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1148619 tn?1332014584 I basically have no sides with SOC but I do have a rash around my eyes, mostly on my upper lids very red and slightly itchy. Never had this before. I put some hydro cream on it after my morning swim and seem to help a little. Anyone else?
Avatar m tn 10 days ago I had a couple of white dots near my eye area, and now it has progressed all the way down my neck, chest, and stomach! They are red and they are all over the place. But they are not on my lower body!
Avatar n tn Hi, I wonder if someone could help me, I have this red flaky rash, that is spreading across my face (by hand contact transfer) It started out behind my ear, and now is on both eye lids. I have managed to clear up the rash behind the ear with some aqueous cream and not touching it for a while. However, the ones on the eye lids are becoming a pain to clear up. Washing eyes out in the morning and maybe blinking must be irritating it further. Is it safe to use aqueous cream near the eyes?
Avatar f tn My father also has these symptoms but there not as bad as mine. My father also has psoriasis (back, eye, neck) and so do I (near arm). Help, thanks!!
237053 tn?1258832026 no kidding it looked like a very small bulls eye rash. I thought well maybe it's just coincidence and I got too hot. So I got out of the shower... it's been like an hour and it's still there! It's right in the crease of my arm and is red, round, and clear in the middle. Can these rashes come up later in the disease during treatment? I've never noticed one before. I tried to get a picture of it, but can't see it really in the pics.
Avatar f tn I developed a small rash around my left eye it started with a few little red bumps that looked like pimples but they definitely weren't. It then spread from under my eye to the outside corner, they never go near the inner corner of my eye though. They are starting to become painful and nothing helps. It will slowly!!! go away if I do not apply any makeup or moisturizer on it but they have never completely gone away.
Avatar f tn Lyme has spread widely in the US in recent years, and many MDs just don't have the experience to know what they are looking at when they see the spreading red rash.
464194 tn?1207004414 I have a red patchy rash on the outside corner of one of my eyes. It feels very dry, and at times itches. Can I put vaseline on it? What is safe to put near ones eye?
Avatar f tn His eyelid became very swollen and his eye became bloodshot. Yesterday he was diagnosed with conjunctivitis in the same eye. Today he has a facial rash that begins near his eye and is spreading down his face. Also his affected eyelid is red and scaly. He does not have a fever or respiratory symptoms. He is on his second dose of Augmentin. Is the rash related to the eye injury or the conjunctivitis?
Avatar f tn Today I notice new small red spots near my nose and under my eye. It is like the original red spot is spreading. I have used Bausch and Lomb Moisture Eyes PM in my eyes when I go to bed but it doesn't help. I also was given Prednicabate Emollient Cream 0.1% by my out of town dermatologist for miscellaneous skin problems. The PEC has not helped remove the red spot on my nose. I am afraid of using it too close to my eye where the new spots are appearing. What do you think it is?
Avatar n tn Then on her other cheek it is alot larger and goes downward, not really near the eye either. At first I thought it looked like a road burn, like falling off a bike. She has not fallen or hit her face on anything. It kind of looks like a chemical burn or reaction. We have asked her about EVERYTHING in the house and she said she has not put anything on her face or used a different soap. She has very sensitive skin and has keratosis.
Avatar f tn It is between 1 and 2cm long and is a bit red. There are some very small spots on, around and near it but I think they are from heat rash because I had similar ones on my chest and neck. I've seen so many things about breast cancer and I'm terrified to be honest - please help me! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/505723'>breast problem in teen</a>.
Avatar n tn It spread to legs, neck, and wrists and chest. I also have had eye problems, constant watering, itching and red swelling. I went to the doctor and she said scabies. Both me and my partner were treated with permitrin(?) cream. She washed everthhing in the house... scrubbed and cleaned. It got better for about a week and then came back. The second trip to the dr, and I was put on the oral medicene for scabies. Mind you, my parter has never broken out.
Avatar n tn I have a 2.5 to 3 inch red spot around the area of my first pegasys shot from last week is this normal? I wonder if the reason I havn't had sides yet is that it was absorbed into the roll of fat around my mid section HAHA. I feel like a whiner even bringing it up. I take my next shot tonight. I guess the site was down last night due to the power outage?
Avatar f tn I would see the doctor ASAP, while the rash is still there. It looks like an EM rash to me. If your doctor feels it is lyme early treatment is the best chance for a full recovery.
