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Avatar f tn So i decided to look at myself and it was after i had sex and the whole outside area of my vagina was red, and it is irritating. Its been two days now and its still red, it calmed down a little but its still very red and it's very sensitive. Is this bad? Will this go away soon, or should i see a doctor?
Avatar f tn So i decided to look at myself and it was after i had sex and the whole outside area of my vagina was red, and it is irritating. Its been two days now and its still red, it calmed down a little but its still very red and it's very sensitive. Is this bad? Will this go away soon, or should i see a doctor?
Avatar f tn My vagina lips are super red and itchy. Everything inside my vagina lips are just fine., There is no redness nor does it itch. Do you know what could cause this?
Avatar f tn i have a couple of tears inside my vagina, its not (itchy, red, bumps, discharge) and i would like to know what causes this and how should i treat it?
Avatar n tn when i shave my vagina by the next morning its all red and bumpy and burns and itches. the whole thing. but when i dont shave im fine. why is this? what can i do?
1542622 tn?1293251979 HELPP! Swollen Left Side Of Vagina. Red And HUGE! Down By The Pee Hole On The Outter Side. Okay. Well My Left Coocie Lip Is Swollen Big. Mom Says It Might Be Ingrown Hair. Hurts To Walk And Keeps Me From Sleep.
3171429 tn?1344131768 I Have A Red Bump On The Right Side At The Bottom Of My Vagina And It Hurts Really Bad And I Try Popping It It Won't Work I Need Help Im Only 12 And Im Scared
Avatar n tn hello, i have some red spots appering down below and there getting sore, its becoming dry skin aswell and i just wondered how to sort them? is there any pasific cream? many thanks.
Avatar f tn However, i may have warts in my vagina. My vagina inside and sometimes outside became extremely itchy, red and dry. Could the warts havespread if i used the same razor? i saw a doctor and she said it could be hpv but i had those warts on my legs before i was sexually active. Please help!!!!! If you need more information let me know.
Avatar n tn I feel like there is something hanging from my vagina, I am 31 years old, I had sex about 4 weeks ago, we used a condom, but it came off while having sex, but never noticed till a while had passed, (Drink Involved) it looks like a these bumps, lumps wine/red in colour just sticking out at the opening of my vagina, what could it be, anyone know what it could be please help , my nerves are gone and embarrassed to go the doctor.
Avatar n tn i made a doctors apt to talk about that but while i was with my bf we had sex and usually from having to much sex my vagina gets sore and it goes away after a few days but this time it hasn't gone away. i got back and i started my period and it hurt just to put tampons in. like really bad. when my period ended it just itches and is red and sore. i bought some vagisil and it works but only for an hour or so tell it drys and then it starts to hurt all over again.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm am 17 and going through somthing and I dont know what it is. The entry of my vagina on the left side is pretty much swollen and has little bumps on it and also Itches like crazy. I also have some on the right side and along the bottom of my vagina. Ihavent had sex in 2 weeks but started noticing this about 3 days ago. I don't have unprotected sex at all so I don't what it could be. Can somebody help me?
Avatar n tn Hey, I really need help here!! Two days ago I tried to shave around my bikini line because school swim day is coming up... At first it was all great but the next day it started itching REALLY bad! I have been suffering with this through a long soccer practice and another day itching like crazy!! idk what I will do for school swim day!!! they are very small and red... It seems to me like a rash of some kind or irratated skin, but I am not sure! Also, I am only 14 and a virgin!! Definately!
Avatar f tn Hi, im very young i am 14 years old. for the past days my vagina has been red, itchy, and soar. I'm a vergin, i dont what this could be?
Avatar n tn The bit of the vagina I can see when i just look down is all red and really dry. Never had sex or anything, so it cant be an sti/d PLEASE HELP! It's been there for months. to embarassed to tell anyone. to embarassed to see a doc. please tell me how to get rid of it and how to avoid it in the future but always what it is!
475129 tn?1213800113 Few days later (yesterday), while normal love making, she observed that she felt itchy and felt like scratching the red portion. I too examined and found her outer lips to be red. Can this be treated locally with some lotions etc. or is it time to visit the Gynea? As a couple we are careful of hygiene (hands and mouth etc) and always have protected sex.
Avatar m tn I thought nothing of it, but now that the swelling has gone down a bit, it has become really itchy and i have red bumps on the outside of my vagina. It looks almost like hives. They don't hurt but they are REALLY itchy...What does this sound like?
Avatar n tn For the last few weeks my vagina has been very red, itchy and sore. It doesn't burn when I pee though. It seemed to go away when I got my period but the symptoms have now returned. Although now i have been spotting as well even though my period ended about a week and a half ago. There are no bumps or anything that I see but my vagina is pretty swollen. It has an odd smell but there seems to be no unusual or excessive discharge.
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old and I need help!! My outer part of my vagina is really red and is really itchy... and everytime i take my underwear off it is wet like really weat!!!. It can't be and STD or something like that beacuse I am a virgin! i need help what can it be??
1115754 tn?1299261901 But his penis may have touched my vagina. He wasnt wearing a condom. Today the opening of my vagina is really itchy and a bit red. Could it be an STD? Or is it, hope to God, something else?!
Avatar m tn my vagina is red and itchy. when i look down its changing. but i don't want to go to a doctor because its embarrassing. i have fingered myself but not all the way. never has sexy or anything. and there is a little bubble just next to my *** hole. dose this mean im constipated? also. i have Threadworm (pinworm) and they just wont go away. i take the tablets. but i dont think they are killing the atucall breaders. just the babies. what do you think?
Avatar n tn red itchy and painful bumps on the inside and outside of vagina lips
Avatar f tn I have found a dark red bump on my vagina. It is a little sore, and I am a little worried. I am not sexually active, so I know it's not an std. Does anyone have any suggestions???