Red bumps on fingers that hurt

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Avatar n tn My mother has the same thing as you all describe. Small red spots on her fingers that hurt when you push on them. She had sinusitis and the antibiotic the Dr. put her on helped clear them up. They are back now and today she went to the dermatologist. The derm. cut off a red spot and is sending it in to be tested. She said it would take about two weeks for results. When we get the results I will post them so that it could possibly help some of you!!
Avatar f tn I have these little red bumps on my fingers and one on my left big toe, they hurt to the touch like a splinter, i never had these before and i'm worried could anyone one please help me?
Avatar f tn Over the last few months I have noticed the development of small red bumps in between my fingers, on the sides of my fingers, and sometimes on the palms of my hand. They do not hurt or itch, but some of them are more red in color. Any suggestions of what this could be? I am going to make a doctors appointment, but was curious to know something a little sooner.
Avatar f tn Then, a day or two later, I developed three + red painful bumps, one right below my nail on my right pinky finger, one on the upper joint of my left middle finger, and one of the upper joint of my left ring finger. The pain isn't that bad -- the bumps are just sensitive and hurt a bit when touched. There is no itching at all, or burning, etc. Just a sensitivity/slight pain. I had this happen a few months ago, and it started like this and then more painful bumps appeared.
Avatar n tn Doc, I have benn getting small red blisters/ bumps on my fingers and palms of both hands for about 8 years now. I am 36y/o. They come and go periodically out of nowhere. They are about the size of a pen tip. They do not pop. They do not itch. They do hurt when pushed on directly. They can last anywhere from 2-3 days to 3-4 weeks. I may get one or two and the a wekk later get more each time on the left or right hand. could this be Herpes? Does Herpes appear in exactly the same place each time?
Avatar f tn They're now on my feet and a few in my mouth that hurt extremely bad. I also have a few on the back of my thighs and under my breasts along my bra line. I know since you said it's viral that it just has to work out of my system. When I looked it up to see what this is, it said it's very contagious? Should I take off from work until this clears up?
Avatar n tn OMG I really thought i was the only one!!! I have had these small itchy and they even hurt at times bumps on my fingers and palms on and off for about 15 years now and it would usually happen in warmer weather but now i get them year round!! i have also now just this week got lilttle red dots on my elbows and some seemed to be on my knees last night!!! I really hope it is not eczema.. thats what derm told me it was on my hands but then why does it come and go??? to weird!!
Avatar n tn Every once in a while, I will wake up with these small, slightly red, sometimes itchy bumps on my fingers. They tend to form in clusters. They kind of hurt when I press on them. There is no pus or anything in them. They are very tiny, but can range in size from 1/2mm to about 1 or 2 mm. They are hardly noticeable at all. They tend to go away pretty fast (especially if I don't itch them). I have been getting them nearly all my life.
Avatar f tn Ok for several years now, off and on, I've been having these patches of painful small red bumps that appear on my fingers and hands. They "seem" to appear around my period, and are hard, not filled, and when they disappear the leave the skin peeling sometimes. They hurt when you press on them, they seem worse sometimes more then other times. My family doctor has no idea. They hurt and look unsightly, I wish I knew what causes them and how to get them go away, for good!
Avatar n tn Dr., I have been getting small red bumps and or blisters on my palms, fingers and sides of hands for several years (7-8). The red bumps appear larger than the small blisters. The blisters are only about the size of a pen tip, and the red bumps are slightly larger. the bumps do not hurt, but the blisters do only when direct pressure is applied to them.They appear on both hands/fingers in random areas and pop up without warning.They can appear single or in multiples.
Avatar n tn I have tiny blister-like bumps on my pointer fingers, mostly on my right hand, but some on my left as well. They are also on my pinky finger knuckles. They do not itch, nor do they hurt, but they look wierd, and therefore are bothersome. I pop them and it almost looks like water comes out. Nothing pus-like. My regular doctor didnt know what they were but wasnt concerned since they didnt hurt or itch. I have no history of eczema or any other skin condition.
Avatar n tn I have these sore red hard bumps that are sore to the touch and hard. They are NOT blisters as they are solid they have come up all over my nuckles on both pointing fingers and on the sides of my middle fingers. They itch a little bit but not much and are more sore than anything. I used to get them in the summer and just thought they were heat bumps or something but ive never got them this bad.
Avatar f tn Ever since, I would get a few clustered around the joints on that side on both fingers which stay for only about a week before they go away and new ones come up. Sometimes they would itch a little or hurt when I apply pressure to them, and sometimes they don't even feel like they're there. At first I thought it was a bug bite but it has been re-occuring in the same specific areas and nowhere else.
