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Avatar f tn Look on pinterest for crock pot recipes. And choose some you like! They're super easy to do, you just throw everything in in the morning and turn it on. It's ready for when he gets home. :) I put pork roast with steak seasoning all over the top and put the crock pot on low. Then 2 hours or so before we're ready to eat, I turn it up on high and throw in small red potatoes!
172023 tn?1334672284 This is exactly how I prepare my chicken/cornish hens. I throw in quartered red potatoes sprinkled with evoo and rosemary. Very tasty!
Avatar f tn Anyone know of any good websites with diabetic friendly recipes? My mom has diabetes and I'm trying to help her out with a few meals.
1279364 tn?1280682588 ve used quite a number of sites to get recipes - ***********,,,, Web MD and (she posts low fat recipes every Tuesday) and I know Peekawho used to get a lot from Hungry Girl. You can still do meat and potatoes but modify them.
415684 tn?1257329318 OK ... just hear me out. I know of someone who swears that raw peanuts with the red skin will help raise platelets. AND potatoes will help raise white cells. Has anyone heard of this?
7406493 tn?1453999212 I need recipes because I'll be forced to cook once my lil guy gets here and can eat what mama eats. Lately, my sister has been cooking meals for both her son and
303824 tn?1294871401 Ok here is my dish Chicken N potatoes 1 package of chicken (Strips or breasts) 6-8 Red potatoes 1 red pepper 1/2 onion 1 small bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing Preheat oven on 350, place chicken in the pan (13x9) Slice onion, red pepper and potatoes. Put the potatoes around the chicken, not on top. Then put pepper and onion on top of potatoes, little on chicken. Now put the dressing all over the potatoes and chicken. add salt and pepper and for more kick you can at red pepper seasoning...
Avatar n tn We've been having chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. I swap the sprouts with asparagus or broccoli, and the sweet potatoes for brown rice to change it up from week to week. I also use a variety of spices for the chicken such as garlic, lemon pepper, or Old Bay.
Avatar f tn French toast casserole (totally unhealthy but sooooo good) Obviously for breakfast though And another breakfast-esq Egg, potato, peppers, cheese and your choice of meat or none. Pretty much anything you want in it. Again found simple recipes online But they both required being prepped a night before and then having to set in the fridge overnight, but then baking for not so long.
8744108 tn?1411750437 I found this new recipe and I'm so excited to try it! Tonight, I am making chicken breast marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, baked with mozzarella and then topped with bruschetta :) then I'll make some butter/garlic pasta, Caesar salad, red potatoes and homemade French bread with olive oil and vinegar with it. Husband is very happy! Lol. What are you ladies having? What are your biggest cravings?
184674 tn?1360860493 or these: or here: Bound to be something he likes in these! If you try any and they are good, please come back and review/post the recipe, ok?
Avatar f tn I'm trying to gather recipes for personal use, so if you have any healthy recipes, I would love to have them :-)
965641 tn?1274534320 red potatoes, boiled then mashed (skin on) with onion finely choped. Fine garlic (FREAH, dont use the powder silly) cream cheese and sour cream , a bit of butter and bit of milk, all mashed up. Boiled broccoli (i dont have a steamer) and cheese sause (tble spoon butter melt it in a sauce pan, add a bit of flower till you can form a ball, then add a tiny bit of milk at a time whisked in. once you have the right amount ans consistansy, add grated chedder.
535064 tn?1293218091 Remember cholesterol is also hereditary and Im guessing thats your case, you can buy whole wheat pasta and theres nothing wrong with a good tomato sauce,red-skin potatoes with a dap of oliveoil or trans fat free margerine and a few herbs is good also, so you can still have your carbs just be carefull of what you put on them, like ie) no more mac and cheese
4182046 tn?1355820039 I'm thinking about cooking something in the crock pot. Maybe something with chicken, yummy :) but an all day kinda thing so it slow cooks for hours and makes the house smell yummy. Anyone have an recipes or anything? I know, not pregnancy related but I'm having trouble finding something. Also, maybe not super expensive either.
285848 tn?1219092313 Ok so I got some ideas...but I really want some good healthy recipes that will not be completely ruined by a beginner! I want something easy that I can't really mess up...So I am going to grill some marinaded steaks on my george foreman...I will make some healthy loaded mashed potatoes...and maybe some garlic toast. Other then that I am lost...he's not a huge salad fan but he does like some veggies. He loves corn, broccoli, and likes green beans too...not together but seperate lol.
172023 tn?1334672284 15 minutes TOTAL TIME: 25 minutes EASE OF PREPARATION: Easy 4 medium sweet potatoes 1 15-ounce can black beans, rinsed 2 medium tomatoes, diced 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon ground coriander 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup reduced-fat sour cream 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro 1. ***** sweet potatoes with a fork in several places. Microwave on High until tender all the way to the center, 12 to 15 minutes.
356518 tn?1322263642 Wow troubleinohio, those sound too delicious! Thanks for the recipes! I always use the little red potatoes too and leave the skin on that's the best part. I would love to have a place we can trade recipes too. I think with us the fast and simple ones would be great as then we don't have to go to another pain level to cook dinner:) Sara, most grocers have these salads they are bagged salads and are made by Dole. They are in the produce section. Their Cesar BLT is awesome too.
Avatar f tn Lady's please shear some of the recipes you use during pregnancy. I feel empty or ideas sometimes plus I don't really feel hungry at all.