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Avatar n tn I just got out of the hospital after suffering a few mini strokes. I was released after 3 days and doctors are still confused. I have mini stroke or seizure? as my dx. They released with with aspirin and a pat on the back. First day my arm went linp and I went to call for help my mouth would not move and my speech was slurred, it only lasted a minute. 2nd day, I went to yell at my dog for stealing food and my left leg went limp and again my speech slurred.
Avatar n tn You should consult your doctor about it, also you have to be alert as a TIA may increase the risk of stroke and be cautious about neurological symptoms like weakness of muscles.
Avatar f tn I have never heard of that before. I don't honestly see how it could cause a stroke. I know that stroke is the biggest risk of afib.
Avatar f tn htm Alcohol can also interfere with the function of blood pressure medication. Elevated blood pressure is a primary risk factor in inducing stroke.
Avatar n tn Could it be because of the scar tissue formed in the right hemisphere that the synaptic impluses are not communicating right? Thus causing siezures.? I read that only like 5-10% of stroke pts have siezures down the road. He also has a bad short term memory.. and loses track of keys,phone etc way more than normal and forgets simple things that he has talked about. Can I expect for the memory loss to get better or worse? please help..
Avatar n tn You can reach me off-line -- how do we do that -- I'd like to learn more about your neurologist. I'm kind of in-between now. I developed migraines after the stroke so went down to Georgetown to see a migraine specialist down there, but she's moving to Texas - Dr. Kittner is a great doctor, but he's more of a stroke guy vs. migraine & stroke. I'm just curious about your doctor. I'm happy to share more info about my pregnancies. After Dr.
Avatar n tn I went to the PCP and Neurologist two days later and had an MRI 5 days later and they saw a stroke in the cerebellum and signs of a mini stroke that they classified as 'old'. I fortunately did not have ongoing loss of speech, or weakness in limbs etc...but have suffered from weird dizziness and electric shock feelings in my head. They seem to get better - but then get wrose again....Dr's are saying it is maybe anxiety --but is not. I have had anxiety before and these are different.
Avatar n tn I surrvived a stroke almost 6yrs. ago...2 weeks after my son was born, I was 29 at the time. I am now 35 and about 3mos. pregnant. It was not an easy decision, but I have been stable all this time and the docs said that I should be fine. There is one other person who I write to who had 2 more babies after having her stroke. It definitely helps to have to her to talk to....It's not an easy decision!
Avatar n tn He doesn't seem to think that I am at a higher risk than anyone else for problems, even with prior history of stroke. I am still leary about it though. Did you talk to your gynecologist about blood thinners etc... if you were to get pregnant again? I just wondered who told you your information because my neuro did not really give me any details of that nature.
481864 tn?1208328209 The Aerospace Medical Association's (ASMA) recommendation are that as long as the acute phase of a stroke has passed, a person may travel at the discretion of the treating physician. It is important that person's such as your father do not travel alone. And, I see that your mother will be accompanying him. Some other thoughts for your consideration. Your father should not stay seated for prolonged periods of time on the flight. He should get up and walk around the airplane every 1 or 2 hours.
765802 tn?1263304451 Other symptom of forgetfulness may be a long tem effect of the untreated Stroke. Did you monitor your blood pressure regularly after that? The headaches that you are getting now may be a warning sign that your blood pressure is raised even now. Remember a Stroke may occur a number of times if proper treatment and prevention measures are not taken. If you have a high blood pressure, you are always at risk. Please take proper treatment to keep the blood pressure under control.
Avatar m tn My main concern is that I recently started adderall for my ADD, and i know there is a very rare risk of stroke with it. (the first ocular migraine-only event happened months before the adderall though) I'm honestly terrified of hospitals and have no insurance. So i was hoping to find out if a stroke can play out like that, in a series of events, or if it would have been all at once?
Avatar n tn They were unsure if I could even carry this baby full term, let alone deliver. I have now more back pain, more anxiety, and more of a risk of yet another stroke. I was taken off of the warfarin about a year and a half after the stroke. They thought I'd be giving myself shots in the stomach and god blessed me to where I was only taking a pill.
Avatar n tn There are some types of Herpes viruses, such as vericella or chicken pox, that can induce a vasculitis and lead to stroke, you would have had an outbreak of your Herpes near the time of your stroke and therefore you would have known it. One needs to find out the etiology of the stroke and try to limit the factors inducing the stroke. Pregnancy can induce a hypercoaguable state and therefore this should be fully worked up including the Leiden factor and thrombin gene.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been reading your posts, and my husband is currently on a trach, after his stroke 7 wks ago. Can you give me more info about what type of swallow test and trachea tests were done on him. My husband's right side is completely affected, and he too, can not really stick out his tongue when asked. Can your brother in law now stick out his tongue? My husband's stroke was also a bleed, deep in his brain. Thanks for any info you can supply. I am glad your brother in law is improving. Thanks.
