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Avatar n tn I've recently developed a rash on my inner thighs next to my scrotum. The rash is a uniform red colour, like EXTREME chafe, with no bumbs, blisters or discolouration. The rash sits exclusively where my scrotum rest on my thighs frequently but my scrotum has no rash on it whatsoever. It looks as if it is about to go away every now and then where it almost turns back to skin colour but comes back worse than ever.
Avatar m tn Recently I've developed a red rash on both of my inner thighs near my pubic mound. The rash is sore like razor burn but I don't shave anymore so I know it isn't razor burn. Furthermore, the rash does not seem to respond to lotions. As far as I can tell I the area hasn't developed any noticeable bumps or blisters. The area is distinctly red like a rash, sort of itchy, though mostly sore. I've only ever had protected sex with my partners, with the exception of 2 accidents when the condoms broke.
Avatar f tn A few days later small red spots began to appear on my inner thighs. Today I have a larger red spot that itches on my inner thigh. Except for the one that itches, the other spots do not itch and are painless. I have had no problems with my genital area. I did have unprotected sex exactly three weeks ago. Does this sound like syphilis or something else?
Avatar n tn I have a rash on both my inner thighs. Red and some with small white puss bubbles in the middle. They are not close to my penis or scrotum but in the middle inside of my upper thighs. Jock itch or herpes? The pictures online of both don't look like what I have.
Avatar n tn i have an extremely itchy rash on either side of my scrotum that is somtimes very red and inflamed, i have a feeling it is due to chaffing but am worried it could be somthing else
Avatar m tn So towards the end of December I started getting little red dots on both side of my upper inner thighs in the creast. It was there for about a month, I started putting lotion on it and it slowly went away. It comes back though but its weird. I noticed that it comes back after I work. At my job I am constantly outside walking around and as it is winter time, walking around outside in the cold. I am wearing thin dress pants as thats my dress code.
Avatar n tn Hi there i have blotchy red rash around my thighs and genital area. i tried jock itch ointment, it seemed to help but i ran out. i bought another higher more well know brand and all it does is make the blotchy area BRIGHT RED, although the itching is gone. i work in a job that is always hot and 12 hour shifts so iam sweating all the time. what can i do to get rid of this its driving me crazy!!!!
Avatar f tn Two days after that I still had those same symptoms but began getting red pimple sized bumps on the inside of my thighs. These patches of red bumps were not clusters but evenly spaced tightly together on both sides of my inner thighs starting where my scrotum touches them out the distance of the with of my hand. (so picture an area the size of the average man's hand filled evenly with these pimples/blisters)They don't itch but my scrotum still does.
Avatar m tn hi, i was wondering what i had i have id say a rash between my inner thighs on the groin area and the genitals its not on my genitals but near it...i get red bumps and i scratch and they turn blackish and then they kinda get scabby and flake up white and then they kinda scab up and it will happen once ina while all over again ive had them about a year now dont know what it is please help me!!!! thanks for all!
Avatar m tn Hi, I have rash marks between my inner thighs and it has been happening on and off. I am not sure if it is just fungus or could it be something else. It occasionally goes red, and I have used anti fungal cream sometimes it works and sometimes it is not as effective. Sometimes it gets quite dry and itches cant use moisturizers either as it sometimes burns after. The color of the area is lighter/"whiter" than the surrounding and cant seem to get rid of it.
Avatar m tn I have a daughter who has CP she is doubly incontinant 2 weeks ago she started with a rash small red pin ***** size on her thighs and bottom then it spread to her right foot and now its spread to her right hand the rash looks angery and purple in colour and peeling on her foot bottom and thighs, ive seen 3different DRs and a nurse all have given her different steriods and creams e45 dotocort cream anti fungi cream and thrush tablet allso nystantin which none have worked she has now been given a
Avatar n tn 30 pm after which I noticed itching on my upper thigh and noticed a very small irritation. Approximately 6 hours after noticing this small rash, the rash had grown and spread to its current condition. This condition has been in its current state now for around 1 day now. Could this be a std? I am concerned that it is genital herpes.
