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Avatar f tn I have notice small patch of bumps on my wrist. Which are slightly red and brownish red they don't itch or anything, and its on one wrist. I also notice small red bumps on sides of both feet. I am thinking its a allergic reaction but not sure, because I have sensitive skin. The bumps or not on the palm of my hand or the sole of feet. I am freaking out any ides.
Avatar m tn Hi, i have notice some red bumps on my left wrist. They are not itchy and do not irritate me in any way. I would just like to get rid of them but dont know how. I think they only appeared after wearing a new watch i had, which i have stopped wearing after the bumps appeared. I am not sure if they are related to the wearing of the watch. If anyone could please advise me on how to get rid of these bumps, it would be much appreciated. Photo attached. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn Hello, resently small red bumps have appeared on my wrist they don't itch and arnt irritating. They have been on my wrist for the past 5 day and have not gone away or spread to any other parts of my body. I would really like to get rid of them bit don't know how. Does anyone have a solution?
4801019 tn?1359345412 I have a question about these bumps on my wrist, thete also on some of my fingers as well, they itch every now & then. I need help. This discussion is related to Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes.... This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Dermatology/Itchy-rash--genitals--behind-ear--web-fingers--around-eyes/show/674719">Itchy rash, genitals, behind ear, web fingers, around eyes...</a>.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if it's possible to feel the symptoms of herpes/ tingling but get first OB On arm?? I been feeling this tingle/itch in genitals off and on everyday for 6 weeks now and suddenly I gets the Red bumps that look like herpes on my arm below the wrist.
Avatar f tn I developed small red bumps on the inside of my wrist/forearm last night. They were not itchy - in fact, the only way I discovered them was when I ran my fingers over my arm and felt the bumps. They were a little bit itchy this morning, but I ran some hot water over them and the itching stopped. So far, they have not itched at all tonight. My main concern is that I found out today a woman who has been sitting at my desk at work also has a rash in the same area.
Avatar f tn They have started to slightly hurt and burn if I apply pressure and the skin just around those bumps have gotten a bit red to. The skin on top of the bumps is flaking or shedding. I have had tattoo bumping in the past on both of my tattoos but I fixed that by changing to aveno scent and dye free ever since my first tattoo about 5 years ago.
Avatar f tn I have developed these tiny, red bumps on my right wrist, under my neck & one on my foot. They are not really itchy, but they are red and raised. They have only grown a TINY bit. Could this be an hiv rash? On my wrist, there are 5 spread out bumps, I have 1 on the top of my foot & about 5 going in a line right under my neck. They don't itch. The ones on my wrist are really red. They aren't blisters.
Avatar n tn Maybe a few days later I got another bump further back, about an inch from my wrist. A couple days later, 3 appeared in a straight line just past my left wrist on my forearm, with a centimetre in between 1 and the other 2. Another is by my left wrist on the back of my hand. A few days ago, a 5th one appeared on my left hand by my wrist at the end of my thumb. For the most part, these bumps does look somewhat wartlike, or even acne like.
Avatar m tn I have recently noticed my wrist forming bumps, I noticed a few at first (looking like a spider bite) and then later saw more. I assume the reason for so many is due to me itching, but I am rather nervous. I am only 16 and have had shingles at the age of 10 or 11. To be honest I am usure of how it looked when it formed. It is only one one side of my body like last time, and is in a strip like line form. Please help I am kind of scared.
Avatar f tn m bit worried of this hiv now, since a week I got this red bumps on my chest 6-7 in different areas of chest and 4-5 on the wrist where it is likE a hard patch inside the skin and red bumps over it which isn't painful neither itchy, sometimes when I touch it's itchy,n bit painful. I never had this problem before and I have mild cold Which I usually have... And kind of tiredness n feel drowsy..And I think I have lost weight around 1.5 kgs. Is this the symptoms of hiv? Plz help me..
Avatar f tn I received oral sex unprotected about 7 weeks ago. The night after I received I instantly felt itching down below. I waited a week or so and I continued to feel itchiness and some tingling. I tested negative for all stds but didn't get tested for herpes as my doctor told me wait a while to see if any sores pop up. A few days ago (4 days) some bumps that looked like bug bites appeared on my arm below my wrist. They itched the first night but that's it.
Avatar f tn These bumps appeared out of nowhere on my wrist. I got bigger and itchier over the days and turns red when it is itching. I've iced it to numb the itchiness, what causes this outbreak? I've also had alot of transparent mucus clog up my nasal cavity these few days,I've to blow my nose every few minutes.are they related? Image of bumps:imgur.
Avatar f tn the first time, I remember putting my lips to my wrist (as if I was wiping my lips off) and a few days later little bumps appeared on my wrist that itched terribly. Those haven't gone away. I just use an anti-itching cream for those. But the problem with my lips are starting to bother me. And I'd just like to know it they are indeed herpes. Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Itchy Lips!</a>.
