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Avatar n tn I also noticed a few small round patches on the back of my knees, but no skin patches connecting them up my leg to the larger red skin on my thighs. The patches do not itch or hurt at all, so it took me awhile to notice them, since it appears they have been spreading for a while. They are not flaking, oozing, crusty or anything like that. The patches are smooth to the touch and only very slightly raised off of the skin.
Avatar n tn i dont know whats wrong but everytime my legs get in contact with the sun they start to get splotches on my legs and my legs start to get red in a short period of the time my legs are in the sun i dont know if its because for the summer i didnt go in the sun at all(little to none) or its because i wear no sunscreen on my legs or because i moved into a other place and when they get red my whole leg gets red splotches all over. Plase Help!
Avatar n tn i have red bumps all over my legs even on my thighs, im not sure if their ingrown hairs or what, also my sking on my legs are super dry thanks
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 25 and for the last two months I have had red spots underneath the skin on my legs. The weird thing is that they are only from my knees to my ankles. But I have no other symptoms it just looks like I dotted my legs with a red sharpie. I went to the see a practicing physician and she said my blood platelet level was adequate and sent me home. But they won't go away!!!! If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn later after one month i could see again same spots growing on other places n it pains sometimes..only on legs this happened when i went for a visit to US..when i came back t india i saw spots on mylegs the doctor gave me tablets to use..zygant thrice a day for one week twice a day for two times n once for one week and one more tablet named..eltocin for two weeks daily one at am on tablets..
Avatar f tn For as long as I can remember I have had these red dots on my legs. More so on my calfs than my thigh. It's the holes where the hair grows from. They are not risen and they don't itch. It doens't really look like a rash either. They are just really red. I have tried every kind of razor and shaving cream known to man and nothing helps.I have tried shaving really lightly and still nothing.
Avatar f tn In June 2012 I finished treatment . Have any of you experienced red spots on your legs it looks similar to maybe razor burns and like u scratched a place they come and go some leave brown spots Also I have lots of brown spots all over my legs and arms . HAS anyone experienced this?
Avatar m tn Last night while sitting on the couch I developed small red dots on my right leg. Within an hour they spread to my left and they are everywhere on both of my legs but only on the bottom half around my knees and below. They do not itch they are just there. I took benadryl last night which helped a little but this morning when I woke up they are still there, but not as dark. I'm not sure if I need to see a doctor or dermatologist? I'm only 24 and I have never had this before.
Avatar n tn I used to scratch everywhere a lot but I haven't lately and some places are much better but my legs have a whole bunch of red bumps on them so wat should I do
Avatar n tn I used to scratch everywhere a lot but I haven't lately and some places are much better but my legs have a whole bunch of red bumps on them so wat should I do
Avatar m tn they are always on my legs. both times. last time i had them on my lower legs and thighs andt this time just on my lower legs. im only 23 healthy. eat tons of veggies and run regularly. does anyone have any idea what they are?
Avatar n tn they get lighter for about 10 minutes while i rub lotion on my legs. i have them on my legs below my knees. also i have veeerrry visible pores on my legs where you can see little hairs even though i shave. it always looks like i havent shaved...they're like ingrown hairs. those pores on my legs also get better when i rub lotion on them but then come back after 10 minutes or so. i have tried exfoliating and moistarizing my skin as well. please help me i dont know what this is.
Avatar n tn I am just wondering why i have little red blood dots on my skin.. The are called petechiae. I was sick in the past.. they are on my arms.. a few on my legs and chest .. i went for a massage today and now i have one on the side of my nose... y do i keep getting them?
Avatar n tn My husband developed small red raised bumps on his chest, back, legs, and arms. They are not itchy, do not hurt, but look somewhat dry and scaly. He has had no fever, chills or anything of the sort- feels in perfect health. They would look somewhat like chicken pox or measles or something of the sort. Can anyone help???? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I am 13 years old and i started to get these red and sometimes itchy bumbs on my legs, arms and some on my face. It is really Embarrassing and i do not no what to do, if you can tell me what to buy to make it go away that would be great thanks. ALEC, This discussion is related to <a href=''>Bumps on body</a>.
1757817 tn?1312749399 Over time I have developed red dots, first a few, nor there are beginning to cover my legs, upper arms and so on..........bigger ones on my stomach. I thought it had something to do with menopause? Now i relaize it is probably a bit more involved. Any ideas...............?
Avatar n tn In february i went to Puerto Rico, walked the beach, felt stinging on my legs like hot sand. When i get home i noticed small red spots develop (like little red pen marks) didnt bother me for a few months but did not go away. They have gotten bigger, redder, itchier than i can handle. Went to doctor, antifungal with oral antbiotic----didnt work. then tried new cream and claritan---didnt work. Then he suggested it was a form of scabbies. I was mortified.
652407 tn?1300740799 I have over the past year had an increase in these red dots on my skin. some of them are about a cm and some are pin point, they are light pink or red. They are flat and do not both me except for the sight of them. the are mostly on my hands but I have two on my upper chest and about four-five cmm ones on my legs. Any Idea what these are?
Avatar f tn Hi, my mom have red dots on legs, and they are getting to be more and more, what could it be? They are itchy. She discovered it in the morning, three days ago. Her legs were very sweat in the mornig. Could it be an alergic reaction from the pills? She uses Thyrozol, its a Thiamazolum. Please help. photo: