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Avatar n tn Got em - red bumps, skin tags, scraggly thingies growing like cabbage - real attractive! I am keeping the high neckline shirts going until the sweat comes out my pantslegs! Wasnt "Red Bumps on Neck" an old Willie Nelson song.
Avatar f tn Almost 3 weeks ago I started to have hard red bumps on my neck and back, feeling itchy in my hands. After few days I had new bumps on my face, my tummy and my left arm. In the last few days they got much worse on my neck and back but basically disappeared from the rest on my body. When they first appeared at the beginning where like small mosquitos bites but now some of them are flat, other ones look like imploded and the have a white hole in the middle and they look much bigger.
1508709 tn?1289940165 My Dad would never go to a barber shop because he likes my Mom to cut it, but we took him to a local Barber for his birthday about three years ago, and ever since then he's had these bumps on his neck. He's tryed pretty much everything that people he knows recommend. They've got so much worse, and are always inflammed, red, and rather large. We thought it could be some type of acne, but these things are not popable. We've tryed unfortunately and they just get larger and really itchy.
7666721 tn?1393891430 I have checked the photographs posted in your profile and can understand your concern for these red bumps on neck, chest and shoulders. From the symptoms and pictures it looks like folliculitis. Folliculitis is the inflammation of one or more hair follicles. The condition may occur anywhere on the skin but is more common on chest, shoulders and thighs. It starts when hair follicles are damaged by friction from clothing or blockage of the follicle.
Avatar n tn I don't know where to put this but I have bumps on the back of my neck. I myself cannot see them but others have. I guess I will start from the beginning: After having lice removal treatment at the age of 15 my mother checked my hair and noticed a cluster of red bumps on the back of my neck. My father suggested maybe warts but since my syster worked for a dermatologist we asked her. She went on saying how it is from a "fat roll" on my neck...I don't have a fat roll on my neck.
Avatar m tn There was no pus cells in urine and the blood count (WBC and platelets) is normal. Last day (8 months after sex) i saw small red bumps on my glans penis (10 - 20 bumps), today the count reduced. Is this syphilis ?
Avatar f tn Folliculitis esp pityrasporum folliculitis produces red, itchy pustules on the back and chest and sometimes on the neck, shoulders, upper arms and face. It's caused by the yeast-like fungus. The rash of lichen planus is mostly found on the upper torso but can sometimes involve the face.Treatment involves oral and injected corticosteroids in the bumps.PUVA (psoralens plus ultraviolet A) is also helpful.
5843872 tn?1375292022 For the last 3 wks Ive had somewhat itchy red bumps on neck, back, legs, and arms..they come in two to three at a time and last for days and once they go away i get more in different areas, weeks or days later ..what is this?
1224651 tn?1267068395 At first they were scattered; a few on the inside of my arm, one on my scalp, a couple on my breasts, a couple on my back, then one just near my pubic area and a couple on my neck. Today I have them all over the sides of my breasts and near my underarms. I did a search and it looks JUST like folliculitis, but the random locations of the bumps doesn't really correspond to that. I also thought it might be scabies, but it only itches mildly.
Avatar n tn Hello there. I have had these red bumps on the back of my neck and spread down to my upper back since January 2012. They are very itchy and there is no liquid oozing out or if squeezed any debris coming out like with acne. I saw my dermatologist in Febuary to discuss with her and she said it was acne even though I was put on accutane, during that time which cleared up my face nicely.
Avatar n tn I have these small red bumps on my scalp. They itch or hurt sometimes and then they scab but come back. They are on top of my scalp and around nap of neck. I combed for lice but I don't see anything. So what else could it be?
Avatar n tn about four days ago i started getting bumps on my neck. they didnt itch very much but at times i did want to scratch them. the next day it started spreading to my chin. they look like small mosquito bites. the nexct day they were all over my back and stomach.
Avatar m tn I have been getting red bumps on my body in different places the past few months. The bumps tend to have white heads, however, once they pop, i still have a red elevated bump where the acne was. I went to a dermatologist back in May, and I had like two on my head, she removed one and biopsied it and it was not cancerous. But I was curious to why I was getting them? Could this be stress? Alittle history though about this past year. In may, I was feeing fine. Then , in june, i got sick.
