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1985196 tn?1402193698 I've been taking it 3 day's now , with the Lithium and Seroquel Xr ( which i'm slowly reducing ) comming off , i'm feeling great , my paranoia is almost gone ,my auditory hallucination's are as good as silenced ,my messed up thinking (Delusions ) are nowhere near as bad ,and i feel that my mood's are stabilizing , i have energy i can do stuff again like leave my house without thinking i'm gonna get shot by a sniper :/ , and my mind seem's to be clearer , I just hope this isn't to good to be tru
Avatar m tn I would want to know from the members of this forum about how many people are using Seroquel only as a sleeping aid in doses of 25 mg and 50 mg.All suggestions and answers are welcome.
Avatar f tn In my view one of the best drugs this is why they reckon the 4th sold drug worldwide. The only 2 AP's I use are risperidone and seroquel so really i can't judge compared to the others like the newer abilify or the stronger zyprexa say. There is a point here though is that even if I find it excellent for me it can be not suitable for you. In my view it's all trial and error this is what i find until you find a good combo, the proof no two patients take the same combo nor the same dose.
2176476 tn?1338608899 I've been taking Lamictal for about 7 months, along with a secondary anti-psychotic to after a major mania episode. I started on Seroquel for about 3 months, and the combination seemed to work well. I had to D/C the Seroquel when my insurance changed and it wasn't covered. Since then I've tried first perphenazine (4 weeks), then thiothixene (six weeks), but they were too sedating and I was having a problem working.
Avatar f tn I am afraid risperidal is less tough than zyprexa say or seroquel on this matter. I am on seroquel 50 and work, of course it's sedating but i got accustomed to it. You are saying it has been a year and a half like this, i wonder how come only now that you are complaining. I admire your patience. Still, i feel there is something missing here. Your pdoc is the best one to realise your status, just by looking at your face.
Avatar m tn indeed it can, so i would say it's completely normal to encounter insomnia by tapering off from risperidone and this should automatically applies to seroquel, and the rest of the antipsychotics.
Avatar m tn I am on a tapering from Risperidone and am currently at 0.5 mg per day and have 6 days left to stop it on advice of my Psychiatrist but I am finding the withdrawal syndrome extremely difficult and am experiencing lots of anxiety.I would want to know if anyone has experienced similar withdrawal syndrome from Risperidone or similar such anti psychotics and about how long could this withdrawal syndrome last after stopping this medicine as I am very distressed with this anxiety.
561706 tn?1333950874 i am on seroquel 50mg and read so many times about cataract and diabetes of course i cannot preclude the relation however for diabetes all atypical AP's cause it others even faster and worse zyprexa is an example. I can't stand high dose of seroquel so i am mixing AP's like taking risperidone, etc... look any med you take will have side effects. Some pdocs don't recommend AP unless with psychosis, others use them only as an ms, no rules exist.
574118 tn?1305138884 So I used seroquel as an antimanic and since then i am mixing both To cut the story short, i take now 1mg risperidone and 125mg seroquel. I am not at ease with this mix. I read many views like not mixing AP's or extending the QT interval etc.. tacycarda, etc... one view is to use one at a therapeutic dose, although this view has convincing reasons but if i use seroquel alone and i increase it more, already now i have tacycardia from it.
574118 tn?1305138884 i once withdrew from risperidone very easily. withdrawing from seroquel is extremely difficult. I am on 150mg. As soon as I reduce my dose, mixed states appear like anger, want to kill or revenge. Can one tell me how to reduce my dose successfully. Any supplements, regimens, diet, etc... please help in this. Greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I was on Seroquel and Risperidone and it caused me nightmares to the point where I would wake up from my own screams (or crying) and I couldn't remember the dreams at all, just the feeling I had when I woke up... I was only on them for a short while (maybe a few days to a week, sorry I don't remember as I was in the hospital and this was 2008) and the nightmares just recently stopped.
Avatar n tn Hi There Just to let you know I sucessfully got off seroquel about a year ago. I had stomach cramps and diaharreah for a couple of weeks, but the withdrawal symptoms subsided.
Avatar m tn I take Seroquel for my anxiety, it takes it down to a dull roar.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist had told me that my severe depression of 8 years ago might have affected permanently my capacity to focus and concentrate and for an avid book reader like me I had put the books aside after trying to read but getting tired of reading the same paragraph over and over again. Guess it was the Seroquel after all who did that because I just read an entire book in three days and I was so proud of myself. People say it is not addictive but I don't agree.
1102314 tn?1286108490 seroquel stopped working for my schizophrenia it only worked 2 months and now 5 years later when i take it it doesnt work can anything be done?
Avatar f tn My best friend had a childhood history of epilepsy and her doctor has prescribed her 1mg of Risperidone taken twice a day, 125mg. Divalproex taken twice a day, and 100mg of Seroquel. She hasn't had a seizure since 1994 which is over twenty years. During her childhood she was on medications such a Risperdal, Prozac, Zoloft, and Tegretol for her seizures.
