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Avatar n tn See at least two different ophthalmologists for second opinions about lasik. Restasis takes up to 6 months to get maximum effect. Plugs may well help and are pretty simple to put in.
Avatar m tn i had my lasik surgery 3 years ago but now im getting blurr vision im not able to see distant objects clearly i consulted my optician and he gav me drops named OPTIVE ( carboxymethyl- cellulose sodium eye drops ALLERGAN ) AND RESTASIS ( ALLERGAN cyclosprine eye drops )
Avatar m tn My daughter who had PRK recently is taking Thema Tears Nutrition (it is a pill) and another vitamin and has had a lot of success getting rid of dry eyes. I have used Restasis and frankly can't see much difference. I'm using it after cataract surgery. It is very expensive. Even with my insurance paying some it was $100.
Avatar m tn 1. Restasis 2. Use archives and search and read posts about dry eyes 3. read my article on dry eyes on my blog or the feature articles on this page. 4.
Avatar n tn Some of the newest are Systane preserved and unpreserved drops and Optive drops. If you took Restasis you have used the best prescription medication. A "trial" of Restasis is a minimum of 8 weeks of therapy using one drop in each eye twice/day. Because of the way Restasis works, it takes two months to "start working". I have found that many patients use it for a few weeks then conclude it won't help.
Avatar f tn Can you have LASIK performed if you have SLK and dry eyes? I am currently on Restasis to help with dry eyes, along with OTC drops as needed. I have been unable to wear my contacts for almost 2 years now due to irritation from EKC prior to my SLK diagnosis. I am aware that my eyes must be "quiet" for at least a year before I can even think about LASIK, but will my dry eyes prevent me from getting the LASIK performed?
Avatar f tn HELLO! i am 47 years old and I had a lasik eye surgery to improve my vision on october 13, 2008 and 3 weeks later i began to have severe headaches(many times on my temples and cranium), i refuse to listen to noise because this pounds my head!(all i want is quiet) i get dizzy sometimes and i always get these hotflashes on my back and the heat rushes down and up my spine towards my head!)! today is january 28, 2009 and its just getting worse!
Avatar f tn I am on my 3rd dr and just got diagnosed with Thygesons.. I am on my 3rd flare up and basically was told I cannot wear contacts. I have glasses, but I've been wearing them for 6 months every single day and I would like to resume my normal life without them. It does not seem I will ever be able to wear them because after I treat my eye issue with steroids, it gets better after weeks and weeks, but then comes back once I resume contacts.
Avatar f tn Hi- I've been using Restasis (a prescription medication that causes your eyes to create more tears) since Lasik surgery 4 years ago. I'm currently on treatment, and both my doctors are aware I am using it. I really don't think it effects treatment in any way and I wouldn't be concerned.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had Lasik in early 2006 and have suffered from extreme dry eyes and SLK ever since. In January 2008, I had conjuntiva resection in both eyes in an effort to eliminate the SLK. Although the resection helped considerably, I still must take steroid drops twice a day or the inflammation becomes severe. My eye pressure climbs when on the drops - up to mid-30s when I was on Pred Forte. I'm now on Alrex, which still elevates the pressure but keeps it in the low 20s.
Avatar n tn I recently underwent LASIK surgery that greatly improved my vision and seems to be a success with one ongoing problem -- I now suffer from dry eyes that require application of eye drops at least every half hour and as often as every 5 minutes while using a computer. The condition is very uncomfortable and interferes with my ability to work (which requires extensive use of a computer), drive, and perform many normal activities of daily living.
Avatar f tn I had Lasik 6 years ago. I had IMMEDIATE great correction. I had horrible dry eye, though. It took about 3 months for me to have good vision on a constant basis, although I still suffered from severe dry eye. Restasis causes so much pain I cannot use it. Sometimes I just have to sit with my eyes closed for 2-3 days because the dry/pain is so bad. This summer was very humid for this climate-high desert/prairie. Not too much dry eye. I have mono vision-left/close, right/distant.
Avatar f tn I had lasik surgery 3 months ago and now the doctors want to close my tear ducts due to dry eyes-is this a good idea?
Avatar m tn I did modeling prior to lasik and now, post lasik, I have large dark bags under my eyes and the top of my eyes are continuously puffy - where it hurts to keep them open. Like Scoobydoo999, I do have proof that my eye area was clear of bags and puffiness prior to the lasik (via my career). Aging in the form of large, dark bags and swelling doesn't happen overnight, to the same area, to a mass amount of people, post lasik for no reason.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has had dry eye syndrome before they lasik surgery and how their eyes were after the surgery. I've been reading up a lot on dry eyes and lasik, even came across this cool article about it: However i'm looking more towards someones actual experience than reading an article explaining it. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I have not taken any benadryl since February of this year due to the effect it has on my eyes. I am on Restasis since NOv and have noticed some improvement but my eyes still constantly feel dry. I keep hearing that dry eyes heal by 6 months. Seeing how I am more than double that, is it now permanent?
