Red bumps on scalp that won't heal

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Avatar n tn My 10 year old daughter broke out with red bumps on her inner thighs this summer. Some had white heads on them. I took her to the doctor and she said there was a ringworm and also it was some sort of viral/yeast issue. She told me a name but I can't remember what she said for me to look up more info on it. She has gone through her first tube of cream and they are still there. I thought they would go away but today when I called to get more of the cream the nurse said they won't.
529981 tn?1212853666 There is a sandy-grainy like build up on my scalp This is also accompanied by an itch. Even after I wash my hair, the grainy like build up is still there. It is NOT flaky what so ever. My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations.
Avatar n tn i used to have a rash in the crevice on both sides of my nostrils and in my groin area when i was younger but i havent had a problem with that for a long time, but i do still have a problem with moderately itchy bumps that form on my scalp, usually in the very back of the scalp and sometimes they have a pus and sometimes they dont. those come and go. sorry for the nauseating description but any suggestions with that would also be helpful. thanks!!!
Avatar f tn I'm sure that the bites are causing you much anguish but ticks don't bite like that. They bite once and hang on until they drop off or are pulled off. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I also notice very very very very small blister type bumps on my fingers that i have popped and released some sort of fluid.. the bumps on my penis/butt/thighs do not seem to have any fluid in them.. just very itchy and red.. I have had sexual intercourse about 3 to 4 months ago.. and have noticed these irritations about 2 months ago.. can masterbation cause it to get worse?.. i was told by a friend that it may be bed bugs?.. is that possible? (fleas? or no?..
Avatar f tn Atypical psoriasis. Dr Weiner state's that if you have lots of crusting lesions on the scalp that when you pick them, they bleed, this is normally Psoriasis until proven otherwise. Now I also had a scalp biopsy by Dr Weiner sent to a fancy PCR laboratory(FRY Laboratories in Arizona) for $800.00 out of pocket for PCR bacteria Test.
Avatar n tn I had the same thing that everyone had. It started with a few red bumps on my stomach, and each day they would multiply. About 5 days into the red itchy dots, it had pretty much covered my whole torso area, my upper and lower back, it spread to my arms and legs. It was very embarrasing and so itchy!! I went to the doctors, and she didn't know what it was, she knew it wasn't scabies. She prescribed me MethylPREDNISolone Tablets, USP 4mg.
Avatar m tn I have bites on my scalp big ones that are hard limps that hurt and itch all in a group. I can see black bugs come out in the shower some times. When I go to the doctor they see nothing and thing I am crazy. I think this is because I just moved here so no one knows me and no one knows that my hair is not this black or course! He says that it is. He also says that I just have a lumpy scalp. No because I went through chemo and I have a smooth scalp. It is my body so I think I know.
Avatar n tn Right now, I have a total of six scabs that I have created on my scalp. When I am picking I can't necessarily say that it relieves stress like I have found on some of the other web sites, but more of an obsession that I can't control. I have been treated for depression and PTSD, but have never mentioned my compulsive picking. I have been prescribed both Zoloft and Prozac with Klonopin for the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but I still seem to pick at me head.
Avatar f tn I had a shooting pain in the back left portion of my head. It was on and off for several years. I also noticed that I would get bumps on my scalp that would bleed if I picked them off. I thought these were unrelated issues, but I tried a new shampoo. I went and got a bottle of Denorex shampoo (with Salicylic Acid as the active ingredient). I used that everyday for about 3 months and then scaled back to 3-4 times a week.
Avatar m tn Dr do you think after your experience i will be able to kill that disease have a clean scalp after all without on keep having more Medication?
Avatar m tn We recently moved (2 months ago) and I felt the same thing on the couch and bed, even worse actually. So much so that we had to throw the couch out. The couch had a mattress in it, it ended up staying out back for a little while until one day I looked out there and it had little black bugs crawling all over it. During this time it seemed I ws being attacked at night by whatever this is, constant crawling all over my head.
Avatar n tn I get the little bumps on my hands (palms mostly but sometimes up on my fingers depending on the severity of the "break out") and on my feet (much rarer). I went to the doctor for it as a child eveytime it happened and after years of lotions, creams and steroids it still is hasn't gone away, although I've started to note patterns of break outs and they've gotten less frequent and severe. I've found at least 3 seperate triggers that cause break outs for me. The first is stress.
Avatar n tn 20 years or more with this palm and heal/sole red bumps and itching.They are right that our bodies are taking in bad food chemicals, preservatives etc .So much and for so long our bodies are reacting in many ways - alergies, low energy,cant think clearly, memory etc. Moderation of everything and avoiding anything with long lists of ingredients you cant even pronounce is the long term cure.