2093880 tn?1334817368 I'm sure you have looked up the list of symptoms on stroke so I'll not try to do better as I'd have to look up myself. Happily I have never had any stroke problems, that I know of. Keep us posted, we all wish you a speedy and full recovery and atrial fibrillation free life.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with a PFO in April 1998, after suffering a stroke. I was 40 at the time. Diagnosis was made on the results of a TEE,after spending 5 days in the hospital and exhausting many tests to determine the cause.I was basically given the option of the percutaneous procedure that you are considering or Coumadin therapy probably for the rest of my life. I decided on the drug therapy because at the time the other procedures were considered experimental.
Avatar n tn he has been on Plavix for two years since the first one in 2008. my question is Plavix would reduce the risk of stroke but could not 100% prevent it, correct? I am not sure what is the cause yet this time. he is still in the process of going through all various types of tests and so far the doctor seems very comfortable with the results available; also he has totally recovered without any sign of stroke symptoms.
Avatar f tn When a person's blood pressure is consistently high, greater than 130/85, the risk of a stroke increases in proportion to the blood pressure elevation. Controlling blood pressure to the normal range always decreases the chances of a stroke. Smoking: Another important risk factor is smoking. Cigarettes cause the carotid arteries to develop severe atherosclerosis, which can block the blood flow to the brain. Atherosclerosis in general, is accelerated by smoking.
Avatar n tn Discuss with your physicians the use of anticoagulation therapy and further evaluation. The side effects of anticoagulation therapy has to be weighed against the future risk of stroke incidence. Meanwhile, stay calm and relax.Unnecessary worryimg would not help. Just keep a close follow up with your physician. I hope this helps. Keep us posted regarding your progress.
Avatar n tn One approach is your doctors' approach of trying aspirin, and as long as you do not have a recurrence of stroke or mini-stroke, to just leave you on the aspirin. If you do have a recurrence, the next step would be to add another blood thinner in addition to aspirin. This is a sensible, common sense approach that has been used for many years. The only problem with this is that if the next stroke is a large one, it could leave you with significant disability, or worse.
Avatar n tn The chance of having a stroke approximately doubles for each decade of life after age 55, heredity, race, gender, history of previous TIA or stroke, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, poor physical activity, poor diet, hyperlipidemia etc. I would suggest that you visit a urologist and rule out all the risk factors listed above and take appropriate treatment. Best.
Avatar n tn Just diagnosed with complicated migraine, told the oxygen deprivation was not important. Residual symptoms - tremors, weakness, confusion, exhaustion, all psychological. Ain't medicine cool? Stay away from those darn first-day-in-the-hospital Dr.s!
Avatar n tn I had a stroke 2 years ago at the age of 30. After much testing, we found out it was caused by vertebral artery dissection. 10 days prior to the stroke, I had the headache of my life - throbbing/whooshing sounds and pain! Once that subsided, I had a stiff neck...once that about went away, I felt 'normal' again - which was the day the stroke came! I am a mother of 2 children -- the youngest at the time was 2 years old. We are contemplating the idea of another child.
1271365 tn?1306763979 I went to two dr's they can not give me a clue what it is i looked the information up about this problem on the internet and now i am worried can i be at risk of a damaging and permant disability because of it .
Avatar n tn Lacunar infarcts are small subcortical infarcts in the deeper parts of the brain which are responsible for some incidence of strokes. They are caused by occlusion of deep penetrating branches of major cerebral arteries and are particularly common in hypertension and diabetes. However, in your case, further evaluation is recommended using contrast agent to rule out presence of tumor. Discuss the result with your doctor for proper evaluation.
Avatar n tn It may be weeks before you really know how much damage was done. Typically, the first 90 days after a stroke will show the best rate of recovery. The next 90 days will be a bit slower and so on until one year out. Typically after one year, the rate of recovery slows to a crawl. I'm told that the brain recovers at a 20 to 1 ratio. That is to say as an example, if you bruised your arm and it took 1 month to heal, the same insult to the brain may take 20 months.
451975 tn?1372332199 Every migraine that I have has stroke like symptoms(loss of sight, numbness of half of body, dizziness, loss of speech, severe headaches for days after, and a foggy feeling in my brain). The first time I had an episode I was taken to the emergency room where the doctors gave me shots to get rid of the nausea, this didn't help at all. They did a CAT scan and found nothing wrong.
Avatar n tn perhaps she had a transient ischemic attack (a mini stroke), which produces stroke-like symptoms, but no permanent damage. a lot of the time, people who've had one or more TIAs later have a stroke (see http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=4781). i believe it's rare for someone so young to experience a TIA. in any event, i think you should let her be seen by a neurologist, considering that TIAs are predictive of strokes.