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721949 tn?1230655277 He told me that this drug treats dry eye and Blephartis. Do you agree? And of course I'm also using the over the counter lubricants too. Also recommmended by my doctor.
Avatar n tn About six weeks ago my doctor asked me to stop putting prescription drops in my eyes and use only over the counter drops, take flag seed oil gels and use goggles as needed. What a difference!!! My eyes are much better, not there yet, but almost there. I use non-preserve drops once a day and sunglasses outdoor to protect my eyes from the wind. I use goggles very seldom. My vision is improving and the pain is subsiding. At one point thought I was going blind. Good look.
Avatar m tn You may need a short corse of steroid drops. You could also try over the counter Zaditor.
429949 tn?1224695179 Restasis was approved by the FDA about five years ago and seems to have a pretty safe profile, but since the over the counter artificial tear were not controling my symptoms of chronic dry eye, I felt that these drops may help my eyes to start producing more of my own tears. I have Meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis which causes a lot of pain and discomfort in my eyes and eye lids.
Avatar n tn The eye doctors prescribrd all kind of over the counter artificial tears, antihestamine eye drops, restasis, and patanol. I am still suffering from this symptom. Nothing working with me. I visited ENT and I had CT Scan and my sinuses are clear. Can you let me know what it is ?.
Avatar n tn I also have dry eyes but have found the product systain eye drops (over-the-counter) work for me. You might have an infection going on, in that case they might want to prescribe Maxitrol ointment. I'm not sure if I've ever tried Restasis. My eye dr. gave me a sample and I think it was Restasis, but I would put hers in one eye and Systain in the other and found that Systain worked better. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Astigmatism gone, can see near and far w/o glasses, using Soothe over the counter, much cheaper than Restasis, drop daily. Dry eye ok w/ Soothe. I can see the floaters in my eyes better, and they make reading somewhat problematical, but w/ enuf light on the subject=OK. Very satisfied w/ results!
Avatar n tn Hi I have very dry eyes (partially due to antihistimine usage) and on chronic steroids for other severe eczema problems. Have tried all the over the counter dry eye drops and ointments with no relief. Is Restasis safe to use with chronic steroid use?
Avatar m tn Just wondering if this is normal and time is the real healing factor or is there something else a person can try, any over the counter meds, eye drops, etc.... I was also wondering if an over the counter redness reliever would be advisable. Any input from you would be great!!
Avatar f tn (My wife has been on restasis for 4 years and its made a huge difference to her) plus one of the oral over the counter pills for dry eyes or fish oil and tear duct plugs plus one of the newest artifical tears/gels/ointments JCH MD
233488 tn?1310696703 Over 4-6 months Restasis reduces inflammation on the surface of the eye and improves the quality and quantity of the tear (which has a protein, a fat (lipid) and a watery (aqueous) component. Also recent research has documented the effect of omega 3 fatty acids taken orally 2 or 3/day. This includes high quality enteric coated fish oil or other ocean based Omega 3 such as made from krill or calamari. Omega 3 helps dry skin, dry mouth and dry hair.
Avatar n tn Light tends to bother her, especially from electric sources. Regular over the counter treatments against dry eye syndrome do not seem to have much effect. Thank you in advance for you advice.
Avatar f tn I have had one plug in right eye, Left eye cauterized , on restasis twice a day since May , Prediforte twice a day and doing hot compress twice a day.,and over the counter drops every hour. All of this since May and stilll have constant pain in corner left eye cauterized, tight feeling in corner, when blink feels dry and corner of eye gets wet by blinking. When blink al lot open and shut eye hurts in corner of left eye feels tight and stretched.
Avatar f tn If eyelids are an issue as far as the oil glands go, I would consider warm compresses and eyelid scrubs (available over the counter). You may also want to see a cornea specialist who specializes in the management of dry eyes.
Avatar m tn Restasis is a commonly prescribed drug that aids in tear production, and Optive is an over-the-counter (at least here in the U.S. it is) artificial tear / eye lubricant. If these aren't helping, then you may want to get a second opinion from an ophthomologist (eye MD).
