Red skin potato salad

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483733 tn?1326798446 Unfortunately I only like my potato salad. I say unfortunately because I love potatoes and potato salad. I hate eggs and my mother used to lie to me and say that there weren't any eggs in it and there were every time! Anyway, I make mine only a few time a year (or I'd eat pounds and pounds of it) and it's very simple. It's my mothers recipe (almost) minus the EGGS!
Avatar f tn Steak, red skin mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob!
356518 tn?1322263642 I make tons of salads this time of year too! I do the basic mixed veggie salad, then I also do speciality salads Potato Salad is the one i make best.
Avatar m tn It's a good idea to weigh out the salad items you are using to ensure you are getting enough. As a guide 80-100g of most fruit/vegetables/pulses including 'salad' items (excluding potato as it is a starch) is considered a portion. It is suprising how little most salad items weigh. Again, as a guide, you want to aim for at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This can include pure friut juice preferably unsweetened, a portion is about 150ml.
7458937 tn?1391882099 We did an easter lunch my grandparents gey to tired to do a dinner but we had, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, mac n cheese, greenbeans, onion casserole, cole slaw, potato salad, over night salad, and for dessert a pig lickin cake which is a cake and the icing is vanilla puddin pineapples and cool whip
Avatar n tn Something that is real good if you like potato salad is, make potato salad with cauliflower instead of potatoes. So good!
Avatar n tn I had a over stuffed potato from the bar. It has a bunch of cheese and Bacon and its huge. Yum I just went back for more a few minutes ago.
Avatar f tn Since its going to be summer I was thinking something fresh like fruit, tinga, potato salad.. still thinking. How about you??
Avatar f tn You guys are making me hungry! Lol. We're doing empanadas, potato salad, pasta salad, pulled pork with Hawaiian rolls, meatballs, salad, fruit and veggie platters & cakeee. Subject to change ayyyy all times of course lol. Whatever I'm craving that week will affect the outcome haha.
Avatar n tn If you want to really love your body, opt for that sweet potato. Studies show a sweet potato can help regulate your blood sugar...
Avatar f tn I just had two hard boiled eggs, and I made some potato salad I plan on trying :)
Avatar f tn At mine I had shredded meat rice beans corn salad potato salad cake cookies nachos and a whole bunch of candy regular drink and beer/ other mixed drinks I'm Mexican and had both girls and guys at my friends since we're throwing it and were still underage and more on a budget sub sandwiches these frozen fruit drinks called eegees we're from Tucson potatoes salad chips dip veggie tray dips and cookies/cakes easy not a lot to cook and easy clean up
332156 tn?1266843139 I was thinking about the whole burgers and wieners but I would only do that on the grill...and Jesse doesnt want to cook them. Macaroni salad sounds good. Oh and potato salad..ok Now I am hungry! Finger foods are good. Maybe I will do that. Thanks girlies!
4251679 tn?1370305531 So its still Christmas eve and I've got one more day to drool over the thought of my familys cooking tomorrow. So tonight I'm making Italian dressing chicken and baby red mash potatoes wbu?
Avatar f tn Im having a tomato and avacodo salad and some ranch and some chesse sticks.What about you mommies?
Avatar f tn Im cheating tonight, I'm having a take away!!
Avatar f tn My mom made my food for my shower.
230262 tn?1316645934 So I took one home and been using them ever since. I just made purple potato salad with them now and OMG it is soo good!! and looks cool as helll too, LOL. I just cooked them as usual then added almost 2 cups of Mayo, 4 TBS ranch sour cream dip, few squirts of mustard, one chopped onion, lots of ground black pepper, lawry's season salt, garlic and parsley. It rocks!! So we are having that tonight along with homemade lasagna (havent made it yet tho, need to get moving on it soon here!