Avatar n tn I have small red bumps on my stomach, chest and back. They slightly resemble chicken pox, but no scabbing, minimal redness and slightly raised. No itching. I have been using Cortizone cream per a pharmacist's recommendation. They eliminated ringworm as a possibility. I think I have prevented it from spreading, but it's not going away. What could be the cause and treatment? No new soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc. Boyfriend and dogs do not have anything.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 or 7 years I have developed red, sometimes swollen, bumps/lumps which lay on my knuckles and on the tops of my fingers. They are not exactly painful but when you knock them or run your finger over them for instance they feel quite sore and 'blister like'. I get these all times of the year so the weather does not seem to be factor. However, I have noticed that in the summer, they seem to worsen. The area around them can also become dry and scaly looking.
Avatar m tn Here goes, my question, I had around 12 - 15 red painless non ithcy red bumos on my upper back, and some really small light red bumps as well. they were on my upper back, and sides of my middle back. It has been about a moth since I saw them first, and still can see some marks of them, but they have gone most of them, also some new ones appeared, maybe 2 or 3, 3 of them appeared om one sied of my trunk. My question is, can this be considered a rash? Could this be ARS related?
Avatar m tn Since I was 9 or so, every time I even get remotely hot or warm, I start itching all over and get covered in red bumps that look like hives. I get them on my neck, all over my arms, back, legs, etc. pretty much every where except palms, bottom of feet and face. After about 15 minutes, they stop turning red and just turn white and makes my skin look like I have serious issues. I know for a fact it is not contagious, no one else has ever gone after touching it. I'm now 18 and they still happen.
Avatar n tn Hello there. I have had these red bumps on the back of my neck and spread down to my upper back since January 2012. They are very itchy and there is no liquid oozing out or if squeezed any debris coming out like with acne. I saw my dermatologist in Febuary to discuss with her and she said it was acne even though I was put on accutane, during that time which cleared up my face nicely.
Avatar n tn The past week i have noticed tiny bumps resembling pimples on my neck, spreading up onto my lower jaw line and face. It almost looks like razor burn. No pain or itching, but I am concerned as I can't figure what it could be. It is most noticeable after i shower in the morning, maybe from the heat/steam from the shower? I have racked my brain for anything new i am doing and have only come up with one thing.
Avatar n tn It started on my chest ( i thought they were pimples ). Then i got them on the back of my leg, nape of my neck, back of arms. I went to the dermatologist and he told me that it is infected hair follicles. My best advice would be not to pick at them or try and pop them because it will make it worse and you will scar.
Avatar n tn These ingrown hairs usually occur following a short haircut on the back of the head and nape of the neck. Treatment of AKN includes suppression of the inflammation with antibiotics and steroid gels or intralesional steroid injections.So apply antibiotic cream like Neosporin or bactroban.If the symptoms persist then oral antibiotics and steroids may be needed.Pls consult a dermatologist in that case.
Avatar f tn I first thought i had a spider bit on my breast then it started to grow in size and itched. Then I started to notice little pimple like red bumps on my chest a couple days later and now has severly spread to my neck, back, stomach, hips and arms. They aren't itchy all the time, but will randomly itch. I went to first care and they gave me triamcinolone ointment and they are still spreading and itching! What can I do to stop them from spreading more?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am female 20. I was worried that I might have oral hpv in my pharynx but my partner and I never engaged in sex with anyone before we dated. So we both are clean. I tested for all other STD's & they came back negative. I also have some swollen lymphnodes on my neck for a while now. I went to 3 different ENT specialists to have my throat checked out but they said it is due to chronic reflux laryngitis. So I am taking Zantac 150 but I am worried.
Avatar m tn I believe the procedure is to burn them off. I had a mole on the back of my neck burnt off. Once you know all about removing them and the scarring, it will be your decision whether you still want it doing. If they are the skin tags, they are much easier to get rid of. I tied a piece of cotton thread to one of my husband's and it did hurt him. Eventually it went black and dropped off. He has lots of skin tags, but won't let me touch them - I wonder why!
Avatar f tn A couple days after seeing the first one I noticed that I had many more, including one that is now on my neck, a few on my back, and many on my stomach and sides. They do not seem to have disappeared at all, but do seem to keep increasing in numbers. What could these red bumps be?