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173930 tn?1196341998 The only way I would allow myself to be used as a VX poster child is if they would also include a picture of me with my rash at its peak alongside it.
1995824 tn?1330382649 The look on HIS face when he looked at how much more my rash had progressed since he saw it two weeks ago was enough to make ME burst into tears. The first words out of his mouth, after acknowledging that the rash is now over 90% of my body, including my scalp, were that he wanted to give me a steroid shot. he did say that this has not developed into SJS or TENS.
630100 tn?1222460107 I am going to do my best, best, best to get everything smooth and on track, but I just want to know if anyone thinks that taking the telaprevir or the Ribavirin only once or twice a day for three days could effect the chance that it attacks the virus straight from the get-go? Please don't think me indifferent by not taking the meds, I really believed I had taken them, and even wrote down that I had, but when I looked, the pills were still there.
1995824 tn?1330382649 My husband's rash on Incivek looked similar to your rash. It was fairly widespread, had hives, and had some blisters. It was very red, hot, and very itchy. The main difference that I can see from looking at your photos is that his rash moved from place to place and didn't really cover 80% of his body (in the same stage of the rash) at one time. If I recall correctly, it covered his back for a few days, then moved to another area for a few days...
Avatar m tn [1] Telaprevir-associated rash is eczematous, associated with dry skin and pruritus, and in some cases has a maculopapular component. The rash is similar in appearance and histology to that observed with peginterferon/ribavirin but can be more extensive or severe. Rash onset typically occurs within the first 4 weeks of telaprevir treatment, with a median time to onset of 25 days; however, it is important to recognize that rash can develop any time during telaprevir therapy.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know if ribavirin/interferon rashes continue after stopping therapy? I had to stop therapy 5 weeks before my 6 month mark due to red bumpy itchy rashes that had large lumps under the skin in some spots and a large leathery rash under both arms. It has been a week after stopping therapy and I am still getting this rash with the severe itching. Does anyone know if this is normal to still get the rash after stopping therapy?
1887205 tn?1320927071 Hi there. It may depend on which rash you have. I had the RIBA (Ribavirin) rash vs the Incivek rash. The rash was crazy itchy for a couple of days. I finally got it to calm down with Gold Bond Medicated Lotion. This isn't the 'best' picture, so click on 'all photos' to zoom out if it makes it easier to view. http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/236075 I have been itchy on and off, throughout, but no new rash.
Avatar f tn I was too sick with it to post any more. Some of the rash didn't show in the picture resolution - I had a 'sunburn' type rash which literally burned my skin everywhere but my face. I have peeled and am still peeling and flaking all over every inch of skin on my body. I have to wear loose clothing because if the material is snug on my skin, the rash will flare up again. I have one more pretty graphic pic of my leg that I may post for reference too.
151263 tn?1243377877 Just to add a little, many of the skin disorders, especially immune-related conditions like psoriasis are caused/flared by the interferon not the ribavirin. That doesn't mean "riba"rash doesn't exist, but it does mean not every rash is caused by the riba. Of course, it's possible that the riba could cause skin condition "A" that may morph into psoriasis or something else that then gets aggravated by the peg, but his is just speculation on my part.
Avatar f tn No, frijole, he only did 12 weeks of Incivek, and now he's starting week 15 of the Interferon and Ribavirin that follow the first 12 weeks. He's in it for a total of 48 weeks as long as he remains UND. My wording on my original post may have been confusing.
446474 tn?1446351282 For serious skin reactions, including rash with systemic symptoms or a progressive severe rash, INCIVEK, peginterferon alfa, and ribavirin must be discontinued immediately. Discontinuing other medications known to be associated with serious skin reactions should be considered. Patients should be promptly referred for urgent medical care. ...The presenting signs of DRESS may include rash, fever, facial edema, and evidence of internal organ involvement (e.g., hepatitis, nephritis).
Avatar f tn Also, there has been some speculation that ribavirin has made the rash worse. Perhaps you could tell us how much of a problem the rash was for you or any others who were in the ARM without ribavirin. Lastly, yes, as a stage 1, I think it important you monitor your viral load as frequently as possible from here on out to make sure you're responding to SOC. If not, stopping is definitely an option as opposed to extending beyond 48 weeks.
1807991 tn?1438783370 htm Rash In controlled clinical trials, rash events (all grades) were reported in 56% of subjects who received INCIVEK combination treatment and in 34% of subjects who received peginterferon alfa and ribavirin. Rash most frequently began during the first 4 weeks, but could occur at any time during INCIVEK combination treatment. Improvement of rash occurs after INCIVEK dosing completion or discontinuation; however, rashes may take weeks for complete resolution.
Avatar f tn - Rash covering feet, legs, trunk, and arms (see picture for reference). Although the rash has gone away in some places and diminishing in most areas. - Sensitive Skin (especially in areas without appearance of rash) where any brush of the skin would cause itchiness and slight pain. Antihistamines helped, but caused more dehydration, so I discontinued its use. Placing ice packs on the sensitive areas, staying cool, and wearing loose soft clothing helped.
