Recurrent yeast infections before period

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Avatar f tn Are you clear now for that? The yeast has to be driving you crazy. I've never had long term yeast infections or chronic yeast infections. I've always responded well to diflucan or Monostat. I do think probiotics help and you say you've done that as well. I'd keep doing that and cut down on sugar if you haven't already. What types of home remedies have you tried? There are a few out there. I agree that the ph might be off and thus, these yeast issues keep recurring.
Avatar n tn When I was on the pill I would get a yeast infection every other month right before my period. That could be what you're experiencing. I think it's normal for your period to be off by a day or 2 each usually won't come on the same exact date every month.
Avatar n tn OK, so the point of all this, last week, I went to my doctor for my annual pap. I told him about the Yeast infections, and asked is normal that they happen before my period, etc. He basically asked me questions about how long they last, when they start, and what I do to cure them. He said that some women just have recurring yeast infections. Then, as I was leaving his office, he said, "some women have herpes and mistake it for a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering with chronic recurrent yeast infections for nearly 5 years. I have been checked several times for diabetes, HIV, and all STDs. ALL NEGATIVE including herpes. I have seen numerous local doctors (OB/GYN and Infectious Disease), yet I still suffer with chronic yeast infections. I have taken various oral/vaginal medications and supplements for yeast infections. I get a form of relief during my menstrual period but shortly after, the yeast will reappear.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, some less knowledgeable sources--including some websites--are behind the times. The causes of recurrent vulvovaginal yeast infections are poorly understood. A few cases are triggered by antibiotics (but even that factor is less common than generally believed). Diabetes is controversial, but the main effect of that disease is not an increased frequency of yeast infections, but an increase in their severity.
Avatar n tn I've heard of women having recurrent yeast infections every month right before their period starts....especially if they're on the pill. How recurrent are they? Once every month? Or more often? Please try not to worry so much, you'll make yourself sick. I know that on the leaflet inside the box of yeast infection meds tells you about possible causes of reccurent yeast infections and HIV is one of them, but that doesn't mean it is.
Avatar n tn Hi Ladies- I have posted on here before about concerns with conceiving and you guys were really helpful. I have had another problem for YEARS - recurrent yeast infections. It started after I had warts about 6 years ago .
Avatar n tn The only sympton I have now is itching. Can recurrent yeast infections be an early sympton of HIV, infection started 8 days after possible exposure. Just had 3 month HIV test done, waiting on results. My doctor seems pretty optimistic thats its not HIV related but I'm still very scared. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I've been battling Yeast infections for almost a year. I gave up on OTC creams after months of the infections coming back. Within the last few months I've tried every natural cure possible. you name it, yogurt, garlic, vinegar, tea tree oil, expensive products like threelac. I recently ordered candisil, but it doesnt seem to be helping either. In January of this year, I noticed an odor to the discharge.
Avatar f tn For a few months now, I've been on the birth control Loestrin 24, and ever since I've been getting a yeast infection the week before my period. As soon as I'm free from the symptoms, my period starts. I've never had problem with this before going on the pill. I am sexually active but I know it is not my boyfriend because we use protection but I've narrowed it to the week before my period. I'm 16 if that helps...
Avatar f tn I am currently not on any suppressants, and my outbreaks occur at least once a month, and during stressful months twice, or before/during my period. the only time it had a 3 month break was when i was taking echinacea ce to zinc ( three times a day for a month. would suppressants (acyclovir etc) get rid of the discharge, is this common in HSV II sufferers or could it be something else like bacterial vaginosis?
Avatar n tn You need to see a Urologist who can order x-rays or an ultrasound of your kidneys and can look into the bladder and urethra for evidence of a persistent infection. There are people who get very frequent recurrent infections and need to be on long term suppressive antibiotics for control. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn Have been treated twice with Flagyl.. had Std test ran all negative.. this week doc put me on Clindesse vaginal cream. and had blood work for Herpes.. yikes.. Redness, itching, burning.. fishy smell.. boyfriend is not circumcised (not sure that matters) but he is also having promblems with burning, redness, itching.. I asked the doctor to do a culture,, he said no it would take to long.. what ? so he just throws another type vaginal cream at me? And says maybe herpes so more blood..
Avatar n tn Well, i am not an expert in your problem, but I get these irritating yeast infections all the time (and it may be that bv is not a yeast infection, but it sounds like it is very similiar), but only during pregnancy. I am currently 23 weeks along. My doc is always on me to drink water! As annoying as this may sound, I find that when I am drinking plenty of fluids (especially water), I am pretty much free of the irritating yeast infections. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn (I have seen pictures of yeast infections and they dont look the same as to what I saw and cant find anything that looks similiar. I also asked her for help and she has no idea) That was in late october and and I stopped dating her in December. In late Feb, I noticed just a small red irritation on the side of my shaft but not on the colored part of my skin. I haven't had any discharge, painful urination or anything other than red irritation that know went around my penis but not on the shaft.