Avatar n tn changed from risperidone to seroquel 300 mg.
Avatar f tn I will be seeing my psychiatrist at the end of the month to refill my Valium (as needed) and to get another refill of Seroquel. It's also 5 a.m. and I can't sleep, so I'd imagine that I'd also need some kind of sleeping pill (I've missed a pill before and I could not sleep). How long should this take, for me to get Seroquel out of my system? What kind of side effects should I expect?
574118 tn?1305138884 I red the dosis equivalent chart for Seroquel with risperidone and 225 mg Seroquel is 4,5 mg risperidone...... But than 1 mg risperidone is 50 mg Seroquel.... 225/4,5 makes 50 Why the various people here say that 1 mg risperidone makes 100 mg Seroquel.....?? I think I am wrong because various people said so but why?? Sorry for the English....
Avatar m tn My question about the benzos is should i tell my new doc, the only one i can find aside from the one ive been seeing who takes my insurance that ive been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and am on seroquel, celexa, risperidal or should i omitt these parts and tell him the plain truth about how libruim helps me by, helping me keep my anxiety under control so i can work, which not working is causing dire straights for me, basically that the reason i need it along with helping anxiety in general.
574118 tn?1305138884 seroquel 25mg risperidone 1mg stelazin 2mg xanax 0.375mg the last 2 months I began to go down so i added lexapro/cipralex 5mg every other day, then everyday now. But the last 3 days i have panic and fears. I was cautious with cipralex as it may bring mixed episodes or rapid cycling which in fact didn't occur at all because i am watching myself thoroughly not to exceed any dose.
Avatar m tn How do you manage withstand side effects of both Risperidone and Seroquel.I found even 1mg of Risperidone made me edgy,nervous and anxious.My hypomanic episode resolved in July and my Pdoc was a month late in tapering Risperidone.He started tapering process in September.In future I shall keep far away from these antipsychotics as possible.A most distasteful experience.
Avatar f tn there is actually a lot of bipolar meds that can cause weight gain. Abilify, Seroquel, and Risperidone can sometimes cause weight gain. That being said it is often a small percentage of people that experience weight gain from these medicines. I take Seroquel and for the first month or so I started gaining a little weight but I started forcing myself to eat a descent breakfast, a small lunch, and a healthy dinner.
574118 tn?1305138884 ) which i doubt they can help me that much especially i didn't succeed with tegretol and lamictal (headaches, etc....) God only knows the other side effects. My combo is stablon/coaxil (AD), seroquel, risperidone all at subclinical doses. Lately I began to cycle fast and am having mixed situation (not severe and i stop it by adding 25mg seroquel). Most likely it's due to the AD that I have to take it (some say any AD shouldn't be taken more than 6 months).
1099014 tn?1295626030 7:45- Took morning meds. Slept OK, stirred throughut the night 10:00- Foggy thinking, physically tired, worn out, sluggish. 12:00- Feeling "weird", took mid-day meds. 12:30- still not feeling too well, confused,memory not well, forgot something within 30 sec., or "blinked"/dozed off. crying a little earlier about school. 2:37- Took Risperidone, 1 (1mg.
Avatar f tn Ive been on seroquel and amitriptylne for abt 6 yrs now. They suddenly stopped working so i quit them. Over the last 6 months ive tried every med out there for sleep and nothing has helped. Ive had severe insomnia since i was a child. Anyways ive tried various antipsychotics through my psychiatrist. The most recent one i tried was olanzapine. The thing is, i only took 2 doses and right away i got muscle spasms and tics through my entire body. I came off it.
574118 tn?1305138884 pdocs tell me there is no such thing as therapeutic it depends on the person. i take 50mg seroquel and keeps me lethargic and doesn't remove depression. i can't understand why a 400mg will do the trick as to the AC's i tried tegretol and lamictal, the 1st gave me headaches and te 2nd kind of seizure. I feel not at ease with the drugs in general, feeling drowsy and numb and want to vomit, i.e. in short don't tolerate them.
Avatar m tn You might want to discuss with your doctor about alternatives to Zoloft, such as Bupropion (Wellbutrin). Depakote and Seroquel are also associated with weight gain. Depakote works as a mood stabilizer, and there are a few other options you can explore in this class of drugs. Weight gain induced by anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers is best managed by exercise, diet control and behavioral modifications. You may have to weigh the risks (weight gain) against the benefits.
Avatar n tn Then we started slowly tapering Zyprexa to 5 mg and the situation was still the same. Not betther and not worse. Then my pdoc changed Zyprexa for Seroquel 25 mg and he sad that I should sleep after them. But I couldn't. my question is: could withrowal (cold turkey) from Risperidone did some neurological damage to my brain that I just can not sleep anymore. Thank you for your answer!
Avatar m tn I'm on Lorazepan 2,5mg, Paroxetine 10mg, Seroquel 200mg, Risperidone 0,5mg, per day. Eventhough I feel sad and depressed. Can I try to take Tryptophan pills?