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Avatar n tn ve got an ongoing problem with the redness in my nose, its always Bright red and sometimes i get a big spot like thing on my nose which then becomes even more red and very sore, if it pops it often bleeds, i have been to my doctor and he puts it down to acne and gave me a 6 month treatment which im nearly finishing, but i cant see how it can be acne because even when i dont have the spot my nose is always bright red and its quite embarassing for a 19yr old guy to have a rudolf like nose.
Avatar m tn flare ups this time of year red around cheeks and nose and red patches on forehead running into my scalp need help
Avatar n tn For the last year I have had a red rash on the side of my nose (one side only) and cheek. I have been to two different dermatologists who both gave me something different to use. This time around I was given ketoconazole and if I use it for a couple of nights it seems to go away only to re-appear a few days later. Now it gets flaky and itches and if I scratch it it burns.
Avatar n tn Recently, the area above my top lip under my nose has been red. The redness continues toward the sides of my mouth if I use rubbing alcohol. Normally, if I do not touch the area, there is a slight redness. I am clueless as to how it became this way. I never had this problem before. My girlfriend says that it is a skin irritation, but I see the pigment change a little below the skin, not on top, and I do not have rose colored cheeks. My skin is a light beige.
Avatar f tn **I have a butterfly rash on my face--I get very red across my cheeks and nose. Sometimes it wraps up a bit around my eyes. Comes and goes, but has been very prevalent the last couple of days. I got this a bit before treatment, but it is much worse now. **Shortly after starting Zithromax, I noticed vertical red lines about .5 inch wide and several inches long on my abdomen. They also come and go, and show up in different places on my torso.
Avatar f tn But of course I have to stop the script and wean off it. The stuff on my nose comes back. It is bumpy and red and the skin feels tight and it is painful. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn intermittent redness on tops of cheeks w/itchiness, intermittent dry red patches on forehead, intermittent redness on bridge of nose w/excessive oil production. Severe dandruff on his head, sideburns & beard. HIs face becomes aggravated after shavng and sometimes acts up just from washing w/water. Large amounts of dry skin in his ears. Also, 10-20 tiny whiteheads from his upper neck to his forehead. Most of these whiteheads form above his lips and on his cheeks.
Avatar m tn it seems to disappear if i put pressure on it. so my question is how long will the red skin last and will it scar and does removing the scar prematurely effect the recovery time?
Avatar m tn some red marks sometimes, and when I touch or apply some force on to my nose, it becomes red. Every morning, my nose becomes very flaky and the skin peels off. I do use moisturizer after washing my face. It has been like this since August. But after some time when I don't do anything with my nose, it has the normal color of my skin but, it sill have a bit of redness on my nose.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago I noticed a small area (about the size of a pencil eraser) of dry skin on the right side of my nose right next to the bridge. I picked the dry skin off and have had this red spot since. It doesn't hurt or itch but it does get what appears to be a fine layer of dry skin or small scab over it every week or so. I am concerned that this could be some form of skin cancer and just thought I would see what you thought. Thanks for your time.
Avatar f tn All of a sudden from the past 6 months I have been suffering from few skin problems , intially it started with pimples and now pimples have come down , but rather suffering from dryness and redness only on cheeks , some have told me it could be rosacea . I wonder can rosacea happen only to cheeks , I dont have redness on nose , chin and other places . I am unable to understand whether its rosacea or just skin infection .
Avatar n tn So it has been two weeks since I had a electrocautery on a test spot on my nose. So the scab peeled off twice and there was this red spot. Then a small crust formed over the red spot and fell. The red spot is still there. My dermatologist said to wait to see if it heals and returns to my skin color (light brown). How long will it take for the red spot to go away... He suggested that it would not be worth doing electrocatery on the other bumps if they turn out to stay red...
Avatar f tn After picking a couple small blackheads on my nose, the spots are bright red and have been that way for years. They aren't spider veins, yet I'm sure they are broken capillaries. I've had two treatments from a laser center and they went away for a bit. However, they said my blemishes may return. I do drink, however, my question is, what can I do to make them disappear ? Or is it possible ?
Avatar n tn The thing is that even when I wasnt taking any medications and acne cleaning my nose always got red from the sun. The skin on my nose is much different then other parts of body. Its dry and red and sometimes burns. Whenever I put sunscreen it hurts a little.
Avatar m tn Anyway, having problems with my skin. Near hairline, patchy red and a flakes a bit, on forehead red/pinkish patches/blotchiness. Also Anxiety seems to trigger this, the most recent bout went down to my neck/chest and shoulders no flaking but red/pink and blotchy, rash? Mild slight irritant. Lasted 2 days then went away completely. Have had bouts of Rosecea on cheeks and nose. Have had bouts of severe anxiety/stress and it seems to be the worst times for this.
Avatar n tn I have had a red nose that over the last 18 months had become chronically more red. I have been a fairly heavy beer drinker for more than 25 years. Recently the nose started to appear drastically worse. I reduced my comsupmtion of beer two no more than three beers a day and drink in a glass with ice cubes to reduce the alchohol level. I also saw my doctor who had me try a treatment used for severe acne that would peel away the top layers of skin allowing new skin to grow and possibly help.
Avatar m tn A few months now my face has been red and flaky under my eyes and around the nose. There the skin is realy dry and Red but my forehead is very oily. I went to the doctor and tried some ointments but they didnt help. I am at the age of 15 and i realy need help what do i do.
Avatar m tn I have raw, red and irritated skin in the crack of my nose (where the nostril meets the cheek area). Im not sure what this is from and it's really bothering me lately. I use vasiline every now and then but it never goes away. Also, I have had a problem with the skin in between my eyes at the top of the nose... sort of near the eye brows, just below them... kind of in the corner by the nose area. This has been red for a really long time..
Avatar f tn I'm irritated by my skin..ihav skin problm since when I was at 12year old..still I face it same..I rember when I was @15year age I getting irritated on neck..hand fold leg thies worst itichng Nd red it automatically resolved..but now I'm 28 I'm getting itching on face chicks Nd turned to black Nd blackhead.. Scarry face .ithink in cold season it more..more irritating on face Nd on back..I tried all doctors BT no will not clear..
Avatar f tn She has developed red patches of skin on her cheek, chin and around nose. The affected area of her cheek is very dry. I brought her to a doctor who prescribed two creams, mezoderm(betamethasone) and gentamicin-akos which made things far worse. Then at the pharmacy I was advised to use ftorokart(also a cream with triamcinolone) for my niece's face. After a few uses of the cream, I've seen some noticeable improvement in her skin condition since she started to use it.
Avatar m tn I have a small cut on my nose that I believe I obtained when I was a small child, not really sure how. Ever since than my nose has had a red mark where the cut appeared and I'm wondering if there is a way to get rid of it. In the pic it might not be that noticeable because of the camera and the lighting but my nose has a distinct red tinge to it. Could be a scar, I'm not sure any insight would be helpful.
Avatar n tn My daughter has has a small red bump on her nose for the last five months. It does hurt but I am starting to become concerned and she hates the way it looks. What can I do to help her?
Avatar m tn At the end of the month, there was zero difference, the skin around the corners of my nose still looks red (exactly like the pictures in the first post). Still seeking help! Somebody out there must have had this problem and found a cure!