Avatar f tn but this time i've got 2 vaginal yeast infections one before my last month period taking into consideration that i was on Azithromycin antibiotic, and the other yeast infection is right now and i have 3 days left to my period...lately I've had a surgery and been on a course of antibiotics plus i am taking hormone pills "Bellara".
Avatar f tn Has anything else changed like hormone related things like menopause, different bc etc? Have they been testing you for yeast and bacterial vaginal infections too during all this?
Avatar n tn So that's why it's best to let the doctor look at you. Also, if your yeast infections are recurrent, you may want to be checked for diabetes because they say that's one of the signs of diabetes.
Avatar f tn Recurrent yeast infections are an all too common problem. They can be related to any number of circumstances including antibiotic therapy, diabetes, steroid medications, menses and stress. Very, very rarely they are resistant to fluconazole but that too is very unusual. My advice is to work through this with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I think i read somewhere that they can contribute to yeast infections too. When you have your period, does that help "flush" out the infection at all? I'm due today so I will have to see how the week goes before i start the Monistat 7. Thanks again, I appreciate the help.
Avatar f tn I need advice for chronic yeast infections. Last year in January, I developed burning, redness and pain during sex around the opening of my vagina.. I didn't know what it was so it was left untreated for like 9 months.. My doctor gave me a prescription for Yeast Infection pills and the pain went away. Then a month later, it came back, I got the pills again and it then too went away. Then 2 months after that.. I got it again. (Mind you.. all this time..
Avatar f tn If those things aren't true, the endo may not be the cause of your pain. Regarding recurrent yeast infections, you are being treated in an advance way which is appropriate given your persistent sx's. Continue to work with your doctor to help you get better. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar f tn The burning (all over my vagina, including my labia sometimes) really only lasts the two or three days before my period and generally stops as soon as I put the yeast infection cream on it, but it seems weird that it keeps happening, and is followed by a UTI sometimes, and that it started happening when it did. My questions simplified are as follows: 1)In your opinion, given the information could this be mild Herpes symptoms?
Avatar n tn Yes I am having trouble with yeast infections occuring back to back. I wonder do yeast infections make sexual activities painful, becasue I am expericing alot of that. I hate to tell my mate that it is painful and I can't have sex with him, come on now he is a male. Anyway I wonder why yeast infections make sex so painful? I know it is not an std b/c I have had a test for that and hiv. My friend told me that my boyfriend could be giving me yeast infections, is this true? And how?
Avatar f tn i have never had yeast infection in my life but recently, i became sexually active with my boyfriend and within the past 5 months , i have had about 4 yeast infections! i went to the doctor twice already within this period of time. She tested me for EVERYTHING. the first visit, she told me it was BV and gave me medication, which cleared me up. The second visit, she told me i had nothing and tested me for everything again. everything came back negative again.
Avatar f tn I used 2 get yeast infections in past but only 1-2 in a year. but this time it is chronic. I have to pee every 1 hour and the next day my vulva becomes red and i get the curdy discharge (all this seems to start right after periods and seems to last the entire mnth till next period ) I have had positive c albicans yeast cultures. I have tried yogurt, garlic, everything!!! please please tell me whats going on wiith my body?
Avatar n tn Birth control is another cause for recurrent yeast infections. Also, chronic antibiotic therapy can also be a risk factor for recurrent yeast infections. Sometimes combining the prescription therapy with the over the counter topical cream will clear up the infection. I really feel for you. Two months of a yeast infection was enough to drive me crazy. I can't imagine having one for six months. I really hope it clears up soon.
Avatar n tn I got on medication about two weeks ago (Valtrex) and to my surprise and disappointment about a week ago I started to have my second recurrence. It came just before my period came, but I also got a yeast infection. My questions are: Is it normal to get a recurrence so often? I am prone to yeast infections, does this mean I will be getting them every time I have a recurrence?
Avatar n tn I have experienced these cuts a few times before in my life, as I always thought they were recurrent yeast, and would come and go every 2 months or so. During this time while I had the cuts, I was having unprotected sex with a somewhat new partner, and it was also the last day of my period. The sex got a little dry and rough, and the next day I woke up with some more cuts on the perenium area that looked exactly like the "yeast infection cuts" that were already there.
Avatar f tn I have had plenty of history with recurrent yeast infections. I actually believe I get recurring yeast infections nearly every month. I have talked with my doctor about this and she prescribed me a medicine. However, usually a week before and a week after my period, I get these infections. Atleast I believe I do. I began reading and started to worry that these could actually be herpes outbreaks.