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Avatar m tn She says she has only recently noticed, past couple weeks. She has very fair skin and a number of moles throughout her skin, mostly in her back or neck. The color is uniformly red, almost maroon. I am a healthy 35-year-old with half Mediterranean background and olive-type (more or less) complexion. I have a small red bump on the side of my nostril (outside, visible in the mirror and by touch). It's like a small red dome, looks like could be acne, but is not.
Avatar f tn History of GIT problems (acidity), quit smoking 6 years ago (was a heavy smoker). Oily skin on face, dry skin on body. Question is about moles on skin. He has three moles, 2 on shoulder and 1 on lateral side of hip and a hard slight process (could be a mole but colorless) appeared on chest skin 5 months ago. The moles on shoulder and hip are as large as a fingernail and greenish. Doesn't remember if it was always this color but seems to remember them getting slightly bigger.
Avatar m tn Hi there! I have been reading up on moles and skin cancer and I have myself a bit worried. I feel as if my moles are all asymmetric... I really don't know how to tell. Anyway, does that automatically mean cancerous skin cells or could it just be weird looking moles? They all seem to be the same size, not large or red or even painful, but Ive been worrying myself with online research. Should I just have a dematolgost check them out? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Most people have some moles, but the tendency to develop atypical moles is hereditary. Moles and atypical moles that change drastically should be biopsied for possible melanoma. Most noncancerous moles do not require treatment, but moles that are uncomfortable or a cosmetic concern can be removed with a scalpel and local anesthetic. Moles respond to changes in hormone levels in women and may first appear, enlarge, or darken during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I have hundreds of new moles grow all over and a few new moles that have become supicious along with other skin changes in the last few years. I started to get new white bumps (milia?) all over my face. I get new tiny bright red freckle type spots on skin all over but disapear after awhile. I had new skin tags(stringy pieces of skin?) here and there on torso. I have a few moles that have itched and became inflammed before and those few have become more concerning....................
1642649 tn?1300833049 This year I have suddenly got hundreds of tiny red bumps that I think are moles. They are all over my upper body, most are tiny, a few look like they are going to burst full of blood. I have always had a few very large moles that protrude, and I have a few light brown flat spots. My father, his mother, and everyone back has died from cancer, and I am concerned, does this sound like something I should be concerned about?
Avatar f tn these red dots have popped up on both arms near shoulders, both thighs, my hair line on back of neck, and my lower back. I'd like opinions from anyone since I can't get into the dermatologist until the end of January. Could it potentially be skin cancer?
Avatar n tn I have A LOT of moles, it is hereditary. But no skin cancer within my family. The growth began somewhat like a pimple, but would only pop a little bit. It would get red and scabbed after persistent picking. But now it is very soft, roundish, slightly elevated and has a reddish uniform color. I have had others like this come and go around the jaw line, under the earlobes, and around the hair line on the neck. But this one has persisted.
Avatar n tn I have red moles all over my abdomen and breasts - AND they started out as white heads with pus! I popped one on my breast thinking it was a pimple, a few days later it had turned into a red mole! Obviously your text book education is FLAWED!
Avatar n tn Hey, I have freeze burns on my arm from treating moles with blemish free, It got rid of the moles but my skin has had three big red blotches for two months now since the blisters peeled away. I also have a fairly bad keloid from abraiding my moles and applying a bloodroot product called dermatend.
Avatar f tn Possbly not the right place to post this but i am a woman and it is my health concern, anyways, i suffered from infantigo around a year and a half ago, it cleared up nicely except it left an unsightly red patch that seemed to arise and darken in coulor after alcohol recently i have developed a red rash/spotty looking problem on my face ither side of my nostrils continuing up my cheeks, i dont think its just spots tho because they are smooth not raised not sore and not itchy, they arnt causing pr
Avatar m tn i have not noticed any puss or what has come out of it but it is still blood red but no true scabbing except for the skin around the bump from the freezing. It is very small and hard for me to see everything. I cleaned the bump/area with baby wipes and no tingling like it would with an open sore. Another thing the skin around the bump was never red or irritated.
Avatar n tn ll notice freckles more often.
Avatar n tn They do not itch or feel scaly. Are they moles, a rash, or possibly skin cancer? Can I get them removed regardless of their being harmful to my health?
Avatar m tn They do not itch and are not in groups like a rash. I think they are red moles, or cherry angiomas since I am nearing 30 and they look like none of scary stuff on my 2 hour skin research journey. Here is a picture: The red dot is in the center of the image. From my eyes it looks like someone poked me with a red pin, but I think the camera caught more details.
Avatar m tn I am 27 yr old. I have a few raised moles on my body 1 on my neck that's raised slightly and has a normal round appearance to me that has stayed the same size since I was a child. I also have 2 under my left arm pit that have appeared within the last 6 months they are slightly raised yet smaller then a pencil head which hasn't increased any further in size then when I first noticed them. I'm a red head, light skin, freckles and burn easily.
Avatar n tn but over the last few months i have noticed i am getting moles...out of nowhere...and the skin on my face is red and itchy...this has been going on since the first test results came back...i'm just wondering...if i'm alright...because i seem to have symptoms of the virus...but i'm testing negative....could the cold weather be causing red skin...and could the moles be from being sunburnt last summer?....any help would be great...(i was negative at 4.5 months of last exposure....
Avatar m tn Use medical cold spray to freeze off small moles on the skin. A blister formed and popped, healed, but now there is a dark red patch- is this normal? Hoping there is not an infection. thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi everybody, Months ago I was bitten in my right upper arm. It wasn't very intense, it didn't bleed but swelled and reddened. Nowadays, only brown marks remained that are ordered in the shape of the teeth. They're the color of ordinary moles but they aren't obviously moles. I put all sorts of ointments on it, especially right after the bite and it helped to go away but those marks remain.
Avatar f tn From what i know, skin cancer is caused by dark red moles. Mine is a light pink. I was just wondering, will it ever heal and will it go back to normal? Thank you. And i'd rather not go to a doctor, as im only 13. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I used Dermatend on several small moles on my upper cheek and it has been 3 months since I did it and I am left with brown/red spots that are slightly larger than the moles were. From doing some research on past questions it appears that these spots are post inflammatory inflammation. I am not interested in using any skin lighteners, but would rather just speed up the process of the skin cells healing.