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Avatar n tn I have a rash in my chin that doesn't itch but it is located in both sizes of the lips corners and extended to the bottom of the chin. It is red, my skin is extremely dry and craked on that side while the rest of my face skin is ok. What it could be?
Avatar n tn Extreme hot and cold temperatures may cause red elevated patches or rash on the skin which may spontaneously resolve. However recently, you have noted the presence of itchiness. A fungal infection, dermatitis and an allergic reaction have to be ruled out. The water from your shower, the shower material (eg metals, rust etc) may contribute to your skin condition if you are allergic to any of these. An initial assessment by a dermatologist will be able to help.
Avatar m tn Honestly I can not believe the difference, it was itchy, red with small bumps round my chin, started at one corner and worked across the front to the other side, and sometimes scaly, I then had the sores in the mouth but all are going / gone.
Avatar n tn Hello, It can be due to eczema skin which presents as red, dry itchy flaky rash in response to an allergic reaction. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used (e.g. hydrocortisone as dermacort), whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid (e.g. clobetasol propionate, fluocinonide).
Avatar n tn I've had a weird circular rash on my chin for about 4 months now. I've been diagnosed twice as having ezcema and the doctors gave me some steroid creams to put on. I don't think it helped my situation at all. It would help with the itch but didn't get better in size. In fact, it has spread to about half my chin now. Recently, another spot (same thing) also appeared on the other side of my chin. I have a derm appointment in 2 weeks but it seems too long.
Avatar n tn Hello i also have very red cheeks, constantly, they will become more red when it gets hotter and colder, excercise also makes them brighter and alcohol, i dont get many spots, and have no current skin conditions (of which i am aware of).
Avatar f tn Red cheeks and chin are very common in babies that are teething. If it doesn't look like a rash and if it doesn't seem to be painful to him I would not worry too much. Trying rubbing a little Aquaphor by Eucerin on his cheeks and chin. If it continues to concern you or seems to be something else call your pediatrician. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Last year my face started to itch and near my chin I would get big red patches went to the ER and they were like kind of looks like your chin is chapped they didn't know what it was well I was hoping it would go away and it does go away from time to time I figured it was something I was eating (which I haven't changed my eating habits in over 20yrs) I was chewing a gum in which made the rash get redder so I don't eat that gum anymore, Well recently I thought maybe it's the butter
Avatar n tn last week I decided to shave the area on my chin and the next day I have an itchy rash like appearance on my chin and two more red spots about 2 inches below the others on my chin. I made an appointment to see a dermatologist but have to wait 10 days. I sort of freaked out after seeing the appearance of the rash and two more bumps and went to the ER. the doctor told me it was a skin infection and gave me bactroban creme and bactrim antibiotics. I don't see any change after 3 days now.
3183132 tn?1344613043 Hi! Recently patches of skin on my: chin, cheeks, forehead, the area in between my eyebrows, and the area underneath my nose (above my mouth) have become pinkish-red, dry, sore, and inflamed. I've put Neosporin and moisturizer in all of these spots, but it has no effect. It always hurts, and I can't figure out what's wrong! It looks almost like a rash, but I'm really not sure. Thanks!
Avatar f tn But this rash is.only on my chin it looks like little red bumps but its freaking me out. Any.of you had what it looks aa if its getting worse and spreading.a.
Avatar f tn It looks like someone scratched my chin and it became red and swollen. It is about a half of a centimeter in width. So if I don't have lupus, do you have any idea what it could be? I'm more so concerned about my face rash because it's different so if you have any thoughts, don't be afraid to share. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I went back to the doctor straight away and he said it was a rash caused by the Bactroban Cream and he gave me Dovate Cream to apply on the rash area. He said I should use it on my chin as well and that the infection (Cellulitis) has gone and it is just scar tissue. What I would like to know is - Is this a rash from Bactroban Cream as it is not continuos spreading down my chin but a healthy skin layer and then the rash?
Avatar f tn I have had this rash on and off for the last few months. As of yesterday it will not go away. It is all over my cheeks and chin and nose and some on my forehead. It's not really itchy. I have taken allergy medicine and Benadryl but it hasn't helped. It isn't really like hives. Almost looks like acne but the bumps are all the same size and they're just red no white heads or anything. You can't really even feel them. It's almost as if they're under the skin.
