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Avatar m tn I was wondering if risperdal was generally the first line treatment of choice for schizophrenia for most psychiatrists? I had nurses ask me if I had ever taken risperdal before out of the blue when we were discussing the Abilify I take and it was the first med my psychiatrist tried switching me to after geodon failed me and it was his first treatment choice. Plus DOCTOROFMINDMD on youtube praises risperdal and uses it as his first treatment choice for schizophrenia.
Avatar m tn She has been staying with some people that are enabling her. And, she went completely off the risperdal for 3 days and refused to take cogentin. Thus, now she is in the hospital. I have been going with her to the psychiatrist and have been working with the doc on her med treatment. Even he told her that she has to get off the drugs or she is wasting all our time. When she is released, I will talk to her about what you had advised.
Avatar n tn I am desparate to find help for my 41 year old brother who is suffering from PTSD and a BPD. His psychiatrist is currently prescribing Zyprexa (10 mg), Risperdal (2 mg/2X a day), Paxil (60 mg/1X a day), Gabapentin (250 mg in the am; 500 mg in the pm); Topamax (100 mg; 2X per day) and Xanax (50 mg am; 50 mg pm). He is constantly sedated and has terrible symptoms of tardive dyskinesia, swelling of the tongue, hallucinations, restless sleep etc.
Avatar m tn Well I haven't had any Vicodin for months now. However, the Risperdal seems to make me feel fatigued and not wanting to do anything. I could do without it I think...
Avatar n tn He has been on numerous drugs, currently he is on 36mg of concerta, 1 mg risperdal, 15mg of mirtazapine. He is in the LD class for his ED. He believes that movies are real, and asks all the time if the person in it really went through what is happening in the movie, I've tried so many times to explain it to him in so many different way's. He still asks, did he really get hurt, no it's just a movie hon, I know it is but did he really get hurt, no hon he is just an actor. But did he get hurt.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Seroquel for a long time. I was trying to switch over to Risperdal to get up to 6mg. so that I could receive the injectible form of it because I am too dissociative with so much stress in my life and suffering from severe depression for so long...I am bipolar type mixed...this is that I become manic and depressed at the same time, which is not something I can ever wrap my mind around.
Avatar f tn I have PTSD with dissociation and DID and also bipolar, ect. I have been very depressed for a couple of years due to physical health issues as well as my husband having a heart attack months ago and going into his own depression with alot of anger and blame.
8108754 tn?1397103429 I hear voices too and I also took Risperdal. I take Geodon now for sz I also have PTSD.
Avatar n tn Never affected my working habits negatively. For about the past 10 years now at the end of a long day (which seemed everyday) I would drink about a fifth or more of the hard stuff to come down. I am not a mean drunk, actually its the only time I care about people, myself, our future, and it frees me up to think positively instead of neg. thoughts. I also experience depression when I'm sober.
Avatar n tn I am bipolar 2 with PTSD. I was on Geodon, risperdal and lithium. The geodon was added last, and the risperdal was weaning down. I took it when it was new. For a few months, I did okay with it and didn't really have any problems. It was stopped because it eventually caused perceptual,,, especially visual, disturbances all of a sudden, and I ended up misjudging the freeway and drove my car over the embankment.
Avatar f tn Did you gain weight from the risperdal?
Avatar n tn I'm a teenage female diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression with psychotic symptoms, and PTSD. Today at school I was walking to another class, then I have a gap in my memory except for some vague images of a bathroom, and then I found myself walking around outside the school. I had my coat & bags like I was ready to leave, but it wasn't the end of the day. I got upset since I had no idea how I had gotten there or what was going on.
Avatar f tn military, civilian and VA have all told me the same thing (as well as all the research I've done on my own).....there is no med for PTSD. The meds they hand out for PTSD are only for associated symptoms. These meds your son has been put on are some heavy-duty stuff...not usually given to kids. I'd really be weary and get a 2nd opinion.
8909441 tn?1400554894 If you find the right doctor he can put you on the right meds. I have bipolar I take Depakote 250 MG for it and propranolol 20 mg for anxiety. They just put me on Risperdal.0.5 mg and I've been having crazy nightmares. Waking up crying. Everything was great I could live with no fear, anxiety, not as much manic episodes until they put me on Risperdal.0.5. Get the right doctor and you will be fine.
Avatar m tn I have been trying to be hard-nosed and told her that she can't live with me anymore if she keeps on doing drugs. So, she left, and she went completely off the risperdal for about 3 days now. And, as I figured, she is currently in the hospital because of an episode. The people that she decided to "hang with" are enablers so they let her go cold turkey on the risperdal even though I told them that she could get psychotic if she does.
