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Avatar n tn i have a problem in top of my penis.. there is red patches on skin and some white substance gets collected. when i take my skin back to wash it, its painful even i am not able to do sex. i am suffering with this problem from last one year.. never shown to doctor. please guide me. i have never done sex before. is it fungus? what should i do? please help.
Avatar m tn it a great big red spot. and where ever else it is its just red and itchy. can u help please..
Avatar n tn I was told it was a fungus and the the only treatment would be to take Nizoral once and take another dose after a week. I have tried to look up this fungus on the internet and have had no luck. There is no other signs anywhere on his body. Please let me know if this is the only way to clear this problem and also is it contagous.
Avatar n tn A couple days ago, I noticed that I had this sort of fungus, sort of thing near the ring of my penis. It's a yellow, and dark brown color. I don't know what it is; I'm very worried. Is this a STD, or something?!
Avatar n tn My husband has a persistant skin fungus which his doctor has been treating with Ketoconazole. He has been using the medication for several months and the problem will not go away. The area which bothers him is on his back and is about the size of a quarter. It looks like a skin rash, being red and slightly raised. He has been treated many times but the condition never goes away. He says the area gets very sore at times. Is there any other treatment which might help him?
Avatar n tn Okay I have a skin fungus (perhaps..not sure) that comes and goes. Generally it reappears every summer and during the winter (has been for the past two years). I went to a dermatologist about it last year and he gave me a cream and pills to take for the condition and he had told me that i have a fungus but everything he gave me did absolutely nothing. And at the time it did not itch. It just appeared scaly, flaky, slightly raised, and an orange-y color.
Avatar m tn i had skin fungus on scrotum started in 07 went to emergency room they took sample of yellow discharge and said it was some kind of fungus gave me cream, cream seemed to clear it up however it never really goes away continues to come back still to this day. feels like fungus created skin folds as it heeled leaving tightness of the skin and white marks.
Avatar n tn It also looks cracked and the skin is peeling off. I also found a red, circular, itchy spot next to my thumb, on the same hand. I thought it was a fungus and asked my doctor again. She said lets try with Lamisil cream, which I used for 2 weeks, once a day...and nothing. It's still red and itchy. Is this something that could go away alone? Do I need to continue treatment with Lamisil? I can't take any medication as I am pregnant.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has patches on his upper back, lower back, legs, head, & small one in the groin area that are raised, red & produce dry skin that he always picks off causing it to then bleed. Hes tried Quadriderm cream for years but is tired of fighting it, & wants to know what he can do to get rid of the problem for good. These patches do not cover his body they are just here & there. please Help!!
Avatar n tn hi,to make this short,i do have some white spots on my skin that itches when it's hot and if exposed to the sun changes colore from white to red the spots are like dry skin that leaves some tipe of white pouder on my clothing like tee shirts,under shirts...a doctor prescribed selsun body wash in my worked only when the spots wher smaller but now it's no longer usefull cause it became like big spots all over my armes and shoulders and over my belly.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what you have, but it sure doesn't sound like fungus ("jock itch.") You may have chafing irritation, or perhaps folliculitis (clogged pores.) Neither is serious, but you need a proper diagnosis. I suggest you see a dermatologist. Meantime, the following over-the-counter medicines may help at least a little: 1. Sarna lotion for itch--use as needed 2. baby powder after showering 3.
Avatar n tn The inflamation cleared up but and the skin was left shiny and tan in color. However, within a week the condition returned and a 2nd three-week treatment failed. A skin fungus was now suspected and a biopsy performed. The pathology report noted: Multiple tissue levels are examined. There is superficial epidermal erosion with assoc. acute inflammatory inflitrated. The epidermis adjacent to this region shows mild to moderate acanthosis, slight spongiosis and inflamed serum crust.
Avatar n tn I also have some of these tiny dots and little bit of glossy skin surface on the outside corner of my eye, near my eye. So I think it's contagious. Is it fungus? how do I treat fungus? will the skin return to normal tone after the fungus is treated and will the glossy surface disapear?