Avatar f tn have have red bumps all over my forehead,chin,nose and small area of mt nt sure if this is just acne or have i got rosacea??ive got redness over my nose and forehead area since a year!!and by d way im 15 yrs.....
Avatar m tn I noticed some redness on my upper lip a few months ago. After a while it would go away, but not completely. The past couple of weeks it would stay around pretty much all day. A few days ago, my chin was itching and irritated. So, I shaved all the hair off today. It's a red rash, it's irritated, but I don't see white heads. It looks like it spread a little to my neck and cheeks from shaving I presume. Any ideas what it could be and what I could treat it with.
Avatar m tn I have a red rash type thing on my chin. It's actually been there for about 4 years and I have tried everything. It won't go away. Acne on your chin is related to hormones- maybe it's all internal. I'm just doing some research about that....
Avatar n tn It would come and go on and off for a few months then it started to travel up my neck to my chin. I went to a dematologist and she gave me some cream and said she did not know what it was and that it was relative to my bed and pillow which happens to be a tempur pedic bed,one of those foam beds. I have been sleeping on the bed for four years and never had any problem with it untill these last six months or so. Now the rash in all over my cheeks and chin and neck.
Avatar m tn i have red skin aroun my mouth,with bad smell in my chin line and side lines off a nose,,,i have seen my gp and went to see dermatologist in hospital,they gave me cream after cream but it does not getting better.please help!!!!
Avatar n tn I have a red rash/cluster of blemishes on my chin that has extended up my cheek and under my chin. They are not itchy or painful, just unsightly. It has been present for a couple of months now. I have tried everything to get rid of them--zit cream, tea tree oil, Metronidazole cream, homeopathic rosacea gel, eczema cream, Desitin, and calamine lotion. Nothing seems to help. I did not change my makeup, laundry detergent, or skin care products before it began. I have fair, sensitive skin as well.
Avatar m tn Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. I suggest you to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I am 25 years old, male. Problem is the red chin that never heal. I have tried everything (Doctor wrote me:" Doxy-M-ratiopharm" for 3 months, "Fluconazol Nycomed" for 1 month.- NO HELP) I am not allergic to anything. My blood is OK! I even do not know what it ison my chin. Always red - sometimes more/sometimes less. I have dry skin and also ingrown hair is problem for me. So I have gave up from shaving... only usin trimmer. (years) Can anyone HELP ME PLEASE???
Avatar m tn I noticed that the rash seems to flare up when I have a glass of red wine. Have you heard of something like that before? The rash is also very symmetrical and when I wash my face with cold water the reddening cools. It is never itchy or uncomfortable really so think the wine theory could definitely be interesting.
Avatar f tn 5 days so the rash would flare and be good and nasty and he cultured it for herpes this time, culture came back negative. The rash is on the right side of my chin, the size of my thumbprint, leading from the corner of my mouth towards my jawline. It is red and the bumps look like very tiny pimples filled with white liquid. They don't seem to pop or scab and I avoid touching the area. They also are only very minimally itchy, and have no real pain associated with them, just very unsightly.
Avatar n tn My 1 month old girl has a red rash on the back of her neck. I'm thinking it might be a heat rash because sometimes after I've been holding her, it feels like she was sweating there. So what should I put on it?
Avatar m tn A year ago I developed a rash, similar to teenage zits under the right nostril, traveling down around the corner of my mouth and chin. My rash felt prickly hot and raw. Nothing I used helped, and it just got worse. After about two months, the rash cleared, but it left a patch of scaly skin that itched, but finally went away. Is this a new symptom? I emailed my doctor, she said to use an antibacterial soap, it did help. Any thoughts?
556087 tn?1226595414 yea were at day 9 and the diarrhea started and the rash is around her neck and under her chin and a little towards her back 9 days still to early
Avatar f tn I have a non itchy rash on my cheeks, chin,bridge of nose,and temples,that is light red in color.It is also not all the same size,some areas look a little like welts. any ideas?
Avatar m tn Now she still has a sore throat with a little cold today and the rash is more like small inflamation on chin not red dots color is lighter red. My encounter was with a csw so I am a Lil worried.