Avatar f tn So i went to see an Opthamologist and he said i have dry eyes. Since then i have been using various lubricant eye drops, Restasis, and sometimes antibiotic as he suspected eye infection. But till now it only gets slightly better, i still have to use the artificial eye drops at least 6 times a day, plus Restasis. Will that mean i have to stick with the eye drops forever? Are my dark circles related to dry eye? I have performed blood tests and result shows that i don't have any allergies.
Avatar f tn I would like to know what would be my risks with PRK and dry eyes, I was told that the LASIK w/the flap would not be a good option for me but what about the PRK?
Avatar n tn Dry can complicate LASIK surgery but doesn't completely rule it out. Restasis take minimum of 6-8 weeks to start working and can continue to get better for up to 6 months so stick with it. If you eye is very dry and produces little tears then tear duct plugs plus the Restasis would be a good choice. The tear duct plugs or painless to put in and take about a minute, no shots or injections.
Avatar m tn Surgery was done in the fall and now 5 months later one eye is giving me extreme light sensitivity and watering. Tfhe dr. put me on Restasis and drops. Tried temporary plugs and when they melted my condition got worse. Now one dr. wants to put pemanent plugs in, went to a world reknown hospital and head of eye dept. said they are a foreign body, don't do it.
Avatar n tn I had Lasik surgery to correct my terrible vision two years ago, and have had severe dry eyes ever since. I had punctal plugs put in all of my tear ducts after the surgery. I currently take Restasis and Fish Oil to keep my eyes moist. I was recently diagnosed with a severe deviated septum which would require surgery to fix. However, I'm skeptical about the surgery because I fear it will affect my dry eyes. Are dry eyes a side affect of having my deviated septum fixed?
Avatar n tn Only 20% of people with TED are hypo and the rest have Graves like yourself. I have been treated with restasis eye drops which reduces the swelling in your eyes, systane eye drops throughout the day for moisture, puncta or is it punctal? plugs in my lower lids to slow evaporation of the tears and had to quit wearing my contacts I"m sorry to say.
Avatar m tn I had lasik surgery 2 years ago and my eyes bothered me when I slept. I felt tremendous pressure on the eye lids when I would wake up and had to open them slowly. If I opened too quickly I would feel like I scratched my eye and it would bother me all day. My doctor prescribed Restasis which helped but now I cannot use my com,puter because after an hour on it, my eyes will tear and every time I go back to the screen, they will tear within 5 minutes. I reduced the Restasis to one a day from twice.
Avatar f tn Your dry eyes - if not controlled - will likely get worse after surgery for an indefinite amount of time. You may already be on Restasis and flax/fish oil supplements and punctum plugs can be placed post-op if needed.
Avatar f tn He did the LASIK and after it healed, I had to buy new readers and that is what I'm using now. I am interested in how this settling in the wrong correction could have occurred. From your description that is what happened. what do you mean I do not have accommodation (near vision)? Can you give me a easier to understand explanation. The lenses that were installed were accommodating lenses.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing dry eyes (past lasik surgery) mucus in left eyes last 6 months- i have tried Natural Dry eyes, other OTC but nothing is helping- I feel blurriness, eye pain, headache in the mornings. I took allergy meds , but there is no nasal discharge, or sneezing.
Avatar m tn and prescribed Alrex for 5 days and restasis. I'm on week 5 of my restasis treatment, and the floaters have worsened in the last 3 weeks. My last visit to Ophthalmologist was 3 weeks ago and I've been told to return in 2 weeks. My current symptoms include: -slightly blurred vision (enough that it disrupts computer usage and reading), though I'm still testing better than 20/20 in visual acuity. -in the last 3 weeks I've had an increase in floaters in both eyes, and worse in my right eye.
Avatar m tn You can get blurred vision months after surgery. There is usually a cause. If after drops the vision improves then tears, plugs, omega3s, and Restasis may help. You were told that you are nearsighted then you should have good reading vision. If a it is a small amount a yag laser may decrease the nearsightedness. PRK or LASIK can eliminate the nearsightedness but the near vision would be worse. Your light sensitivity may be related to inflammation.
Avatar f tn He said bc I am 49 I could be experiencing pre menopause and with that could come some dry eye issues. He put me on Restasis and I've been taking it for a week and a half but have not noticed any improvement other than my eyes don't feel as dry. I still have this bit of blur that comes and goes in my right eye and its sooooo frustrating.
Avatar n tn Post LASIK dry eye syndrome is real and common. It often needs agressive treatment (Restasis, tear duct plugs) etc. You paid your surgeon to help you not only see better without glasses but to deal with post operative complications. You should go back in and have them rachet up the therapy.