Avatar n tn The last time (3 years ago) I went to get my eyes test, they told me my pressure was high and to keep an eye on it (bad pun)... Well I'm wondering.. since I am pretty much blind in that eye anyway, is there any need to treat it?
Avatar n tn was barely noticable and just faint like pink like spots that itched a lot. The VX was was a major red angry hivey rash that itched so bad (about 10 times worse) and using antihistamines barely touched it. Anyway, my advice if it doesn't improve soon is to see a dermatologist and see if they would do a skin biopsy. The skin biopsy doesn't hurt at all, they don't take enough skin to even tell. It's basically more of a skin scraping, so that they can see it under the microscopic.
Avatar n tn Over a month ago, a small red rash appeared on my cheek. It didn't itch or anything, just red (small red bumps...) I made the mistake of shaving over it and it spread to another area of my cheek. That was over a month ago. Today (12/15), the rash is still there (same exact spot) and has covered more of my right cheek. A small spot has appeared on my left cheek as well as a small spot on my forehead. None on my nose, though.
Avatar m tn Can the HIV early symptom rash persist for more than 4 weeks? becasue i am having this rash for almost 4 weeks now. 3. Can eye itching (with small amount of tears) and evening slight headache be a early symptom of HIV?
Avatar m tn I normaly wear glasses for driving and i never use to drive alot but with my new job i have to drive3 hours a day and im starting to wear them at work but i experiens bad headache and my eyes go red aswell. without them i cant see properly and when i wear them i strugl so i dont know what to do?
Avatar n tn It never got better - but turned into a red spot. IT then started on my other eye lid and below my right eye. it has also moved to the lower left eye. It is red and flaky. when it is getting worse it is itchy. At the same time I started getting chapped lips - I thought I had got them sunburned or I used old lip cream - or I used a new toothpaste or the mouth piece that I use for sleep apnea was not cleaned well enough so it irritated my mouth.
Avatar n tn Recently (over the past couple of days), I noticed a rash on the head of my penis. It isn't severely red, but it is noticeable to the eye. I am uncircumcised, so I try to wash the area under my foreskin as much as possible. Recently, I have been unable to shower every day. And last night, I noticed that two or three very small red bumps have appeared near the underside of the tip.
Avatar n tn Recently i have had strange red/white bumps all over face exluding the nose...its recently moving up near my eye///my dermatologist has given me locoid lipocream .01%,,xyzal,and hydroxyzine 10mg at night....nothing seems to be helping..last week the derm gave me prednisone-3doses only for the weekend because i was coming out in a face cleared up only to rebound on monday night? i cant think of any thing i recently ingested or cosmetics/hair products that i have used...
Avatar n tn But he now has what looks like chicken pox at times on his face that has been constant for several weeks. Lots of red bumps and some with small white pustules with a larger red area around those. Always on his cheeks, eyes and nose now. The best site I found was Dr.greene site. It says it's more prevalant in boys but girls can have it too. It is an extended form of infant acne that can last 2-3 years and up to 11 years. His advice is to wash with mild cleanser and use topical antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Also, the skin around my eyes (under the eyelashes and outer edges of eye sockets) is brown/red. I've been tested for syphillis (negative) and HIV (neg. at 6.5 weeks) so hopefully that has been ruled out. Ive been stressed for the past few weeks so i didnt know if this was stress related. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn - I got this weird rash spreading acorss my left shoulder *it's starting to get bigger around my shoulder muscle and also traveling to my lower back *It's not itchy, no pus, no pain *it's bumpy (kind of like minor goosebumps) *It's just alittle red (you technically have to feel it or look closely at my skin to notice that there is indeed something occurring there) *this rash starting on my upper bicep and I stupidly picked at it, which left t
6600863 tn?1382865376 I have been getting red itchy bumps mainly on my legs, ankles, tops of my feet, and occasionally around my waist. They itch terribly and eventually turn into scabs that take forever to heal? What could it be????
Avatar n tn The strange thing is, when my lips flare up, I will also get a small rash near my left eye and a larger rash behind my left ear. Sometimes the rash continues from my ear down to my neck. It always recurs on the left side of my face in the same spots and at the same time that my lips flare up. The right side of my face is always problem-free. I'm questioning the herpes diagnosis because of the rash I get near my eye and behind my ear.
Avatar n tn it started on the backs of her hands and seems to have spread to one of her cheeks and also near her eye (where she usually rubs with her hand when she is tired). i am just wondering if this is something i should be concerned about and if it will go away on its own or continue to spread.