had to get out. i was scared to get it, but this dizziness happend when i was on my last 3 minute test. my hope is that they find nothing! i honestly feel that it may be anxiety that is causing this, on top of the neck shift, but that can be fixed with physical therapy.
713780 tn?1229728375 my concern is this last time his blood results came back with a level 60 of prolactin i have been very worried and concerned as to how this may affect him however his psychiatrist reassured me that it's ok his prolactin is high due to his RISPERIDONE intake and that within a year it will go back to normal i don't see how this is possible but he said not to worry. My question researching about high prolactin levels i see that it can affect his liver kidneys and more things can develop.
574118 tn?1305138884 But frankly i begin to get worried because eventually they may fire me. 3 days now and i am absent. I am totally exhausted and can't explain why, so i lifted one AP to improve my energy. but still when i sit to read i do it for a 1/4 of an hour then have some motor activity and become restless and need to move. do i have to accept bipolarity as a curse which i can't escape it, or do you know of any excercise to inprove my concentration and endurence to work.
Avatar m tn Does stopping Risperidone give rise to a withdrawal reaction?.If so what are the symptoms?.
603015 tn?1329866573 Hi friend did you get any withdrawl reaction or symptoms when you stopped Risperidone?.Just wanted to know as i am a little more edgy when I am on 0.5mg than when I was on 1.5 mg.Is Risperidone known to give any withdrawl reaction on stopping?.
1260240 tn?1336081048 The psychiatrist has now put Glen (16) ASD on prozac (20ml liquid) once a day alongside his 1mg twice a day risperidone (was on 2mg twice daily but had to cut it down due to Glen becoming constipated). Glen's anxiety is still sky high on the risperidone, been on it nearly 8 weeks so she thought she would try prozac as well. Do you think the prozac will help my son?
Avatar n tn Is there anything I can do about the nausea? Something to help me get through the day a bit easier? How long before Paxil Cr is out of my system, and Prozac is at it's potential? Is prozac a good med for my anxiety? How long for the withdraw effects to pass? Doctor, you and this sight is such a blessing to me, thank you.
1039200 tn?1314915608 Hi adel did you get withdrawl symptoms while stopping risperidone?.Just wanted know as i am getting a bit edgy when I tapered the dose to 0.5mg a bit more than when I was 1.5mg.
603015 tn?1329866573 you should take MS in order not to get it again. Right now I am taking only AP risperidone (wth me for 6 years now) and seroquel which I started when manic. If you decide to take an MS then in my view and the lot of readings lamictal or abilify one is AC the other AP. Suit yourself, but they are the best and most recent.
Avatar n tn I researched them myself and found they mimic Tardive dyskinesia in many ways. I have found a new Psychiatrist but can not get in to see her for approx 2 more weeks. As I've read the side effects of Tardive Dyskinesia can be irreversable I want to discontinue the Risperdal ASAP!!! I have cut his dose in half but I'm wondering with an antipsychotic drug if I can stop "cold turkey" or will it do my son more harm that way rather than weaning him off.
2216810 tn?1420860476 Any medication that changes the chemical constitution of your brain can make things worse before they get better. I think you should give it more time to work. I am familiar with risperidone. I didn't care for it myself, as it made me feel like I was on a morphine high all day. Stay with what your doc says, and let him know how you are feeling now. If you continue to feel like it's just not working, there are other meds that can be tried.
Avatar f tn You may consider getting an EKG registered to see if you have any electrical abnormalities, just to be sure. Risperidone is on the list of drugs to be avoided if you already have a prolonged QT interval, however, it is not known to prolong QT interval if you do not have this condition. Some typical antipsychotics (for example chlorprothixene/Truxal) require an EKG before treatment, but risperidone does not.
Avatar f tn I must say that none of us here are doctors or pharmacists, and if a patient suddnely finds herself pregnant while taking these medications she needs to speak to a profesional ASAP. We cannot tell her to stop taking her medication or not, I'm afraid. This is an emergency situation which requires an emergency visit to her doctor. Many medications, when stopped "cold turkey" can have some damaging effects as well.
Avatar n tn In any event, once you have results on the tests, I hope his doctor will have a good plan of action. What a good mom to notice these changes and to be concerned enough to check them out. I hope all will be OK.
Avatar f tn Risperidone was next but it didn't seem to do anything either and the dose was quite high. Seroquel was next. Oh good ol seroquel. For me it was one of the worst things. It made me 10X whackier than without it. Nothing seemed to work and it had been YEARS trying to find the right meds, the right combo and the right dose. The meds, the combo and the dosage are always changing. Even if they don't change that's still something to be looked at.
Avatar f tn obviously we are seeking help from CAMHS, are reading and implementing suggestions from 'The Incredible Years', but are looking for any practical help out there to help him and to help us better cope, while the CAMHS Wheels get into gear.any suggestions would be gratefully received. this is not the only problem we are seeing but it is certainly one of the most difficult we have to deal with on a regular basis and remain sane!
561706 tn?1333950874 i am on seroquel 50mg and read so many times about cataract and diabetes of course i cannot preclude the relation however for diabetes all atypical AP's cause it others even faster and worse zyprexa is an example. I can't stand high dose of seroquel so i am mixing AP's like taking risperidone, etc... look any med you take will have side effects. Some pdocs don't recommend AP unless with psychosis, others use them only as an ms, no rules exist.
598237 tn?1225647072 i work full time in the national health service, have a child without ADHD and i am pretty sure than i do not need to resort to medication in able to get the best out of my son. Maybe you need to look your teaching skills if you feel children with ADHD are a constant disruption - i feel they are fun to be around - and you can learn alot from them. Ritalin is a form of amphetamine why on earth would you want to put drugs in to childs body?
Avatar f tn i am 53 and still have a slight period about evry two months, my problem is my breast are very heavey, swollen, and quite painfull. i may have a good day once a month. if i lay down and get up the pain is awefull. when i take my bra off it is just as awefull. what could be wrong with the girls? not pregnant but is premenapausal.
617037 tn?1292263823 has anyone had and experience with risperidone and high pro lactin levels or no if this would cause my sight to get worse?
Avatar f tn Two years ago I tried to get off an older medication, Navane, and to take the atypical medication, Geodon, which didn't work for me. I then went up on Navane to 14 mg. while taking 100 mg. of Geodon and stayed on this for a month--after which I got off Geodon entirely. That month of being on high doses of both medications is when my trouble with descending stairs (and balance in general) really deteriorated. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you have any solutions?
5386835 tn?1368544415 dizziness nausea tiredness drowsiness vomiting blurred vision dry mouth changes in appetite/ weight constipation flushing stomach upset sweating Then I looked up the side effects of Risperidone or Risperdal (Brand Name) Common side effects of Risperidone insomnia/anxiety/agitation headache difficulty in concentration weight gain Rare si