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Avatar n tn During pregnancy and at birth some of the baby's blood cells can enter the mother's blood stream . If the mother is RH- and the baby is RH + , the baby's cells entering the mother's blood stream are sensed as a foreign material and her body's naturally occurring defense mechanism will start to produce antibodies to destroy this foreign material. Once these antibodies are developed they remain in the blood stream for life.
Avatar f tn If the father of your baby is also rh negative factor, you do not need to have this Rhogam shot, but if the blood rh factor of your partner is positive or unknown, being rh negative just means you will need to get the shots to make sure the rh negative in your blood doesn't harm the baby. Best of luck to you and your new family-to-be!
Avatar f tn I have RH factor aswel but we only get jabbed during our pregnancy if we bleed or at birth depending on babys blood type
Avatar f tn hello i was just wondering about some info about the rh factor in your blood. i am18 yrs old and 27 weeks pregnant and my doctor said i had a rh negative factor and only 15% of the pop. has it. Ive given blood tests and so what comes next??? Do you get a shot? If so where do you get the shot on your body?? Can you please give me information because im really nervous. Is it serious?? Whats gonna happen to my baby?? My dr. is kinda hard to understand so im just trying 2 get more info.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else Rh factor and have to get the needle at 28 weeks?
Avatar n tn It is only when the two blood types are mingled in an Rh-negative individual that the difficulty arises, since the Rh factor acts as an antigen in Rh-negative persons, causing the production of antibodies. ol i did a book report on it when i was in junior high..scary eh> thast a quote from it..
1300874 tn?1277520827 This particular shot had something to do with her blood type! My cousin told me that she is O+ and mentioned something about the RH-Factor! So this got me to wondering, and I really feel like since the doctors could never explain why the miscarriages were happening--- that maybe me not ever having that shot might have been the reason why my pregnancies were not successful! Can someone with knowledge of this please read my previous entries, and see if maybe I'm on to something.
Avatar f tn What have you read against it? From what i have read its very dangerous if you have a different rhesus factor to your baby. Your body can destroy the baby's red blood cells and thats not good. You have an injection at 28 and then 36 weeks to stop this from happening. I would speak to your doctor about this.
Avatar f tn (Same with my first) most places only check the female and take no chances so if you are negative you get it regardless at some doctors (if partner is also negative it is not needed cause baby will be -) but if baby is + (usually only happens is your partner is positive) you will be given the rogram shot after delivery to prevent your body from building antibodies for another pregnancy. Easy way to remember Rh- can only accept Rh- but Rh+ can accept both +&-. Hope this helps!
669618 tn?1289406848 All it is, is a small needle given in your bum (it doesn't hurt at all cause its into fat) It is given to all females with RH- blood (you really only need it if the father is RH+ but they like to be safe). It's like an immunization. It introduces a small bit of RH+ into your system so that your body won't attack it. If this baby you have is RH+ and it's blood were to get in contact with your blood your body could attack your next baby if it is RH+ causing a miscarriage.
7074486 tn?1389936422 Tigerlily - rh = rhesus (the rhesus factor of your blood).
Avatar f tn Ok, so I'm blood type A+ which means I have rh positive blood? And my baby should be fine? I read the only time there is a problem is when the baby is positive and the mother is negative. Does anyone know if I'm understanding everything correctly? Ps. My new doctor wants me to get retested, I guess it wasn't in my medical records. I just want to put my mind at ease, and not feel the need to rush/worry just yet.
Avatar f tn I was told that my blood type was O negative and my boyfriends A positive, causing the Rh Factor in my pregnancy, resulting in a miscarriage. The gave me a shot that is suppose to help prevent this from happening in my next pregnancies. This was my first pregnancy. My boyfriend and I really want to try again. How long should we wait before we try again? Has anyone had this happen in there pregnancy, and gone on the have healthy babies?
Avatar f tn If I'm o- blood type and my husband is also 0- will I still need the shot for pregnancy .Is it possible for 2 negative Rh factor blood types to have a baby with positive Rh .
Avatar f tn Rhogam is a shot u get when ur blood type is rh neg and ur baby is rg positive bcuz ur blood cells will fight off the babt as if it was cold...the shogam just help so it doesnt do that like ill have to get it done its just a shot in the bum...
Avatar f tn I am rh negative too . My dr didn't even worry about my husband's blood type, I just get a shot at 28 weeks with each pregnancy and it protects the baby until birth.
266539 tn?1281405752 My best friend who just had a baby was talking about the RH factor. Well my fiance is b+ and I don't know my blood type but if I am - and miscarried at 12 weeks back in 2007 do I need the shot before I get pregnant again? Or am I okay since I didn't make it far enough along?
7540649 tn?1395723196 My mother swears up and down that I'm O+ (they tested my blood type when I was born because my mother has a negative rh factor), but my blood test says I'm O-... I'm having trouble understanding, but it seems like if I have weak or partial D antigens, I could be positive but test negative? Or something like that? Maybe they were just wrong when they did my blood test when I was a baby...or maybe they were wrong this time...
Avatar n tn if you are rh+ this doesn't apply to you! for some odd reason the rh factor only effects mothers with rh- blood. my mother is rh- and had to have rogam (sp?) shots to protect future babies....however i am rh+ so the while her rogam shot was to protect me...i don't ever have to have them.
Avatar n tn If this is your first pregnancy then you do not need to worry. The problem with Rh- mom and a possibe Rh+ baby has more to do with any future pregnancies. If your baby's blood mixes with yours for any reason your immune system is going to want to build antibodies against the Rh+ blood since it is foreign. If you become pregnancy again with another Rh+ baby your immune system will try to destroy it. Rhogam prevents that from happening.
Avatar n tn neurologist who just recently ran some blood test and one test came back that said he has high amounts of protein in his urine and they want him to have another test done called a plasma amino acid blood test. My question is I have a RH negative blood disorder and my son does not.....I am curious if this developmental issue could have been caused due to my blood disorder?
Avatar n tn actually you should get a shot at 28 weeks as well. the RH factor affects more in the 2nd pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Its because im O-. I have a negative rH factor. My baby will have a postive blood type from his father so if it werent for the Rhogam shot my body would produce antibodies to fight off the baby like a virus or foriegn substance.
Avatar f tn now i want to know when they say i have the Rh-factor does that mean im Rh- negative? or Rh- positive?? i habe no idea...they wanted to me have my husband check his blood type and we just found out thas Rh-nagative will that cause any damages to my unborn child??? im sooo confused!!! can anyone help me???
Avatar n tn If they say that the mom is not sensitized then RH factor would not be a factor in a miscarriage.. it can be a factor but only if the mom had developed the antibodies but if they have tested her and she is not showing them then it wouldnt be a factor at all at this point.
191945 tn?1201821171 My blood type is A Negative, with that said and the research I have done I believe it is a pretty high if not a for sure thing that I carry the RH Negative Factor. I do not know what my baby's father's blood type is either..
1386249 tn?1303095696 If the baby inherits the RH positive gene from the father, and the mother is exposed to fetal blood during miscarriage/ a bleeding episode/ delivery, her body can develop antibodies to the RH positive factor that can attack the blood of future RH positive babies. If, like you, the mother is already positive, it is not a concern.