Risperdal onset of action

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518117 tn?1429279873 Knowledge of the potential dangers of Zyprexa were discovered as a r esult of a series of findings beginning in 2001 when the FDA was alerted to 19 case reports of diabetes associated with the drug. One of these cases resulted in a patient's death due to necrotizing pancreatitis, a very serious condition in which cells in the pancreas die.
Avatar m tn My doctor has given me no other course of action or diagnosis. Blurred vision and head pressure seem very related. Both are better upon waking for about 5 minutes (longer if I do not stand up). When I have a runny nose it is significantly better. My fatigue is not significantly affected by anything. Getting better sleep helps etc. but to no great extent.
Avatar f tn Bipolar is a progressive illness - the symptoms and episodes grow with age and this is one of the major reasons why early diagnosis and treatment is important - Untreated bipolar's have a hugely increased risk of early onset dementia for one. Treatment and management are vital.
585414 tn?1288944902 He consumed 12 cellulars in 2 years because he sometimes forget and uses his right hand to answer the phone so he goes and washes the machine with soap and water (of course he knows well he is doing something crazy) so I think no need to doubt whether he is OCD or not and that by extrapolation I should have caught this from him, yet i shake hands with people easily, never get disgusted like him. So don't tell me my onset of the disease is BP.
Avatar n tn Its great to have a support system when going through this I have a wonderful patient husband and family because I've really been freaking out because of all these sudden onset on symptoms, Ive had anxiety with some similar symptoms in the past but not as bad as what I have experienced in the past few months. Also I must mention that I have sinus and allergy problems and am seeing an ENT doc and she has me on Allerx which seems to help.
Avatar f tn The symptoms in adults are different.
Avatar n tn With the encouragement of family and friends I made it through the initial onset of the side effects and they've subsided. My headaches are minimal and my depression is under control and I haven't been able to say that in 3 years! I too have struggled with my weight due to all of the anti-depressants I've been on and off, and on again.... but this combination works for me.