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Avatar f tn u can feel it but feels weird. better example is like a few layers of skin is removed and ur touchin new fresh skin.
Avatar f tn My 11 month old has two red circles on her cheeks - right next to her mouth. Someone told me it could be from eating something cold, like a popcicle. Has anyone heard about this and is there anything I should do?
Avatar f tn After taking a shower I have red circles without any pain or itching on my back, shoulders and arms. It is like someone has beaten me. what is it?
Avatar n tn I have a few round, red circles which appear in the crease where my inner thighs meet my torso- on both sides (two on each). They aren't raised, they don't itch, don't seem dry, don't puss- or really exist at all except for in appearance. I researched STDs due to their location, but didn't find anything that really matches their description. As I said, there are two on each side. The ones on my right side are larger- biggest being slightly less than half an inch across.
Avatar n tn I have these slightly red, itchless and not raised or sunken spots or circles on my chest area. They have been slowly multiplying for about almost a year now. The first one I got is now about the size of a nickle, the others are half the size or almost as big. Didn't think much of them at first but now I am concerned because they have not gone away.
Avatar f tn I have recently noticed circles appearing on my skin I get a circle the size of a small ring in between my thumb and pointed finger on and off and was not worried but then the other morning I noticed the same ring on my shoulder, it looks as if I pressed a marker cap to the skin and held it and left and there is a red impression. its a hallow ring it does not itch and is not dry not raised or sunk in.....any ideas what it might be?
Avatar n tn Hi, For the last couple years I had red spots or like red circles (rash like) on my skin. I will have a spot on my arm, then maybe a few spots on my back.. It comes and goes, but lately its been like taking up 3 quarters of my back, and they are not leaving as quickly. Any suggestions I would appreicate. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have 5 red oblong circles (patches of redness) on my torso, 2 around my bellybutton, one on my breast, one on my lower back and one on my upper back. They are all approximately 1 cm. in diameter. These circles are very slightly raised, and have peeling/ dry skin on top. They are not bothersome, but seem to be appearing randomly. My family doctor has never seen this before and has told me to see if it clears up on its own. Does anyone know what this is, or what may be causing this?
Avatar n tn Hello, Without examination,confirmation of a diagnosis is tough but it can be pityriasis rosea or pityriasis versicolor. Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and sometimes by itching. No treatment is usually required.
Avatar n tn thanks. I should add that the red circles are not raised or itchy. The skin over the red area is smooth.
Avatar m tn Our old boy has been going through bouts of itchy red circles all over his body. These areas lose fur and are scabby in the middle. It seems to get worse when the weather begins to warm up (maybe pollen?). He has been tested for allergies and he is allergic to just about everything. We have to cook his food specifically to avoid any problems as there is no ready made dog food that he can eat.
Avatar n tn My 2 year old has reoccuring red circles. We went to a pediatric dermatologist and she said it could be hives. She said its not ringworm or lyme disease, but I am concerned. I have attached a picture. This discussion is related to Reoccuring red circles on child's feet. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Foot-Care-Podiatry/Reoccuring-red-circles-on-childs-feet/show/1215799">Reoccuring red circles on child's feet</a>.
Avatar n tn I am having this rash, and it is all over my body besides private parts, hands, palms, feet, there is however a little of it on my face. The rash looks kind of like ring worm but it most deffinatly is not, they are little red circles from half an inch to an inch wide mixed with little red "bug bite" dots ....they itch very badly but there are no other symptoms at all...
Avatar f tn I have very large red puffy circles under my eyes. I have been to an allergist. He says I am allergic to dust mites, grass and ragweed. He prescribed a nose spray and drops -- pataday and nasacort. I have also taken Benaldryl. Nothing is working! I have no food allergies. I am a lifestyle model so I am extremely upset about this. I am 50 years old and have to wear a lot of make up for all my auditions. He says I may have asthma but I have no trouble breathing.
Avatar n tn My son also has red circles under his eyes and his skin is paler than my other children. Does anyone know what could cause this?
Avatar n tn i have 2 perfectly round red circles on my chest they do not itch or cause any kind of discomfort. They are 2in and 1in and im just wondering if they are something bad and i have no medical insurance.
Avatar f tn I have recently noticed several pinkish red circles in various places on my body. They look somewhat like bite marks (human, not bugs) and about the size of a nickle or quarter. They don't itch so I'm pretty sure it's not ringworm but they may be spreading or I'm just getting more of them. I have about three on my back from what I can tell & a couple on the back of my thighs. they aren't solid but more circular. Please let me know what you think this could possibly be, I'm worried.
Avatar m tn it was caracterised by a strong intchiness feeling , which developed into some sort of red circles and desquamation of the skin in that area. the gp said that it could have been mycosis fungoides, and prescribed me with a drug called triasportin (2 times a day per 7 days) and a a cream drug called pevisone. within a few days the syntoms disappeared.
Avatar m tn Hey so i'm 26, 130 pounds, I've had adult acne for my whole life, mild treatable eczema on my face. Suddenly as of 2 weeks ago red circles started appearing on my buttocks. Over the past two weeks they have multiplied. The biggest circle in the picture is about the size of a quarter the small red dots are just the adult acne I've had forever (it's getting worse at the same time right now) I've already tried eczema cream and ringworm cream on those red circles.
Avatar m tn Are they red but also have white flaky skin? I think it sounds like psoriasis. I get it on my scalp, neck, around the back of my ears and sometimes inside my ear lobe. I also get red bumps in some areas but they become round and flat. They are very itchy at times when they are red and the calm down and become more white and flaky. Sometimes they connect together and form a large patch over my elbows and ankles, or knees. I also get spots of it on my hands, fingers.... it is annoying.
Avatar f tn I noticed a couple of months ago, a couple of flat, non-itchy red circles on my legs. I have looked up skin conditions, and find nothing really close to what these are, but the only reason why I ask is because my massage therapist (who I only see about 1 time in 3 months) noticed, and said she thought it was bigger, because she did not notice it the last time I came in. They do not itch at all, and are not raised.
Avatar n tn I have red circles of dry skin on my feet but no where else on my body and I dont know what it could be?
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Avatar m tn I awoke 12 hrs ago with red puffy circles around my eyes. I first thought it was lack of sleep since I am a new parent but soon realized it was far worse than "tired eyes". My eyelids are swollen with one top lid being more fluid filled and puffy. There is a red rash on the far sides of both my eyes and the skin is slightly broken, mildly irritated and burns a bit. The bags under my eyes are now wrinkled and look streched with dry patches throughout.
Avatar n tn After I am feeling better, or a day after I am sick, the red circles begin to get lighter and then just stay a lite black-n-blue mark but do not go away. Again, this has been going on now for 1-2 years and everyone I see about them does not know what they are. When they turn reddish in color they also get very slightly raised-up. Can anyone PLEASE help me or give me advise on what they think it may be or recommend something I should do to get help.
Avatar f tn For the past 5 mornings, my 9 month old daughter has woken up with alarming red circles under her eyes. In the same place as a typical dark under eye circle, but pinkish red in color. She's had them before, but they usually go away after a day or so, and then we don't see them again for a while. But we are going on 5 days here, and I am stumped as to what is causing them, but they look terrible, and I often see her rubbing them as if they bother her.