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Avatar n tn Okay, today I woke up with this, my left upper eye lid was swollen. Its a bright red around the hole where the tears come out of (forgive my lack of knowledge) but it was not just that area. the whole lid is swollen causing my eye to look partly closed when I widen both eyes. Please help I am clueless!
Avatar m tn My husband has a swollen eye lid. It is red and it hurts and it is almost is wollen shut. It doe snot itch and there is nothing in his eye. I don't know what to do?
Avatar n tn Over the day it got worse. Now the top eye lid is swollen, and red. It is also tender to the touch. My eye seems fine, and my vision seems normal, aside from the fact that the lid is swelling a bit. Also, I am a contact wearer, but have never had issues with that. I do not have my contacts in now.
Avatar f tn it looks fine, the sore itself, however my eye lid is swollen to almost shut. very painful and annoying, do you have any suggestions that can relieve a swollen eye lid? I have tryed a cold compress, it didnt seem to work at all. I have tryed a very warm compress and it will take away some swelling but still in alot of pain and the swelling seems to just come back. it has been three days now, two with the swollen lid. thank you.
407904 tn?1219879401 It turned out that the lower eye lid is extremely puffy, and there are red marks on the part of the lid closest to the eye. The puffiness is well to the side and maybe a cm below the eye. It feels fine---just swollen, and my vision isn't affected, other than the fact the lid is occulting the lower third of my eye. When I woke up I had been lying on my face, for whatever that's worth. It's been most of a day though and it's staying the same. Any ideas? thanks!
Avatar f tn I havent had anything get in the eye and the eye is clear and not red. The eye lid hurts, ichies, and when i blink my vision goes blury. Do you have any idea as to what this could be and how i should treat it.
Avatar n tn I woke up with my left eye lid swollen and below my right eye it was swollen with a red patch. My eyes are watery and itchy. It has gone down but it's flaky and dry. Bellow my right eye its now wrinkle looking. When I put lotion on it it burns. Is this an allergy?
Avatar m tn Now and since about mid-April I've been having problems with my left eye again. I can feel my left eye lid (or more like the part right under the eyebrow) being ''heavier'' and again this sort of ''swelling movement'' on it. It's not particularly red and in my opinion only slightly swollen, it wouldn't be visible to anyone not looking at it, but this feeling of heaviness and swelling on my eyelid is now slowly driving me crazy after two months.
Avatar n tn Make sure he takes a good shower and washes around the face and eyes to remove any residual irritants. As long as the eye is not red, painful and the vision blurred he should be fine. Lesson learned, don't rub your eyes especially with spicy food on the paw.
Avatar f tn I woke up yesterday morning and my lefl lower eye lid hurt when I blink. And when I pressed on it, it felt like it was bruised. But this morning when I woke up I noticed that it's a bit swollen and red on the inside. What could cause this and is there anything I can do to treat it?
Avatar n tn My 7year old daughter came home from school with a slightly swollen left eye, the next day she awoke with it double the size. The swelling decreased but a distinct ball type lump has appeared on the eyelid toward the inner corner. It's sore and tends but not red or ***** at all. It's not watery or blood shot, just a small lump on the top. Anyone have any insight?
Avatar m tn Every so often I get very swollen upper and lower eyelids and my eye goes bright red. It is always the left eye. I have had one opthamologist treat me for Herpes Keratitis while another for chronic blepharitis (I do have seborrhheic dermatitis). What can I do to head off these attacks? I do warm compresses and lid scrubs, but can I use steroids like Tobradex when I fell an attack coming on? Often they seem to be preceded by a stye. I'm suffering through one now and very anxious.
Avatar f tn I have hyperthyroidism and have been on methimazole since August of 2007. Six weeks ago my eye lids began to swell and have remained swollen. I saw an eye specialist who said I have allergies. I am on my third week of steriod cream and eye drops ( I have chemosis too) and there's no improvement in the swelling. The eye doctor said I have no signs of thyroid eye disease and also that I do not even have Grave's disease which my endo said I do have.
Avatar n tn Hello, my upper lid of the left eye has been swollen for the past 2-3 years. I went to numerous eye doctors they all prescribed me eye drops from allergy, but the swelling never went away. Sometimes I don't feel like it is swollen, although it is, and sometimes I feel pressure on my eye. There is no bumps and my eye is not red. Is there anytihng you can suggest?
Avatar m tn I mean whats the problem why cant they find a cure for this ? i wake up in the mourning eye lid is just half swollen shut red i wash it with a wash clot hot water and put my eye drops n it then it gets a little better but its so irritating i cant take it no more.
Avatar f tn Hi, The symptoms of dermatitis can be relieved by lid hygiene. It includes softening the lid margins, removal of lid margin debris, applying an ophthalmic antibiotic ointment and avoiding the use of eye makeup. Application of hot compress could further facilitate recovery. This needs to be practiced long term for relief from repeated attacks of dermatitis. Besides avoiding the allergen (if known) which causes theses symptoms could further prevent attacks.
Avatar f tn My husband for two months or more has been plagued by what started as peeling dry skin around one eye and has progressed to both eyes, red almost like sunburn, peeling, swollen "pockets" of edema under the eyes, and itching. The redness and dry skin have spread to cheeks and forehead and now looks like a butterfly rash from lupus, but not other lupus symptoms. He has had in the past two years another short lived and far less severe attack of this but during the winter.
Avatar n tn Hi, My 18 month old son when was at home after having the food started itching both eyes. After few minute we saw that both his eye lids are swollen.There is no red-eye, but eye lid is swollen. It is bit itchy, but my son is playful and not crying. The food he had was the banana yogut, which he does have it. We did go out to park yesterday evening, but he got this eye swelling only today evening. Can you please guide me what this could be related to and can we take some eye drops ?
Avatar f tn Then this red patch under my left eye got better but it moved closer to the eye and now I have a swollen lower eye lid which is not burning or itching a lot but it feels a little painful and uncomfortable like it was damaged or something. I have been to ophtalmologist but she found nothing prescribing me allergy drops (do not help, even worse) and Alrex steroid eye drops(not sure if it helps).
Avatar n tn My daughter woke up this morning with above her eye swollen. Now it is swollen shut tonight I gave her benedryl but it didn't do anything. She is only 5 is there anything I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn Now Im under the hospital on steroid drops for my eye,I have now one dilated pupil with a droopy eye lid most of the reddness and swelling has gone. They still dont know what it is im getting quite worried ive had blood tests which are all clear so why dont they do a mri scan Someone please help im at my wits end with worry.
Avatar f tn Please help ... Eye lid is driving me crazy!!!! Itchy, swollen, red eye lid comes goes away and comes back. I went to the opthamologist and he prescribed me drops and told me it was an eye allergy. At first my upper right eye lid was very dry and flaky with no itching. Then it gradually started to swell up, turn red, dry up and itch like crazy. I've never had this issue and its lasted a month already! I am not allergic to anything and have been using the same make up as I always have.