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535822 tn?1443976780 The only topical that really works is Retin-A for oilier skin types or Renova for dryer skin types. My skin has improved greatly since I started using Renova 6 years ago. It does take time to get used to it because it can be drying and irrtating to the skin. You must start slow using it maybe twice a week to start with and only at night. Then you slowly build up your tolerance to it. You will probably experience a bit of flaking skin and that's normal.
Avatar n tn My advice for you , just try renova retin a cream once..It will really helpful for you..
9523089 tn?1414211966 t work because this is melisma, a clinical condition that affects deep into the skin. The bleaches and skin exfoliates don't work on it. BUT, as it is caused by the hormones of pregnancy--- it goes away. I did briefly use prescription Renova on it which helped but that was after birth and just for 3 months. It went away completely and would have without the Renova as it is often a reaction to too much estrogen in the system.
Avatar n tn I used Renova on my face and got some severe side effects: blistering, scaling redness, itching. I am concerned that the redness may never go away, as I've read that sometimes happens. I have been diagnosed with eczema recently, so I now know I shouldn't be using the stuff at all. It was an old tube of cream. My face is still tingly, scaley, and very red. I've also read that you can become permanently sensitive to the sun. What's going to happen to me? I look like a burn victim.
Avatar n tn Large pores can be easily dealt with proper cleansing and frequent toning and moisturizing of the skin. Other treatments to consider include microdermabrasion, skin resurfacing lasers and chemical skin peels. You can use the microdermabrasion kit once you stop the Retin –A because it increases the fragility of the skin. In my opinion you should discuss these treatment options with a cosmetologist/dermatologist.
Avatar m tn ) i am so happy my face is now more clean and oily free, i think that retin-a doesnt work the same way on everyone it may depend on the type of skin. But how about renova have you tried it?
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743543 tn?1268763223 but from last 2 days, itching is not going at all, though i use moisturizing cream too.. and i heard if some lotion used in pregnancy itseft, then it can prevent stretch marks after pregnancy.. Can u ladies plz suggest me some name of good brands lotion, for avoiding itching and preventing stratch marks too.?. I visited my obgyn 15 days ago.. i told her regarding itching, she said she want to do some blood test for that.. so may i know what kind of blood test it could be?
1847035 tn?1327274923 i read that you should be cautious on what skin products you use on your skin on the label you should avoid....
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163305 tn?1333668571 I use Cetaphil cream because I have a problem with fragrance. The lotion is nice, but the cream is great when your skin is really dry. Costco has it pretty reasonably priced.
Avatar f tn I am currently using Renova and a sulfa lotion and it is under control Check with your dermatologist. There are ways to control the condition.
Avatar f tn The best thing you can do is stay hydrated and have a slow and stead weight gain. This will keep your skin hydrated and elastic and expand better.
Avatar f tn It does not itch, and is not raised or flaky. I also have very oily skin and my skin does not get dry very often. I went to a skin specialist (that does laser treatments, peels etc) and the man said to be it seems like it is rosacea. Is this possible that I have it with just redness and nothing else? and also is it possible to get it at such a young age!? I was really tempted to get laser done, but its so expensive and not sure if It will make any difference..
Avatar f tn My daughter had it sensitive skin and would break out alot, and my son had sensitive skin and allergies that would set off the rash. Both of them both used hydrocortizone cream. Eczema rashes could aslo come from the skin drying out to much then the skin is dry and irritated and the rash comes. Eczema is also know to cause skin dis-coloration, after the rash leaves often in the spot where the rash was it will be discolored from the rest of the skin.
Avatar n tn On recommmendation from my Dermatologist I started using Hydrozole cream for particulary bad outbreaks, which helped my skin dramatically. I have been using Hydrozole cream 'on and off' now for around 5 months; I have noticed however that my skin condition deteriorates a few days after I stop using the Hydrozole cream and now the Nizoral cream seems to have no effect. Is using Hydrozole cream on my face on a regular basis going to do any permanent damage?
Avatar f tn Have any of you registered at Target and had trouble getting your 15% off coupon for registry completion? I haven't gotten my coupon yet. I called customer service and they told me the coupon code was emailed to me Nov. 5. I hadn't gotten it, so they said they would resend it and even though it's coming through email, it would take a week or 2 for me to get it.
Avatar f tn It's fine to useI have bad eczema as well and now that I'm pregnant my skin is even worse.
Avatar n tn Hello, Do not use any alpha hydroxy acid products (those containing glycolic or lactic acid), salicylic acid products, retinoids (Retin A, Renova, Differin and Tazorac) and other topical acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide for 72 hours after the treatment. Also any scarubbing or acne soaps should be avoided for atleast 1 week after the miscrodermabrasion procedure.
4641167 tn?1357922386 Hi! Has anyone here tried or currently using BB cream? Especially Missha BB Cream? Can you tell me your experience with it? I have a very sensitive skin but I see in the reviews that it has a good coverage and benefits. I want to know if there are any negative effects on the skin as well. Will it cause breakout? Thanks!
Avatar m tn No they would not help herpes sores. 1% coritizon cream with aloe is good for itchy skin.
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1429890 tn?1312386007 What do you mean by baby products? Things that you use over and over, like diapers and rash cream, or things that you buy once, like high chairs or strollers?
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Avatar n tn Acne occurs due to excess oil production in the skin causing clogging of sebaceous glands in the skin. So, wash your face frequently with a medicated soap. Apply OTC benzoyl peroxide to the face to reduce the oiliness. Apply an antibiotic cream such as erythromycin (erytop) and vitamin A based cream on pimples. Avoid eating oily stuff and Drink 3-4 liters of water a day. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn But the only cream I can use with my son who is now three and potty trained and sill gets an occasional rash due to extremely sensitive skin is the aveeno baby fragrance free soothing relief diaper rash cream. Same for baby wash only brand that Durant make him red, rashy, bumpy, skin peel etc you get the point lol I've even tried expensive organic stuff only the aveeno in our world lol can't use desitin bc it's not fragrance free.
4838572 tn?1367706719 I've tried everything and for me the best cream is udderly smooth udder cream. It comes in a white container with black spots like a cow lol.. ik its a silly name but trust me it works! I had really dry skin and in one night it was 90% better.
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