Avatar n tn Have now taken Restasis (3 months), Polysporin, Lotomax, Azacite, topical antibiotics and a bunch of over-the-counter products, plus lots of Omega 3, black currant and ground Flax Seeds and around-the-clock humidifier. The first year was horrible; now 3 years later it's somewhat short of horrible but getting worse in other areas.
Avatar n tn // if you get no relief from that, there are prescription medications you could be on like Restasis that could also help. You would obviously need an eye exam in order to obtain that type of Rx.
Avatar m tn I put about 10 drops a day in each eye, night time is the worst. I've tried every over-the-counter eye drops. I'm retire so I don't do much paper work. I've been back to my doctor, he said he doen't know why they are burning. He said, if I want, " I could try a stronger eye drops", he gave me a prescription for Restasis. I got the feeling he was just trying to get rid of me. He told me to come back in about a year. I didn't fill the prescription yet.
Avatar n tn You may also respond to oral medication containing Omega fatty acids availabel over the counter. One is Hydroeyes and you need to take at least 4 per day and as with Restasis it takes a few weeks before you might notice any improvement. You are correct, you should not have LASIK.
Avatar f tn Hello all - My doctor diagnosed me with Dry Eye a couple of months ago and suggested I treat it with over the counter eye drops for the time being. I have a lot of autoimmune disorders and apparently this goes along with those. I am allergic to the preservative in regular eye drops, so I have been using the individual vials. My eyes are still sore and in a lot of pain even with treating them every few hours with the drops.
177275 tn?1511758844 Over 4-6 months Restasis reduces inflammation on the surface of the eye and improves the quality and quantity of the tear (which has a protein, a fat (lipid) and a watery (aqueous) component. Also recent research has documented the effect of omega 3 fatty acids taken orally 2 or 3/day. This includes high quality enteric coated fish oil or other ocean based Omega 3 such as made from krill or calamari. Omega 3 helps dry skin, dry mouth and dry hair.
Avatar m tn Hello, I had dry eyes for many years, I have tried many different eye drops prescription and over the counter. but nothing helped.-- Then I found Castor Oil. Cold Expressed Castor Oil is very inexpensive, I bought mine on line. you either use an eye dropper and apply 1 or 2 drops to each eye at night, or you could apply it on to both upper and lower eyelids on top of the lashes, I use a clean finger. It has given me the relief I needed so that's what I have been using since.
Avatar f tn That my ducts don't produce tears or something like that so I have to use over the counter eye drops daily. This burning, painful, running eye thing began just a few months ago and mainly comes on in the evenings and my "flare ups" last anywhere btwn 15-20 min at a time. It burns even while the tears are falling. I havnt got this checked cuz its something I just deal with. I want to know more about what I am scheduling to see the dr for.
Avatar n tn I have noticed the burning sensation you have discussed. What is the success rate for Restasis for people who have tried it and stuck to the Restasis program.
Avatar f tn Well, you're awfully young to have this problem! I do, but I'm a lot older. Tears are a bit complicated: there's a watery component, and there's an oily component that helps keep the tears from evaporating too fast. My eye doc says that In one form, people just don't make enough of the watery portion. For them, Restasis is the answer.
Avatar n tn Also consider fish oil enteric coated high quality manufactuer (example Cardiotabs ) 3/day or one of the oral over the counter pills specific for dry eyes. TheraTears Dry eye oral formulation.
Avatar f tn They will be able to assist in determining the cause and advise the best treatment. There are a number of options including Restasis, and over the counter lubricants without preservatives often help. Sometimes, occluding one’s punctual plug is beneficial as well as it reduces the outflow of tears from the eye. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn The Narcolepcy is mild but nevertheless I have dry eye. Some times my eyes are so dry I have to wet them. What over the counter product works. Is it from the zoloft or could it be from something else. In the morning when I get up it takes me awhile to get going. as I do not take the stimulents. My eyes quiver sometimesWhen I try to focus like when you are so sleepy you can't hold your eyes open. I don't go right back to sleep but have to lay in bed a while till I can focus.
Avatar f tn WIth MGD it's important to keep the eye lids free of oil and debris (*called scruff). Try Ocusoft Plus PLATINUM it's over the counter. New product may need to order on Internet. Preservative free artificial tears would be a good choice for you.