Avatar f tn Then about 2 days ago, I started getting two different kind of bumps on my wrist, the inside of my elbow and my upper inside arm. Some clusters are small, pimple like, very sore bumps, and the others are constellation like larger bumps with no head, about the size of dimes, also very sore to the touch. When I woke up this morning, my muscles were sore in that arm, all the way up to my shoulder.
Avatar n tn She performer unprocted oral on me and i did same to her. I puted finger in her and put in my mouth once. Today i noticed Red tiny bumps on my right hand wrist. Could this possible be a sign of std?
Avatar f tn I've had two bumps on my wrist since almost two summers ago. For about a week I tried tea tree oil, but then didn't have the patience to continue, and they would sort of turn red, a little irritated, and I would pick at them (bad, I know), and they would lose their top layers of skin but then grow back.
Avatar n tn The thing is, the discoloration is not raised at all. There are neither bumps nor plaques. Also, it does not itch. It's just a splotchy patch on the back of my hand. It seems to be some sort of hyperpigmentation. My kids desribe it as "old skin" by this I think they are talking about age / liver spots. The patch is approximately 2 inches wide by 3/4 of on inch high with extensions running up the insides of each finger on the left hand and the thumb webbing.
Avatar n tn The fingers, hand, wrist and elbow areas clear up with the stroid cream but only to begin the itchy red swells on my lips. While my lips are broken out, the other areas clear up. Every month. After my lips itch and swell, they crack dry out and peel the same exact way every month.. I am afraid to put steroid cream on my mouth so Ive used Blistex which only soothes for a llittle while. It does not clear anything up. Thanks for any help. Oh and the doctor said it's not herpes.
Avatar m tn I have recently developed multiple, very small (one or two larger ones like a fire-ant bite), raised, red dots that only seem to be on my wrist and parts of my forearm and on my feet and ankles as well. There are no bumps anywhere else.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing horrible itching @ night for the past 2 weeks. I can't sleep b/c of it. My inner thighs & wrist are itching the worst. I have little hard bumps, mostly white ones, on my wrist. I have red bumps on my inner thighs & I've been scratching so bad that they are probably infected. It's not a rash. Could it be scabies?
Avatar f tn I keep getting these small red bumps on my hands and wrist that itch really bad but end up going away at night. Then they come back itching even more. It has been over a week now having it. What could it be?
Avatar n tn I am 15 years old and have been getting itchy red bumps on the back of my hand, about every 4 months. It can be on just one hand, and somtimes it gets on both. Only one time it spread to my knees. They are very annoying and to be specific they are from my pointer finger knucle down to my wrist. To help with itchiness, I just use Gold Bond anti itch cream. The bumps stay on there for a few weeks.
Avatar m tn When I wake up I'll find these red bumps on my arm. I would say roughly the size of a pimple in length but they aren't raised enough. I had 6 in a row that started to fade lately but 4 more have developed in the area. One set was even in a triangle. Only one arm gets more it seems. I'll try to post a picture if I can.
Avatar m tn s in soap and developed a skin rash from it along with red itchy bumps on my wrist, and a small patch on my lower back. currently I have switched to using bar soap, and a detergent free of scent and dye, so far the itching has gone away and the rash hasn't spread. At the moment it is starting to dry and flake, but a small amount of the redness still remains on my wrist, lower back area. is there a cream, or an ointment that can help in the skins healing process?
Avatar n tn 5 months ago my boyfriend had pink bumps on the back of his hand, on the wrist area, it spread to his wrist and fingers. He says they rarely itch and he's received medicine for fungal infection, scabies, and received cortisone cream, and none of them have had any effect. I've been with him for over 2 years and haven't had any similar bumps... Here are some photos of his fingers and wrist: https://dl.dropbox.
Avatar n tn For the past week and a half i have been noticing small itchy red bumps appearing on my skin it started only on my wrist then spred to the back of my legs, my arms, underarms and neck.. it seems like every day there are more and more and they become more itchy i don't think any think in my lifestyle has changed ex.. eating habits laundry soap, body wash etc... i don't know what is causing them althought it started the day i found out i had a virus in my intestine and was really sick...
Avatar m tn Yesterday (Oct 14) I noticed some strange red dots on my arms. I have only 1 near my wrist on my left arm, and 4 spaced out on my left arm, and sure enough I looked and I have a few on my legs. I have 3 (as far as I know, I cant really see) on my back aswell. They do not itch at all and they are only the slightest bit raised.
Avatar m tn This may be Keratosis Pilaris rubra, a genetic follicular condition characterized by red bumps on the arms and/or thighs. It is only cosmetic in consequence, with the bumps seldom itching but causing the patient distress because of their appearance. Exfoliating with products containing AHAs will help as will moisturizing with products containing Urea. Your doctor can prescribe Retin-A, a topical synthetic retinoid for acne. Eloise.