Risperdal and high prolactin levels

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Avatar f tn I am 41 years old, married a year ago, and trying to get pregnant. Both my husband and I are on risperdal. This caused our prolactin levels to be high. I am on bromocriptin to lower the prolactin levels. I took a blood test to check the prolactin level and it is still high. What can I do?
Avatar n tn Int he course of 4 months he has put on 30 poiunds and his prolactin levels are very high. He is starting to develop breast buds... If we stop teh medication will his breast go back to normal once the prolactin levels have decreased back to normal?
Avatar n tn That is how the doctors goes , I have been seeing many symptoms for 3 years , running back and forth with many doctors and no one wants to register my headaches complain any where , finally my last doctor wanted to do some hormone test then she discover i have high prolactin and low testosterone level then MRI and found that tumor. My main concern which bothers me every day and night , are my symptoms related to my testosterone low level because my thyroid is optimum according to last endo.
Avatar n tn I currently take Depakote, Risperdal and Cogentin (the latter to control the tremor from the Risperdal) and my doctor mentioned I could probably try Abilify instead. This regimen keeps my moods very stable (although a little bit unmotivated and depressed all the time) but I am concerned about what I feel is mental confusion, although it is hard to blame that on a particular drug, other health factors, advancing age, eating habits or something else.
Avatar f tn She had some blood work done and they said she had high HCG levels and she just noticed today that she has milk coming out of her breasts. She's gained a whole cup size and figured that was weird for her but she can't be pregnant otherwise she'd be way overdue. I was wondering if certain medications can cause that or if that's a symptom of menopause? Or what else could be the cause for that.
Avatar n tn i did see an endocrinologist and it seems that i do suffer from very high levels of prolactin which have caused me to have very low levels of testosterone. i'm not sure if risperdal works, i am sure its the least harmful of what my psychiatric nurse has been giving to me. i dont hear voices all too often on it. its true falling asleep and staying asleep is my biggest problem since i can no longer sleep without the assistance of medication.
2176476 tn?1338608899 I loved what risperadone did to my brain, but it spiked my prolactin levels so I had to go off of it. I was taking lamotrigine too at the time and didn't find it tipped me high, but I am bipolar 2 so I don't get full blown mania.
Avatar f tn Oh, you know, I had the same problem starting at 16. It was because my prolactin levels were too high ... caused by a medication (Risperdal) I was taking. The doctors had me have an MRI in case there was a tumor on my pituitary gland, but no it was just the medication. So ... go to the doctor, tell him/her the issue s/he'll draw some blood I assume and see where it goes from there.
Avatar f tn Diabetes, Bipolar, generalized anxiety disorder, high bp, high cholesterol and trigs, psoriasis, neuropathy in legs but no numbness in feet or legs, hypothyroidism. I take meds for all of these problems. I have not had sex of any kind in 3 years. Due to severe back problems I do not leave the apartment unless I go to doc appts, dad drives, me. I live with parents since he is retired and available to do so. There is no chance I am pregnant. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Agonists are drugs that act like a naturally occurring substance. These drugs shrink the tumor and return prolactin levels to normal in approximately 80 percent of patients. I may be wrong and I am NOT a Doctor but I would be 'steering' more towards a Prolactinoma which can cause of all the symptoms you have.
628735 tn?1273879377 Chaste berry is useful for reducing high prolactin levels. High levels of the hormone prolactin are commonly associated with leutal phase defect can also be treated with Vitex. It inhibits prolactin release by the pituitary gland, especially when you are under stress. How effective is Vitex or Chaste berry? Vitex works exceptionally well and you will notice tremendous relief around your third or fourth menstrual cycle after you begin taking the Vitex.
Avatar m tn this might sound wierd but it gave me more energy so i could get on with housework etc and i could think clearer cause i wasnt in as much pain and my muscles didnt cramp up as much. when i wasnt smoking my prolactin levels were high and they did mri and it showed microendinoma but when they repeated bloods when i was smoking my prolactin levels were in normal range. i dont know if this helps but i know taking alot of tablets doesnt always help.
Avatar m tn I was put in risperdal in August 2010, because of a benzo withdrawal, and then on zyprexa, and since then I never feel tired, even if I exercise; I never have the sleepy sensation before the sleep. When I sleep, is like a switch in my brain: something turns off, and I sleep; and when I awake, something is turned on, and I am widely awake. I have no emotions - nothing can excite or depress me. Now I'm tappering the zyprexa very slowly, witth the aprovation of my doctor.
Avatar m tn If I were your doctor I would issue an MRI and a cat scan and some blood tests to see your CBC levels and is your blood pressure okay? You should also get a EKG and see a cardiologist. This could be an early sign of heart disease. I'm not a licensed physician so please don't be alarmed but it is always better to be safe Anxiety can play a MAJOR role in this also, though. The Ambien is acting as benzo and the sleepiness is calming you.
Avatar m tn His hormone loss includes TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), GH (growth hormone), and ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone). His prolactin is high for his age. He is on Levothyroxine and hydrocortisone, for thyroid and adrenal insufficiency,respectively. He had all the symptoms, including occasional anxiety and depression. In my opinion, from all I have read, even a tiny adenoma can cause debilitating symptoms in some people.
Avatar n tn I experienced a similar thing, penis shrunk and kept shrinking until it seemed the size of a baby's penis. My doctor tested by testosterone levels and she said that I was at castrate levels. Upon further examination she said my testicles had atrophied and were actually dead. She set up an appointment with a urologist and because atrophied organs can sometimes become cancerous, I had them removed. So I was castrated but was actually a eunuch actually before the surgery.
Avatar m tn I've got insomnia from taking Zeldox and have been seriously considering L-Tryptophan which has some mood enhancing/stabilizing effects and stimulates meletonin and seritonin production in the pineal gland in the brain necessary for sleep, it also comes in 5-DHT form which is the step after tryptophan converts to other things like niacin which is important for pallegra and potentially other mental illness's.. I've heard it's a good adjunct to lithium, meaning you need less lithium..
2010625 tn?1329375656 Slightly elevated blood sugar, and as the nurse said the highest prolactin level she has ever seen = risperdal. Complete zombie = Invega. Flatline emotions, couldn't get sad, or happy, no opionon or care about anything = Zoloft. Had no effect at lowest dose, so raised dose falling asleep at work = Paxil. Made my thighs tingle, and numb, excessive vagina secretions (like when aroused) = Celexa.
Avatar n tn I went to ear nose throat doctor who did eng test and said my ears are normal. I had eye test, blood tests for hormonal imbalance. Apparently my prolactin hormone is high and my gynecologist told me the minute i walked in I think we found the reason for your dizziness. I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow because apparently a tumor in the pituary gland causes prolactin to go high. You should get your hormones checked too. I want this to go away. I cant do anything anymore.