Avatar m tn The border of the circle is a brownish/red color and at times the inside cannot really be noticed, but sometimes a white powdery substance develops inside the circle and when I place water on it the white color disappears. Some of the skin around the area is a bit red and the affected area of skin is not raised, but has a different appearance. I started using antifungal cream a couple days ago and haven't noticed much improvement except for the dissipation of the white powdery substance.
Avatar f tn is it possible to get both hand fungus just red rings on palms and below tips of fingers. I got FLAT 1/4 inch rings red clear in the middle and bunched together like honeycomb pattern burning and tingly and throbbing no ITCHING, NO RAISED AREAS ,NO SCALING, NO ERUPTIONS NO DRy AREAS. I did use lamisal at for 2 weeks then per dermatologist took me off then 2 days later got burning back put me on cultavate lotion. I am being told scaling is always present.
Avatar n tn You may wash the area with Selsun Blue ( selenium sulfide) twice a week and see if the involved areas improve. If the skin turns red or itchy and painful, stop the application of shampoo and have this assessed by a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have developed these small red circular patches on the skin. They started out on his calves then spread to our elbows. I don't have it so bad but his elbows are now largely covered by this rash/fungus. We've tried every anti fungal cream on the market. Nothing has worked. They are embarassing and itchy. What can we do?
Avatar n tn my hands have been a problem for over a year and they seem to get blisters under the skin then they come to a head and my skin will break open and have cracks that hurt so bad and they peel and feel so tight-i have used everything available to treat them till i just dont know what else to do. does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn So about three years ago during wrestling season i first noticed this fungus on my groin. The sides of my scrotum were red and very itchy. When itched my skin would flake and fall off. It also had a funny odor to it. I tried many creams and powders but nothing seemed to work. As time passed the fungus moved to my thighs derectly next to my scrotum. But three years later it is no longer red or itchy. It is a white color and looks a little scaly.
Avatar m tn It is important that the skin is not damp because the damp skin is an ideal site for fungi to multiply. Also wear cotton underwears and change them twice a day. Also apply topical antifungals like Lamisil or Monistat. Severe cases may need oral antifungals for which I suggest you to consult a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn spelling), it is just really DRY and the skin is really irritated. it kind of like splits becasue it is so dry. its fungus you think?
Avatar n tn I have had round red patches before a few years ago on my inner thighs and were told by my regular doctor that it was most likely fungus. I used Clotrimazole Cream 1%. It took a very long time (a year) to get rid of. It was hard to remember to use it every day several times and then it spread to the front of my leg on my shin area. All of a sudden I could practically watch it clear up. Now it is back. It started on the inside of my left upper arm and the same place as before on one side.
Avatar n tn Doesn't sound like fungus or yeast to me, especially if treatment for that didn't work. Much more likely is irritation, from skin rubbing against skin. I suggest you try over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone twice a day. If that fails, see a doc for a somewhat stronger preparation. This condition may recir, but it isn't catchy. And by the way, it happens quite often in folks who aren't overweight. Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn My son has a blister like fungus that keeps re-occurring on his fingers. It usually begins like a blood blister, on the palm side and between the joints of his fingers. Within a few days, it will be increasingly more blistered like, begin to swell and look like a fever blister that would appear on a person's lip. He does get the herpes type fever blisters on his lips occassionally, but can be treated with Abreva.
Avatar n tn I also noticed a few small red bumps on my face that wouldn't go away. They scale over and I can scratch off the top layer, and then a new layer grows again. I went to the doctor who diagnosed it as a fungus and prescribed me with terbinafine for 30 days and a ketoconazole shampoo. Thank goodness it cleared it up. 5-6 months later the same thing recurred (I refilled my prescription) and another 5-6 months later (Now) I have the same thing, only so much worse.
Avatar m tn Hi grace, so I got the results back from the skin biopsy and according to this exam the red dot on my penis is not herpes!!! the results said its dermatitis which is just a skin irritation or rash, they dont know, however, what is causing the small skin irritation on my penis.... they also said that any skin change on genitals could be an early sign of possible hpv infection, but my dermatologist ruled that out because I never developed any sort of wart.