1155154 tn?1262652907 I have a rash on my thighs and hands. The rash on my thighs started off red but now are dry and rough. The rash on my hands are red spots. The first signs on the rash I took a hiv test and it was negative then the rash didn't go away so the next week I redid the test and that was alsso negative. I went to the er and was treated for syphillis but still have concerns about the hiv rash.
Avatar n tn But everytime I go I get a rash that itches like crazy, it is major red, and spread from my neck to my thighs. I tried Cortizone cream, but as soon as i even touch the skin, I cant stop rubbing it and scratching it. I was wondering I i am just not suppose to tan or if there is certain lotion I am suppose to use. The rash usually only last a couple days but this one has lasted over a week. I cant handle it anymore. Can you help me out please?
Avatar n tn My 9 year old has a flat, blotchy, red rash on her lower stomach, upper thighs and feet. It itches. I thought it was 5ths disease, but she does not have it on her face or any other part of her torso. We have not been outside or anywhere that she could pick up a "poison" rash. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn 2 1/2 months ago, seemed to break out in a rash which consisted of tiny, pin-head size red bumps all over my upper legs and buttox, with only about 4 appearing on my fore arms. These bumps were extremely itchy. They did not appear in "patches", but rather more of a shot-gun pattern. They did/do not appear to be blisters in any way, they did not break or ooze. There were none on my genitals. Although they went away after a very long time, they seem to be back.
5650943 tn?1374116408 So i woke up from a nap today and for some reason i have a red rash on the inside of my thigh closer to my lady parts and it hurts so bad any of you ladiea have any remedieas to get rid of it
Avatar m tn The next day I woke up and my scrotum, and area between inner thighs and scrotum were extremely red again. Also, the redness and itchiness had spread to my inner thigh! that was yesterday. It is still very red and itchy today, even though I applied the cream yesterday morning, yesterday evening, and this morning again. What could have caused this? Was it the baseball? The washing off of the prescribed creams that had just been applied, and then the application of clotrimazole instead?
Avatar m tn For a couple weeks now I have had these red bumps on my thighs and groin. It started off as a heat rash I think because I had gained a few pounds and decided to go back to the gym and my thighs rubbed together often. It didn't have bumps at first but after a week or so of trying to treat it with powder and baths the dots appeared. This morning the itching was out of control as I was drying off the Lamisil cream so I could head to the dermatologist.
Avatar n tn Also on the pubic hair part i have a white rash, it's dry and doesnt itch. On both my inner thighs the rash is dark brown. i dont know if this is an STD. i havent been sexually active in almost a year and i got this rash about 4 months ago. i also think it could be jock itch, or a yeast infection. right now i dont have money to go to the doctor, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Now I had a rash-like appearence on my thighs as well as in my pubic area (on my thighs it is pretty much where my scotum touches). This red rash hurt and itched real bad as I had to stand and walk alot for 3 day straight.
Avatar f tn I have small red bumps on the backs of my thighs that can be quite itchy. Sometimes they're not really sore but at times they can flare up and appear red and angry. I've tried not shaving, moisturisers and exfoliation but nothing has there anything medical this could be?
Avatar f tn red skin rash, located on both inner thighs, two sores that keep opening and closing, smells really terrible. _________________________________________________________________________________ By: Itstinks's well i started noticing the rash a few months back but i didnt think much of it. then i found out my girlfriend of a few years had cheated so i got a little worried. well the rash is like where my thighs meet my body. it is on both sides surrounding my penis.
Avatar n tn I have a very small rash on both upper thighs just outside the fold of the groin. It is a few small, pink and raised spots. It itched at first, and I have had it for 5 days and it is fading. There were no blisters or anything fluid filled. Both locations are rather symmetrical. My last sexual encounter was protected and over 3 months ago. I seem to have a fair amount of anxiety over this right now and worried about Herpes.