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Avatar f tn I started getting red dots on my upper, inner thighs. It started in one spot Then more began to spread. Then I noticed them on my forearm, all in spot to begin. Then today I noticed them scattered all over my forearm and hands. Although, most of them are small, and skin colored. I am worried about what this may be. Can you help?
Avatar f tn I started getting red dots on my upper, inner thighs. It started in one spot Then more began to spread. Then I noticed them on my forearm, all in spot to begin. Then today I noticed them scattered all over my forearm and hands. Although, most of them are small, and skin colored. I am worried about what this may be. Can you help?
Avatar m tn I have Red dots and dry skin on the tip of my Penis. Along with bumps on my upper inner legs and itch it feels like it is spreading under my stomace and to my butt cheeks. The last girl i slept with has been known to get around and the condom broke but once I noticed it did we stopped. She claims to have nothing, any ideas I'm really nervous about gettin checked unless I absolutly have to.
Avatar m tn On the last day of the medication I noticed some red dots again on my skin. This is very discouraging since the red dots were away and my private area was not irritated. I felt like a "normal" person. I hope my doctor knows why the medicine didn't work.
Avatar f tn i have red dry dots that became red dry dots(flat, look like insect bite, not that itchy)on my legs and torso that become brown and dry after a week. my friend nurse told me maybe side effect of my medecine xyzal or my allergic rhinitis.. i already see a dermatologist but she just give me oilatum cream and soap without any diagnosis.
652407 tn?1300740799 I have over the past year had an increase in these red dots on my skin. some of them are about a cm and some are pin point, they are light pink or red. They are flat and do not both me except for the sight of them. the are mostly on my hands but I have two on my upper chest and about four-five cmm ones on my legs. Any Idea what these are?
Avatar n tn i hav red dots on my skin. They appear randomly and they r small. i cant figure out wat it is. i hav had it for at least a year. it doesnt hurt itch or anything its just there. plz if someone could tell me wat it might be and how to get rid of it that would be great :) This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240342'>Red dots on skin</a>.
Avatar n tn I have 2 red dots on my upper thigh and im wondering what they might be. they arent raised, they dont itch and they are near some stretch marks. i feel like they are related to the stretch marks because they dont itch and arent raised and because they are so close. i'm not really worried about it, im just curious as to what it could be.
Avatar f tn I have a skin problem. These red dots have been on the side of my chin for a while they started out as pimples then turned into these dots that wouldnt go away they get really dry and I have to take the dead skin off constantly. As well it then stings. I just wanted to know if anyone could help me out with this!
Avatar n tn i have on my right shin what looks like a red rash under the skin that has been there for 6 months or so . cause for concern?
Avatar m tn I have little red dots on the head of my penis. They dont itch and arent really scaly. I just dont know what it could possibly be.
Avatar m tn For the past couple of weeks I have notice that red dots have been appearing on my skin. They don't hurt nor itch at all. It seems to be breaking out underneath my bra line/stomach area a lot. I have been working out lately. The past few days they have been break outs on my chest and my arms and stomach. They are all tiny tiny dots and aren't growing. The ones on my chest I can't see them but I can feel them all over my chest. Any advice on what they can possibly be?!
Avatar n tn Hi, well i had unprotected sex once the thing is i don't know from what but there are red dots on my penis head they don't itch or anything like that there just there and underneath the foreskin it looks like skin pealing. The dots almost start to disappear when dried of really good look like they disappear and when i get sweaty it looks like theres more that appear. What could this be?
Avatar m tn I have red dots all over my stomach and back (however my back is no where near as bad as my stomach). When you touch the affect area it feels like pins and needles. In the afternoon the dots become worse, and when I wake up there not red anymore only lumps. Im not sure whether its a heat rash, or a reaction from using certain skin products, or a reaction from taking inner health plus- however Ive been taking this for over a month now. What could be the problem?
Avatar n tn Although there is no pain, recently I have noticed while urinating a small red rash or red dots appear on the end of my penis. Any suggestion to what this may be will be gratefully received.
Avatar n tn I have mysterious red dots on my breast what could it be?
Avatar m tn i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and everything seemed great until like 2 days later the head of my penis became really sensitive and i can't even rub it without it hurting me and when i looked at my penis there were these red dot looking things and i tried to squeeze one of them and nothing came out and when i pull my skin to see the tip of my penis it hurts to pull the skin back and im really afraid of what it might be i googled everything about red dots and nothing seems to help..
Avatar m tn o male, after having rough sex with my girlfriend without a condom i developed a bit of irritation on the foreskin of my penis and had a few very small raised pink dots around the shaft of my penis. The dots do not hurt, itch or tingle. My question is are these dots most likely just irritation or herpes 2. They are not blisters and there is no pain of any kind.
Avatar f tn hi im living in hong kong and because it is summer i am being bitten by lots of mosquitos however lately these timy red dots have been appearing over my legs and it only has just started to happen they look like pin heads and are red. they are not itchy or sore but i am concerned cause they are over both my legs and feet and there are quite a few of them. do you know what these are??
Avatar f tn This accumulation sets the stage for a fungal/bacterial infection, the most common organism seen is Candida(yeast which is normally found on the human skin). The yeast infection manifests as red dots and soreness/swelling of the head of penis. Preventing accumulation is best done by rinsing the area with warm water. The infection can be treated with an anti-fungal cream application like Monistat. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your comments. I am waiting for an appointment with a dermatolgist but in the meantime I "googled" pityriasis rosea and reviewed the photos and my red dots look nothing like this. The red dots I have on my skin are tiny in size and are sporadic, not clustered. As the time continues to pass, I am seeing more and more dots but again, they are coming up here and there and not bunched together. It's quite strange.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago after having unprotected sex i noticed about a week later i had little red dots when i pulled back my foreskin. There werent any on the shaft or the head just little ones between the head and the pulled back foreskin part. As i was concerned i saw my GP where i was told it wasnt an std and it didnt look like herpies, which later on the screen test i had proved it wasnt. However after having sex again a month later the same problem came back lasting a few days then disapering.
Avatar m tn I would like to know what does it mean when a man is not circusized and appears to have red dots on his penis and accecess skin? I dont have discharge or any burning or pain when i urinate and no itching either. The dots dont hurt when touched.
Avatar m tn Then there is one on the head of my penis. and a spot on my balls with a red area. now all these dots and the red area are all small. what is it?
Avatar m tn Hello, These dots could have been due to friction rub during intercourse. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also wear cotton undergarments. Oral antihistaminics like Benadryl and oral antiinflammatories like ibuprofen/acetaminophen are also helpful. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a dermatologist. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.