Avatar f tn At first I went to see the dermatologist for sores that wouldn't heal and began blistering and for outbreaks of red bumps all over my body, which wasn't severe so she sent me home with a recommendation for Domeboro and a Rx for Clobetasol Proprionate cream and told me to come back in two weeks. I also had an allergic reaction to neosporin antibiotic ointment that I applied on the sores thinking they were infected with bacteria.
1077961 tn?1279585349 Hi there. I have developed a number of itchy red bumps on various places on my body. Every once in awhile I develop hard bumpy red skin on my right index finger that is sore to the touch, but usually just goes away after awhile. It almost looks like a callus. It's annoying an hurts when I touch or bend my finger but eventually the bumps go away and everything is fine. Some of the new bumps kinda feel the same though, it's similar pain when touched. Recently I noticed similar bumps on my heel.
Avatar n tn I have several bumps on my face that I recently one opened up and found a very hard, sand-like grain inside that is yellowish-white in color. They are pretty well attached and do not squeeze out, had to practically cut them out with a hypodermic needle tip. They start out small and enlarge until there is a bump which is noticable. What causes these and how do I avoid getting more of them? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I recently developed a red rash on the left side of my face, between my nose and mouth, consisting of non itchy small red bumps that seems to be spreading. Thinking of cutting out citric acid but would like some input from others who have had success!
Avatar n tn The one on my back swelled up about a month after surgery w/ what looks like inflamed scar tissue or something... I don't know if that is because that is a place on the body where fat or scar tissue collects easily (it's around by left shoulder blade). The cyst on my wrist didn't swell up, but it left a red, scarred area. I am concerned about the cosmetics of removing cysts from my head because what happens if I go bald... then I have these disgusting scars on my skull?
Avatar n tn I went to see a derm, and she did a skin test, and found that my white spots weren't fungal. She said they were probably caused by hypopigmentation, and said that they would 'heal' on their own. But I REALLY DOUBT SO cos I've had them for like more than a year! Does anyone have any idea what to do for non-fungal skin conditions that cause white spots? Mine are confined to abdomen, chest and back. Its really irritating and unsightly!
Avatar n tn I have nothing to show on my legs except scabs from the scratching that never seem to heal entirely, the itch is on and off consistantly, and it is so frustrating.
Avatar n tn real allergy, so doctors don't take take them seriously) I have a good case of ADHD - and I think that diagnosis brings on some wierd conditions that doctors are puzzled with. I also wonder about all the chemicals our foods are treated with, could our problems come from there? anybody?
Avatar n tn I have this patch right under my right eye that is red, swollen, dry and itchy. I try putting vaseline on it but that seems to just temporarily solve the issue. It is embarassing to go out without my glasses on (which hide the patch) so I never wear my contacts anymore...just hide behind my glasses. I have tried benedryl, neosporin, etc. and nothing seems to help. It hasn't spread yet to my other eye but I am thining it might start. HELP PLEASE!?!?!
Avatar n tn I came to this result after thinking about what THE 3RD doctor said about simply using moisturiser on my sore cracked eyelids and red sore patches on body that began around 2 years ago..... I stopped using any bathroom and laundry products and with strong perfumes or colours,especially purple or blue. Try to find products that are as white as possible to avoid irritation. I decided to try products designed for babies.... SOLUTION for me was Johnsons baby soft wash.
Avatar n tn I described a method I used to calm the itch and get it to heal and it worked very well for me. With this last itchy spot that appeared on my right arm, I decided to try something a little different. Instead of using cold water, Use ordinary Iodine, then sprinkle salt on the moist Iodine and cover with a gauze pad. Use a bandage (or other method) to hold it in place. It works beautifully for me and you have nothing to loose by trying it.
Avatar n tn I just woke up with a puffy pinkish eyelid on my right eye yesterday morning.I had burning sensations just in my right eyelid before it showed up.It started a few days ago.I also have a sore right outside of my left nostril.I also have been getting strange raised red bumps on my leg&arm.They start out itchy then burning.
Avatar m tn The only other things I have going on that MAY be related, is an upper back pain/numbness... unknown cause. Been going on for years though. No diagnosis. So basically I'm out of ideas, and about to go insane. It's terrible at night not being able to sleep because of that feeling, and not being able to sleep with my girlfriend because I keep her awake with my constant moving around and itching...
Avatar f tn Every few weeks, I get one or two severely itchy bumps on my check or forehead that that look exactly like a mosquito bite. Embarrassing as a high school teacher! Has anyone found a name to this?
440193 tn?1293814117 I read some info on line that some people lost hair only on one side of their heads was due to cancer. You might want to rule it out.