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Avatar n tn My mother recently passed away at the age of 59 of aggresive breast cancer. The lump that was found on my right breast, the doctor says is a fibroadenoma. My fear is that this fibroadenoma will turn into a cancerous tumor. Would I benefit from a biopsy, as well because of my family history, should I just have this removed?
Avatar n tn 2 in my left breast (16mm and 0.75mm) and 1 in my right breast (16mm). the doctor told me i was in the 3rd category (probably benign). i have no breast cancer in my family but we have other types of it, should i do a biopsy or just wait 6 months and do an echography again? what are my chances of having breast cancer?
Avatar f tn I'm 17 years old right now, and one month ago, I discovered that I have a fibroadenoma in my left breast, around 1.3cm in size. My doctor told me to leave it and wait 6 months. Recently, one month later, I discovered that I have two more fibroadenomas in my right breast. I didn't tell my mom about this yet. Having one was scary enough, but now I have three! How long would it take for them to go away? Will there will many more in the future?..or should I get them removed?
Avatar n tn Dr have taken the mamograph and ultra sound and found that I have one solid mass (fibroadnoma) on left side of the breast and 2 small on right breast. They told me that they are going to do biopsy. I wanted to know that is this common thing and is it releted to breast cancer?Is this some thing to worry about cancer, its bothering me a lot.what is fibroadnoma?I do'nt know i am spelling right or not. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Hi my name is Joy, i've got a serious problem. last 2013 i have a fibroadenoma on my right side of my breast and it has been removed. and now another lumps grown, left and right side. i am 21 years old. my doctor told me to have a mammogram. am i too young to perform mammography? is my lumps will be okay if i remove it?
Avatar n tn He discovered several lumps in my right breast and one in my left but in other location (not as the first lump). The doctor said that I can leave them. He recommended ultrasounds for me every six month. I attended the ultrasound. The lump size didn't change largely. Now, I am 22 years old and I will have marriage soon. The doctor in our university told me that better for me to remove them because they will be larger in the pregnancy but I don't want to make other surgery.
Avatar f tn Hi,i was diagnosed with fibroadenoma through a biopsy in oct 2010 and drs said i can leave the rest it will dissolve by itself but my mind is always stuck there and i feel nervous that it would change into cancer ,But i dont have family history or anything does any home remedies work or should i try any medicine or will it go by itself or any herbs please help i still have 3 in left breast and two in right breast they are very small but it sometimes hurts as I work as a hair dresser and my hand
Avatar f tn Hi. I understand your concerns and frustrations. I am 37 years old, and my process started 9/07. I had lumps in my breasts. I was told I had very fibrous breasts and very likely they were nothing to worry about. I went in for a mammogram and quickly wisked to an ultrasound that day.
Avatar n tn I went back to my family doctor not feeling totally at ease and really not having a diagnosis, she referred me to a breast surgeon who felt the lump and said it was just lumpy glandular tissue, probably a fibroadenoma and not worry. Well I do worry, I am a 32 year old mother of a 2 and 4 year old. I have gone back to my GP to request another consult with the breast surgeon for a biopsy and hopefully removal.
Avatar n tn Last week i removed two lumps in my right breast. Is there is any chance to form again?
Avatar f tn I noticed a mass in my right breast early in June and had it checked out. Dr. checked it again about 6 weeks later and ordered a fine needle biopsy which returned normal. So it confirmed that it was a fibroadenoma. Basically since then, the size has fluctuated with my menstrual cycle but in general, it's still growing. So the size at roughtly the same time during a cycle has more than double.
Avatar n tn I'm 21 years old, I have a quite big lump around 4.7 cm in my right breast, my doctor is pretty sure that this is called fibroadenoma. It's so difficult for me to make a decision whether I have to do the surgery or not, as my doctor said that it's quite big and better to take it out. I'm just wondering about that. I've just known it for 4 days. I have to make this decision asap.. thank you..
Avatar n tn I say get rid of the fibroadenoma because it can hide a cancerous tumor, or you may think the that the tumor is part of the fibroadenoma or cyst. The 2 cm fibroadenoma & cyst I had in 1986 was right next to the cancerous tumor that developed later on. I don't know how long the cancerous tumor was there because it was hidden by the fibroadenoma. The breast specialist advised to leave the fibroadenoma/cyst because it would mean a scar on my breast. Who cares? It was painful!
Avatar n tn Hi,,, for about 4months I have been watching a lump in my right breast, outer edge. Yesterday I went to get a mammogram and nothing was found. since the radiologist was able to feel the lump, she requested I do an ultrasound. I do have breast implants as well. The radiologist found the lump right away. And after review said she felt fairly sure it is a fibroadenoma.
Avatar n tn Luckily, 3-1/2 years ago I had the 8th fibroadenoma biopsied and didn't just shrug it off as another benign lesion, as it was breast cancer. For all but the last, the radiologist was quite confident it was benign. On the last one, I did not get the same feeling and was not given that "warm fuzzy" feeling that all was okay - so most of the time they know what they are looking at BUT it still has to be checked out.