4896357 tn?1360674504 After they got the cbc, my doc agreed for me to continue the meds until I see him this Monday. The rash is not that bad and I think the doc will agree on that. A member here posted a picture of himself with the severe rash which kills the outer layer of skin. His back and shoulders were covered. He spent 17 days in the hospital. My doc told me the rash can be fatal. I am no where near this bad rash. It seems to me that most of us are dealing with some rash issues.
Avatar m tn //www.ihelpc.com/ribavirin-riba-rage-with-hepatitis-c-treatment/ Excerpt It is always easier to look back at a situation. Ribavirin Riba rage with Hepatitis C Treatment is a good example. I can sit here calmly and write about it like it was just a phase I was going through. It was SO much more. I can tell stories that would curl your frizzy-falling-out hair, but this post will mostly be about how to deal with it. What you need while going through it is some tools to help you manage your life.
Avatar m tn The side effects seem to be getting worse, not better. The rash is still spreading, is now on his scalp and encroaching on his face. It is severe, likely to leave scars. He isn't thinking straight, can't remember how to do simple things such as looking something up online. He is not sleeping, will go a week or more before finally getting a few hours of sleep. Seems to be experiencing short term memory loss as well. When will it start getting better?
3172665 tn?1344192835 Her doc called her back and told her to send a picture of the worst spot of he rash and one of the least affected spot. So she did. Based on these Phone camera photos (which anyone knows depending on lighting and quality of the camera phone things can look much different than they appear in real life.) he told her to stop the incivek treatment. My mom is one to follow just what doc says no matter what and does not have the resources I have to really question what he says...
233616 tn?1312790796 Adding Boceprevir to PegIntron/Ribavirin Significantly Improves Sustained Virological Response in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients By Liz Highleyman Combination therapy using pegylated interferon (Pegasys or PegIntron) plus ribavirin -- the current standard of care for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection -- is associated with numerous side effects and about half the time does not produce a sustained response.
149918 tn?1208132344 As I sit across from you looking at your rash, I have never seen riba or peg cause something like this, and I've been working with ribavirin since 1996. I do not believe the rash is being caused by ribavirin. This appears to be a systemic, classic allergic drug reaction" And (3) I was then referred to an experienced derm within the same major research hospital I am enrolled with.
4043517 tn?1374010173 At 8pm 2/16/14 I started my quest to kill this insidious virus that has been running free since 1974-75 busily turning my health blood infused liver into a solid chunk of overdried pemmican where blood flow is suppressed and fibrous bridges and walls impede the journey of cleansing toxins from my body.
Avatar m tn Even if SVR rates didn't change one whit, to rewrite protocols to include Telapravir and only 24 weeks has much value, saves money and shortens our exposure to IFN and the damage it does. Telapravir and it's rash....for me, the rash is would be welcome over what I still experience from IFN. It's all so interesting, stock price is irrelevant now tho in my mind. The bigger picture, for those of us non-responders, Telapravir may add a great twist to the story. Have a good one.
151263 tn?1243377877 -) On the other hand, these rashes occurred while taking both IFN and ribavirin. I'm hoping that the rate/severity of the rash will diminish and/or the time to onset will be delayed if ribavirin can be eliminated. I was always suspicious the ribavirin was contributing to my VX rash, as I've retained sensitive, blotchy and itchy skin to this day (months after stopping VX). I've modulated my riba dose up and down, and there is no doubt it aggravates my skin all by its lonesome.
1718002 tn?1327390256 Hi, I have had hep c since 1998. My Dr. says now is the time for me to have the traetment w/telaprevir as I am geno type 1. Just wondering if anyone is having this new treatment along w/pegasys & ribavirin or has had the treatment and what I should expect. Look forward to hearing about it.
3172665 tn?1344192835 My moms doc told her that she could not do the ttx with the other med because he felt that if she had a severe reaction to the incivek with the rash then she would with the other one as well. (dude wasn't even willing to let her make the choice to try...grr) So she has been contemplating changing doctors. Well apparently there is no need to .... Her Doc called her yesterday and told her that her Viral Load is already UND based on her recent blood work...
Avatar f tn I have Geno type 1a which is the hardest to eradicate also my liver biopsy showed stage 0 to stage 2, My ALT was 360 (C) and my AST 286 (H) my viral load was 1,450,000 before starting treatment 4 weeks ago. I am taking interferon 180 mcg weekly and Ribavirin 600 mg 2 x a day. I have had very little side effects after that first week of treatment. My new blood test show that my ALT 330(H) and my AST 235(H) have gone down but my viral load really is down 60.5 % it is now 222,000.
541844 tn?1244313424 The only study I've found that I'd be qualified for is in Bethesda MD and it's for another low dose Pegint/Ribavirin study that wouldn't be bad at all, except I'm smack dab in the middle of the country. There are so many decisions to make when it comes to HCV! I might end up saving money by moving to where the study is. Have you checked out the cost of treating? That is one reason that I would jump on a study, but that's just me and my dwindling savings. Good luck to you!
1711722 tn?1356491154 Hep C, Gen 1, started treatment with 4 week lead in of Interferon and Ribavirin on 9-1-2011; 4 week labs -- 329,000, down from 10,700,000; added Victrelis 10-1-2011. This is a continuation from my "Side Effects, Day by Day" entry. This entry will chronical side effects now that Victrelis has been added to the fight.