Avatar f tn Although at that time it wasn't as bad. The bumps are only on a couple of my fingers. My first and middle fingers on both handes. They are worse on my right hand. And they are only adjacent to my middle and lower finger joints/knuckles. They don't appear anywhere else on my hands or body. When the raised bumps go down the skin is very hard and dry in that area and a little sore. They are pink/red in nature and kind of yellow when they dry out.
Avatar f tn Hello, I woke up a few days ago to a few small red bumps on my hands and fingers, at first i thought it was a spider bite because there were two on the top of my hand right next to each other, now i dont know what it is there are four on my thumb right next to each other and they hurt so bad even if theyre just slightly touched, they're raised now and red.
Avatar n tn Dad is 70 years old, and he started having this finger bump 10 days ago. At the beginning his middle fingertip in left hand hurt when touched. Then the bumps emerged at the finger tip and also at the base of that finger. Now the skin in the areas looks a little darker, like a bruise. Dad is pre-diabetic, otherwise pretty healthy. He has lost some weight and is controling his diet and excercise. I'm not sure if the finger bumps are related to his pre-diabetic condition.
Avatar f tn I have been getting small red blistery bumps on my fingers and discolored red/purple spots on my feet. It appears as a deep bruise on the bottoms of my toes and is very sore. Has a red/purple discoloring on the tops and between my toes. Very sore. The bumps on my fingers hurt if you bump them or touch them. I have been doing this for several years, what could it be.
Avatar n tn I got rid of my painful bumps by putting athlete's foot medicine on my FEET, NOT MY HANDS. Wash your feet twice a day at first, using CLOTRIMAZOLE CREAM between the toes, or probably any anifungal cream. If your painful bumps are the same as mine, they will start to disappear in a day or 2. I continue to use the cream EVERY DAY after showering, with no more bumps on my fingers at all. Rite Aid pharmacies have a pretty good price on their own brand of generic cream in the foot section.
Avatar n tn I don't get the itching but I get small red bumps that burn on the insides of my fingers or bottom of my thumbs, then dry up and peel. It usually dries up and goes away but I have used what I am suggesting and it went away quickly. It works on a lot of other things as well. It could be an indication of a systemic problem as well and set off by a virus. This is why the doctor can't tell you because there are so many variables.
Avatar m tn It doesn't itch at all, doesn't hurt or give any sensation when I am going to the bathroom. Fingers crossed that its nothing to worry about but wanted to hear any other ideas people might be able to give. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Also recently 4 days ago i started noticing small white bumps on the mid section on my penis on the underside under the foreskin. the bumps are itchy and painful sometimes but manageable. Also, the tip of my penis is red towards the base (I believe they call it the Tyson glands). It itches and hurt sometimes too. I went to see a doctor concerning my symptoms and she said it is unlikely those are herpes because herpes symptoms are pretty classic with obvious sores and ulcerations.
Avatar n tn besides that i found two red sores on my vagina, but in different places. at first that hurt a little when i touched it but otherwise it didnt bother me. i figured they were nothing sense i am not sexually active. so it couldnt be a sexually transmitted disease. anyways. they eventually subsided and are now practically gone and have just about dissapeared. now i find this red pimple like thing on my left outer labia and its red and irritated and when i squeezed it a little white puss came out.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE last weekend and he has an itchy rash on his waist, ankles and thighs. I have red bumps on my ankles and knees. Some of my bumps are raised and seem to be filled with liquid. He went to the doctor but could not get a diagonosis because doctor sen't sure what it was and prescribed a cortizone cream and antihistimine. Mine seem to be going away. We are thinking his could be scabies and are afraid to sleep together as it could be contagious.
Avatar m tn I get these little red bumps on my hands and fingers every once in a while. They are never clustered, I may get one on and hand or finger and then next week get another one on the other hand or finger. They hurt when touched. They usually disappear after a week or so. What could this be? Thanks!
1636131 tn?1300233128 For quite a while now, I have been getting red bumps on my fingers, knuckles and elbows. They hurt really bad when I scrape them or put pressure on them, which happens a lot since they are on the creases of my fingers or on my knuckles and then on my elbows. I started paying attention and noticed that they only come around my period. I don't get them every cycle, but I've never had them when my period didn't soon follow.
Avatar f tn About a month a go, I started getting bumps on my hands that hurt. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction from cleaning my saddles with the leather soap but after a couple of weeks, the bumps not only did not stop, but they appeared more and more. They are red bumps with little brown dots in the middle of the bumps. The bumps also hurt in some places and itch in others, and they are on my hands for the most part but I have noticed that I know have a couple on my feet.