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Avatar f tn It isn't a huge problem at all. If the baby's dad is rh positive then your body will want to reject the baby because it's seen as a foreign body. It will not reject your first baby but it will create antibodies so the next baby you have is at risk. They use to give you immunosuppressant shots during your second pregnancy to prevent miscarriage but I believe (you can ask your doctor for sure) now they give you one while delivering your first child and it will prevent it.
Avatar n tn its a injection to ensure your body does not produce antibodies against future eggs and stop them from attaching so i would think it should be ok as you have concieved how far along are you?
Avatar f tn If you are negative and your husband positive then there is the potential for Rh incompatibility. When a woman with the potential to develop Rh incompatibility is pregnant, doctors administer a two Rh immuneglobulin shots usually during her first pregnancy, the first one at 28 weeks.
Avatar f tn B+ means you are rh (rhesus) positive. It doesn't cause any issues in the pregnancy because you have the factor. If you don't, you are rhesus negative, ie: B-, and would require rhogam injections at 28w and after birth.
2174396 tn?1337605170 I have had to have lots of blood tests to check that there are no antibodies against the + factor and have had to have antiD injections (they are known as rhogam shots in the US I think) to help prevent any antibodies being made, but other than that all has been fine, I am not even classed as medium or high risk. My ex,with whom I had 2 children had a different blood group and I needed no special treatment as he was Rh- as were my kids but they have different blood groups to me.
3253252 tn?1347048058 So, if your primary blood type is “O” and you carry the Rh antigen, your blood type is “O positive” (this is actually the most common blood type in the United States). If your blood group is AB and you do not carry the Rh factor, your blood type is AB negative (this is the rarest blood type in the U.S.). The chances of being negative for the Rh factor vary by your ethnic background. For example, about 15% of Caucasians are Rh negative whereas less than 1% of Asians are Rh negative.
Avatar n tn As far as blood groups go, the only time there would be an issue is if you are Rh-, and your husband is Rh+. For example, I am O-, and my husband is A+. I have to receive a shot late in pregnancy and again post-delivery, so that if the baby's blood group is Rh+, my body will not produce antibodies against it. If you are both the same blood group (A, AB, O, B), there is no problem. If you are both the same Rh factor (both negative or both positive), there is no problem.
Avatar n tn 7)what aggluation results would be observed when testing group A blood with Anti-A and Anti-B?when testing group AB Blood? 8)how does ABO tube testing differ from ABO slide testing? 9)when is forward grouping? 10) what is reverse grouping? 11)how are the results of tube grouping tests interpreted?explain the system grading aggulation? 12)what safety precauions should be observed in ABO grouping? Immunohematology -RH typing 1)What is the major antigen in the RH system?
Avatar m tn I'm 42 years old and my blood group is b+. My wife is 37 years old and her blood group is b- and she is diabetic since 6 years. We have a daughter of 10 years old. Last month my wife had undergon a spontaneous abortion (one month old). We were informed that since her blood group is b- and mine is b+, after child birth or abortion, she was supposed to be given an injection. After my daughter's birth she was given the injection.
991611 tn?1249673064 Hi. I am O RH Negative blood group and have just recently been diagnosed with undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. I have two children (19 and 20) and had an anti-D injection after my first child. Is there a connection with this blood group and autoimmune disease? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/706589'>Rh-negative blood connection with diabetes and heart disease</a>.
Avatar n tn Iam a person with B-negative blood group and my wife with B-positive blood group. Will this affect her pregnancy? Normally i heard that the mother should not have Negative blood group when father has positive blood group. But in my case it is in reverse. Could you please explain is any complication is exist in my case?
Avatar f tn My blood group is o negative and my hubby blood group is o psotive.My first child blood group is also o positive. There was No complications in my first pregnancy. But in my second pregnancy lots of complications came.there is rh negative pregnancy. I did not know abt this. In 28 weeks pregnancy I know that there is.blood mixing. In ultrasound reports Dr found fetal ascites,enlarge heart, small pericardial effusion and placentomegaly middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity of 67cm 1.
Avatar f tn Someone who is rh+ would not have any problems carrying a Rh- baby, O Rh- is the universal blood donor type, meaning that we can donate blood to any other blood group, however we can only recieve blood from O Rh- and I think one other (been too long since university!
Avatar f tn please tell me If my and my husband has same bloodAmylase -that is AB+ blood group than it is difficult for me to concieve . .
Avatar f tn well i went to the ob again today. he didnt do an u/s but we did get to hear the heartbeat and a kick on doppler. he said things are going well with the baby but i have two problems. my blood work came back "O" negative. my dh will have to be typed and if he is positive i am going to have some shots later in case i build up antibodies to the baby, or for if we decide to have anymore in the future.
Avatar n tn Does anyone here know much about RH negative blood? I now know that my husband is definitely RH positive so I need to worry about the compatibility. All the websites say you need to take a shot at 28 weeks and then a shot at birth if your baby is positive. Also for any bleeding during pregnancy such as a miscarriage like I just had. My miscarriage was weird, and I think very early. I'm sure things started to go wrong around 4 weeks but my HCG peaked at 595.
Avatar n tn Only if you are RH negative.
Avatar f tn I m going to marry girl have same blood group i.e.A +ve.is there any pblm in future fregenancy?
Avatar n tn No, it makes no sense that the same blood group would have a negative effect on the pregnancy. The Rh factor is the problem when the baby (and baby's father) have a Rh+ blood and the mother has Rh- blood. When that happens the baby's blood could "poison" the mother and cause a severe reaction on the mother after delivery but that is easily fixed by a shot that your dr. gives you.
Avatar f tn Is any one else A rhesus negative blood group and got to or have had the Anti D injection ?