Avatar n tn Prior to this I've had 3 mammograms, all normal. On the ultrasound the doctor saw 3 fibroadenomas on my right breast. Two looked like typical fibroadenomas. One had an irregular shape and the doctor suggested a biopsy. I've been a nervous wreck. Is it uncommon for a fibroadenoma to have an irregular shape? I'm hoping that the fact that I have 2 other fibroadenomas makes it most likely that this is also one.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a fibroademona in their breast before? i am 24 yrs old and just discovered a lump after my m/c. had it check and they said it was a fibroadenoma. if so, what was the treatment??
Avatar n tn hi i'm 26 and found a lump (somewhat moveable, about 1 cm wide and 2 cm long) in my right breast a year ago. after ultrasound i was told it was most likely a fibroadenoma. i had an ultrasound guided biopsy that came back with a diagnosis of fibrocystic change. i was always uncomfortable with this diagnosis as the microscopic diagnosis did not seem to match up with the macroscopic characteristics of the lump.
Avatar f tn I have added this home remedy article below,that you may find helpful. ----------------------------------------- Among the more popular natural remedies for fibroadenoma is the application of a hot compress to the affected breast. Soak a towel in castor oil and place it on the area that is affected. Keep this towel in place for about an hour for maximum results.You could also use plain castor oil to regularly massage your breasts.
1400738 tn?1280809459 Am 23 yr old, single, a two month back i had a surgery on my right breasts for the excision of fibroadenoma, which is of nearly peanut size. Am worried like does it leads risk factor for breast cancer ?or do it reoccur? and i have breast asymmetry of one inch difference with left breast is one inch bigger then right.
700594 tn?1259250604 About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a Fibroademona growth in the right breast. At fist iI was told it was not much of a concern and it probably won't have to be removed. Over the last year or so I has grown and the specialist recommended I keep and eye out for any phyical abnormalities until my next appointment. The fibroademona is located just behind the bottom part of my nipple, which make's it hard to find during my ultrasounds.
Avatar n tn I am 38 years old and have been dealing with lumps in my right breast for about 6 years. I have had a successful ultrasound guided needle aspiration and have had a non successful needle aspiration and a biopsy. I have 22 lumps in my right breast, I was told that we do not have to worry about 20 of them. The one that I had the biopsy on was diagnosed as fibroadenoma and we need to keep an eye on it.
Avatar n tn Hi I am a 21 yr old female and my doctor found a lump in my right breast a couple weeks ago and i went for an ultrasound last week. My doctor told me that I have a solid mass and I will have to see a surgeon to get it removed. The ultrasound report says "the ultrasound of the palpable area reveals a solid heterogeneous mass which is 1.2x.7.1.3 and is slightly lobulated in appearance. This has an unusual appearance for a fibroadenoma although it could be a benign lesion....
Avatar f tn I have a fibroadenoma on my right breast which grew to its current size of a tennis ball in a span of 11 years. It gets quite uncomfortable and is hideous! It has grown so big that my skin is a bit reddish which concerns a OB-Gyn; he suggested to have it removed ASAP as he is afraid my skin would break. I am over 40 so he's also concern that this growing tumor might 'evolve' from benign to malignant. So to have this removed ... what kind of specialist should i consult?
Avatar n tn superolaterally in right breast is well defined rounded density which is unaltered and has benign features. centrally in right breast just above nipple is lobulated density which was present on previous study but not as clearly seen. spot compression views show it to have well defined lobulated margins. no stromal distortion or associated calcifacation. the mammo appearances are those of a begnign lesion, probably an involuting fibroadenoma. measures 10x5x10mm in diameter.
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently went for a six month follow up mammo of my right breast. They found calcifications the first time and wanted to watch it. Today I went for an ultrasound b/c the mammo results came back abnormal. For some reason my doctor ordered both breasts be sonogrammed (even though I didn't have a f/u mammo of the left). The right breast came back fine, the radiologist said what showed up on the mammo looks like a bunch of little cysts. But the left breast they saw something solid.
Avatar n tn Im a 23 yr old, and I recently found a lump on my right breast that I didn't notice until my BF accidently fell on my right breast. It was painful , a week passed and I felt the same pain. Ever since my right breast has been tender intermittently. Everytime I put pressure on it I feel discomfort I've been doing my research online and it seems fibroadenoma is the only thing that I can think of - my family has no hx of breast CA. Im also on Birthcontrol pills, should I d/c taking the pills?
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently went for a six month follow up mammo of my right breast. They found calcifications the first time and wanted to watch it. Today I went for an ultrasound b/c the mammo results came back abnormal. For some reason my doctor ordered both breasts be sonogrammed (even though I didn't have a f/u mammo of the left). The right breast came back fine, the radiologist said what showed up on the mammo looks like a bunch of little cysts. But the left breast they saw something solid.