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Avatar n tn i dont know whats wrong but everytime my legs get in contact with the sun they start to get splotches on my legs and my legs start to get red in a short period of the time my legs are in the sun i dont know if its because for the summer i didnt go in the sun at all(little to none) or its because i wear no sunscreen on my legs or because i moved into a other place and when they get red my whole leg gets red splotches all over. Plase Help!
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a rash that appears mostly in the summer months. It appears on my knees and ankles mostly but can also be seen on legs and feet. It's raised red spots which appear to have white around them. It has come back every year for about 6 years. I live in Ireland so the climate can get warm but not very warm and not very often. When i get to the doctor it has disappeared. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
1757817 tn?1312745799 Over time I have developed red dots, first a few, nor there are beginning to cover my legs, upper arms and so on..........bigger ones on my stomach. I thought it had something to do with menopause? Now i relaize it is probably a bit more involved. Any ideas...............?
Avatar m tn The question I have is what are some possible reasons I could be having additional rash continuing to spread on both legs? The newer rash ranges between looking like the red, raised lines of the jellyfish sting and smaller, singular red bumps. It is in a bout 5 different spots including both legs and my groin. The lymph nodes in my groin have also felt enlarged this whole time, as my body has been fighting all this off. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I have an itchy red rash on both legs from the knee down to the the ankle, and can't get rid of it. Help!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi There is a common skin condition called hives or urticaria, which causes red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. Hives can occur anywhere on the body such as the trunk, arms, and legs. Hives are usually allergic (food, medication, cosmetics and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found. Most cases are mild and resolve on their own. They usually go away on their own.
Avatar f tn ive been taking benadryll 25mg and zyrtec 10mg regularly, and the rash had all disappeared except that my cheeks and palms still get flushed when im nervous, cold or take a hot shower. tonight, my legs were itchy and i noticed small, itchy red bumps on my legs and arms that look nothing like my previous rash and i am very worried about this new rash. it has been a month now and i just want it all to go away. any help would be much appreciated!
Avatar n tn i have had these red dots all over my legs/arms for a while now. i haven't gone to a doctor about it yet.. i'm 13 years old and haven't been able to wear any leg revealing clothes for a year now because of this. i put a picture up of what's on my legs and it's pretty much the same thing on my arms. i do wear loose fit clothes whenever i'm home now though (my mom told me it could be skin irritation caused by tight pants) and i'm home pretty much every day but weekends.
Avatar f tn The outbreaks occur at least 3 to 4 times a month and last for about 3 days. The rash is a red raised bump on the back of her legs, ususally about 4-6 bumps on each leg and up near her butt. They are about the size of a nickel or quarter. The doctors ruled out ring worm, and say it is a form of eczema. But the cream and ointment they gave me for this eczema has never worked for her. It also seems when these bumps appear, she gets tiny red bumps near her eyes and gets a runny nose too.
Avatar f tn Help me please...
313193 tn?1194192298 I started to get little red spots on the back of my legs and wondered what they were, whether they was a cause of going on the sunbeds, i lost some hair around the spots too but it grew back sooner or later.
Avatar n tn Symptoms It presents with itching, skin redness or inflammation , tenderness of the skin, and skin lesion or rash at the site of exposure. The diagnosis is primarily based on the skin appearance and a history of exposure to an irritant or an allergen. Patch testing, skin lesion biopsy or culture of the skin lesion may rule out other casues. Wet dressings and soothing anti-itch or drying lotions may be recommended to reduce other symptoms.
1847172 tn?1319047269 Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease. Topical zinc oxide and calamine lotion are useful for pruritus. Initially, a primary plaque, called a herald patch, is seen.
Avatar f tn Hi!! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and a few days ago my legs broke on in tiny patches with little red itchy bumps. The rash is only on my legs and it itches like crazy and its an itch you can't scratch because if you do it only magnifys the itch causing me to scratch until my skin is raw! I have tried benedryll and zyrtec to no avail!! Anyone else have this? If so please help me!!
Avatar f tn A month ago, I got these little red dots on my back and stomach. they're really itchy. suddenly, they've transferred into my arms and legs. after sometime they're gone, my skin became "chicken skin". and now when I feel itchy and scratched my legs, red itchy bumps will appear. They're like mosquito bites. But when I stop scratching, they will be gone after few minutes. What could these be?
Avatar n tn I have also started noticing that my body is itchy all over and the painful red bumps have spread to my chest and ive started getting what almost look like spider bites on my legs (which could be the same thing, but they are just bigger on my thighs). Also, when I get out of the shower my skin is particularly itchy and a red blotchy rash appears and then clears up after about 10 minutes.
Avatar n tn the rest of my scrotum itches along with my buttocks and legs. On my legs I have red marks but they dont seem to be blisters or lesions just simply infected hair follicles. I also noticed a small bump inside my lip but it doesnt hurt and isnt on the outside of the lip. Does my rash sound like a herpes outbreak? If my doctor has already done a rectal exam and diagnosed me with prostatitis is the possible cause herpes?
Avatar m tn t used the cream for about 4 days. The rash is red bumps that itch slightly and vary in size. The appear mostly on my forarms on the bottom side, and they have also appeared on my lower belly, and my upper legs.
Avatar n tn i remember getting sun burnt and peeling on my top back.. it left a terrible uneven skin tone.... since then i have had a child who has just turned 2. since then the uneven skin tone has sortof spread.. now 2 years later i have what looks like a massive birth mark the covers my back and breasts.. it seems that it reacts to heat.. in the shower it appears worse and if i am really hot it seems to stand right out and it gets really itchy when it is irritated.
1784394 tn?1317568071 Here is a skin rash photo gallery. If they were red inside, I'd suggest you double check the symptoms of meningitis, but it actually does sound a little like ringworm (except, of course, for how widespread over her body it is.) Check out the photos of various skin rashes on the link below. Good luck!