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Avatar f tn It isn't a huge problem at all. If the baby's dad is rh positive then your body will want to reject the baby because it's seen as a foreign body. It will not reject your first baby but it will create antibodies so the next baby you have is at risk. They use to give you immunosuppressant shots during your second pregnancy to prevent miscarriage but I believe (you can ask your doctor for sure) now they give you one while delivering your first child and it will prevent it.
1342206 tn?1276142557 Most people know of ABO blood typing and RH factor. There is more than one blood typing method and some list far more blood types than ABO and RH factor. There is in common ABO blood typing an RH neutral which still gets marked negative or positive. I forget what the criteria for it is. But people with it can have children that seem to have incompatible RH factors. Your unlikely to be in the same situation I am with my blood and tissue type.
Avatar f tn B+ means you are rh (rhesus) positive. It doesn't cause any issues in the pregnancy because you have the factor. If you don't, you are rhesus negative, ie: B-, and would require rhogam injections at 28w and after birth.
2174396 tn?1337605170 I have had to have lots of blood tests to check that there are no antibodies against the + factor and have had to have antiD injections (they are known as rhogam shots in the US I think) to help prevent any antibodies being made, but other than that all has been fine, I am not even classed as medium or high risk. My ex,with whom I had 2 children had a different blood group and I needed no special treatment as he was Rh- as were my kids but they have different blood groups to me.
Avatar f tn Is any one else A rhesus negative blood group and got to or have had the Anti D injection ?
991611 tn?1249673064 Hi. I am O RH Negative blood group and have just recently been diagnosed with undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. I have two children (19 and 20) and had an anti-D injection after my first child. Is there a connection with this blood group and autoimmune disease? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/706589'>Rh-negative blood connection with diabetes and heart disease</a>.
Avatar f tn I m going to marry girl have same blood group i.e.A +ve.is there any pblm in future fregenancy?
Avatar f tn Someone who is rh+ would not have any problems carrying a Rh- baby, O Rh- is the universal blood donor type, meaning that we can donate blood to any other blood group, however we can only recieve blood from O Rh- and I think one other (been too long since university!
Avatar n tn No, it makes no sense that the same blood group would have a negative effect on the pregnancy. The Rh factor is the problem when the baby (and baby's father) have a Rh+ blood and the mother has Rh- blood. When that happens the baby's blood could "poison" the mother and cause a severe reaction on the mother after delivery but that is easily fixed by a shot that your dr. gives you.
Avatar f tn My blood group is o negative and my hubby blood group is o psotive.My first child blood group is also o positive. There was No complications in my first pregnancy. But in my second pregnancy lots of complications came.there is rh negative pregnancy. I did not know abt this. In 28 weeks pregnancy I know that there is.blood mixing. In ultrasound reports Dr found fetal ascites,enlarge heart, small pericardial effusion and placentomegaly middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity of 67cm 1.
Avatar n tn Only if you are RH negative.
Avatar n tn hi mine is rh-negative group and husband is rh+ i had 3m/c so any one know can i give birth to health baby actually wid my frist pregnancy i didnt know that my blood group is rh- at that time we are not interested to go frist pregnancy due to personal reasons and i took some medicine for abortion i did a mistake that i didnt take rhogam at that time so now i am trying to conceive but in a line i had 3m/c so any one can help that i will have healthy baby after second m/c i started talking rhogam
Avatar f tn i am 24 weeks and see my dr on the 14th... im just wondering would i have to take the shots like someone with rh- blood bc the fact im a pos blood type and if he is a neg type??
Avatar f tn I am now 25 weeks. With another girl. my first born girl has the exact same blood type that I do including the lack of rh protein coating her blood. I'm thinking this little girl will be the same.
Avatar f tn Its not rare but not that common i must say.M also RH negative - B Negative my husband is O positive.
Avatar f tn I was pregnant two years ago but had a miscarriage due to my bloodtype. They said I was rh- and that my blood cells were fighting against my baby. :( Although I am not happy about being pregnant at 20 but I dont wanto lose a second baby. Im going to make an appt tomorrow but does anyone think that the same thing could happen if I dont get an appointment asap. ? They said I need a shot everytime I get pregnant in order to keep the baby. Has anyone dealt with the same thing before ?
1386249 tn?1303092096 If the baby inherits the RH positive gene from the father, and the mother is exposed to fetal blood during miscarriage/ a bleeding episode/ delivery, her body can develop antibodies to the RH positive factor that can attack the blood of future RH positive babies. If, like you, the mother is already positive, it is not a concern.
Avatar f tn Everyone is either RH negative or RH positive it has nothing to do with pregnancy.
Avatar m tn There are about 30 different human blood groups and countless antigens within these groups that go beyond ABO and Rh. Each person has a unique expression of these antigens based on genetics. When your body is exposed to an antigen that you lack there is the potential to develop antibodies produced by your immune system. Anti-M as it is called is a common antibody made by pregnant women. The low level means it has a low titer meaning low concentration in your blood.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 34yr old with "O" positive blood group , the father of a baby boy 2yr old, My wife is 28 with "O" negative blood group. She is having regular periods after the last delivery till last month (21st Feb'08) but as in this month it was not happend so went for a Pregnancy test (25th March'08) and it reports positive.
Avatar f tn Hey :b I'm O- and i got that with my son, they give you it because if the baby has a + blood group, if there's any bleeding and.baby's blood gets onto your system, your body recognises it as a foreign body and fights against the baby....you'll get one qhen baby is born, is they have + blood, I was ok my son was o- so I didn't need it.
Avatar n tn Hi, my wife's blood group is B negative and my blood group is AB Positive, we have a five year old daughter and now we are planning to have our second child. will there be any problem in second child's delivery ? or do we need to take any precaution ?