Avatar f tn My 10 year old daughter is suffering from PTSD, the Psychiatrist that she is seeing has her on 4 different medicines. These medicines are Prozac 20mg, Kapvay .2mg, Risperdal .5mg, and Imipramine. My question is first is this safe to mix and second what side effects could this mixture cause?
1640021 tn?1300585088 But now its just when i get stressed for too long. I am a very paranoid person as well. I take serquil for this voices. We did try other meds, but i have a lot of adverce effect with a lot of sych meds. I probably tried about 30 different med, and i either get really depressed and canstop crying, or most of the time, i get very uncontrolled anger, and get phyically acusive to self and others. and i dont even know it. But anyways please help!
Avatar m tn i think i take it for PTSD; the VA doctors want me to take an anti-depressant a regiment for what i have, and a history of depression, traumatic brain injury, schizophrenia and i of course risperdal :)
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist put me on Abilify after the old reliable risperdal wasn't right for me because I couldn't stand the side effects and I had to be taken off Geodon due to chest pains to try risperdal. I was told anyway risperdal was a good one for psychotic disorders but of course every medicine is different for everyone, I guess I'm just unlucky with risperdal.
741315 tn?1232462027 I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ptsd. my inital diagnoses was did (disociative personality disorder). I am not sure what is exactly wrong with me and i am convinced that my doctors are not completely sure either. i currently take: * lamictal *citalopram *xanex *risperdone *ambien... its still hard to focus but its a different impedement on the meds its not the same kind of distraction or process. i want to stop taking them but i know how bad things are when i am not on them.
Avatar f tn Having symptoms of untreated mental illness is not a good option. I take Risperdal for mood stability and was okayed by a fetal medicine specialist to continue while pregnant. Talk with your drs about the best course of action. There is stuff you can take.
Avatar f tn Sigh. Don't you hate that? I waited for my pdoc to call me for 3 weeks and nothing until his secretary finally set an appointment in January. Waste of time. I have no idea where you are in the world, sadly this is a real problem that we see all the time, mental health is not a priority, it does not make for good press unlike cancer treatment and the like and yet its vital.
Avatar m tn He's semi stable been in a depression for over a month, but he's also coming off of heavy Meth use for over 5 years and no BP meds in that span. He's about to bond out, been there almost 3 months so he's thinking alot clearer but I'm worried about the addiction. He's coming to stay with me and this is all very new to me. I'm really worried that he's not gonna be able to stay off the meth. It's gonna be a while till I can get him into a program. any suggestions on where to start at home?
Avatar n tn How about Omega 3 for depression, how about L-theanine for anxiety and insomnia, how about DGL for stomach ailments? No, No, No. They hear your story, ask you a few questions and they start you down a path of drug dependency. After hearing my story, the pyschiatrist put me on one of the strongest most dangerous pysch drugs you can put someone on and when I asked him what side effects the drug had he said that it may cause mild constipation, inability to sweat, and drowsiness.
Avatar n tn It's possible that your son is displaying normal spectrum child behavior problems which require a systematic plan for behavior management. His behavior may also be the sign of emotional disorder. It's important to figure this out, and the best resource to seek is an evaluation by a child mental health professional. Even if there is no emotional disturbance, the practitioner can talk with you about a behavioral plan.
Avatar f tn I have also felt this way. I feel such a failure that I have "talked it all out" more than I can describe, yet I am still able to barely function in life. I feel I have gone nowhere after all my hard work (and especially after the courage I summoned to bare my soul in so many ways...) I am not on any meds at the moment. They were not serving me well.
Avatar f tn Were you taking a medication for depression? Because certain meds (like Risperdal) can actually make tics start that were not a problem before! Best to consult directly a neurologist than to waste time on other docs who won't recognize TS (or other neurochem problems) anyways. Check-out the Tourette's Syndrome Associations website for a listing of specialists who know/treat TS. Don't waste time, the sooner you get a clear diagnosis, the better.
2010625 tn?1329375656 That's why i think counseling would really help. Find someone who specializes in PTSD and bi-polar. Are you taking any meds for the bi-polar?
4067477 tn?1450127936 I'm taking 2 mg Risprdal, 300 mg Wellbutrin, 10 mg Elavil ( amitriptyline) plus my valium as needed ( which I WON'T give up) it's a life saver for my anxiety when it hits, and Topamax 100mgs a day for Migraine prevention..... I WANT to drop the Elavil all together, reduce the Risperdal at least to 1 mg/day and reduce the Wellbutrin to 150 mg/day for a few monthes to see if that lightens things up a bit....