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159619 tn?1538184537 I do this alternating day to day on a treadmill and a recumbent bike for the sake of my knees. From my reading, that is a good exercise routine for cardiac health. Plus, at this rate I can normally make my PVC's go away when they're acting up which is a real benefit. Lately, I've been reading more about using mets as a target, somewhere around 10 - 11 mets. For me that pushes my heart rate up to 90-95% of my max which I feel is not really necessary.
Avatar f tn There was a few weeks in there that I tried to do my recumbent exercise bike and/or my eliptical machine but it made me too breathless so I figured that really cannot be good for me. I try to do a 1 mile walk once in a while but that is only on a really good day. Right now I'm sitting at my desk at work and it's an effort to sit up straight while typing on the keyboard.
Avatar m tn I either use a recumbent bike or go to the pool and walk laps in the shallow end. You can buy cheap bike pedals at walmart that just sit on the ground and you can make any chair into a recumbent bike.
Avatar f tn I can most easily use a recumbent bike for exercise as my BP will not fall as fast since my legs are not straight down. I think the type and amt. of exercise we do is a challenge when we have autonomic problems but at the same time exercise is important. Each of us may have different factors so we have to tailor our programs to ourselves. I don't have the fast heart rate but the opposite in that mine won't speed up with activity and I sometimes have to use oxygen.
Avatar f tn Anyway, to my question... I've started exercising on a recumbent exercise bike a few times a week and I was do other people's bodies feel following exercise? Both immediately and in the days that follow. I'm trying to gauge a few things here. One being how a ("typical", if there is such a thing) body with MS sx responds to exercise and two being how should set my expectations, etc. I realize everyone is different...but just looking for other folks' experiences.
440535 tn?1312371665 ajunebug is right walking and swimming r 2 good forms of exercise, and a recumbent bike is good too..... We have a thread/list in the Health Pages of activities to avoid with Chiari and Syringomyelia here is the link- U also want to find out what other issues u may have going on in addition to ur syrinx....such as EDS, that can limit what u can or can not do too.
572651 tn?1531002957 Of course you can exercise from a wheelchair. You can also transfer from a wheelchair to a recumbent bike or other equipment. Sometimes those pieces of equipment have to be tailored to the patient...many of the things I use have been. I only read what was said here. I haven't seen the entire thing. However, reading the above makes him sound like a guru that has all the answers and that he is capable with his method to get us all up walking. Now with more information it makes sense.
Avatar f tn I had my operation in June 07, about a month after I was rushed to hospital in severe pain, they ended up draining fluid in the emergency room because it was putting pressure on my brain, I stayed in hospital for a few days with the though that I would need a second surgery to repair a hole in my graph however the fluid didn't build up again over those days in hospital so my surgeon left it.
1734735 tn?1413781671 Yesterday I started to feel a bit tired but today it feels like a truck has backed over me and I am limping and stumbling like a drunk. I have a very heavy foggy head and all other numbness, tingling, L'hermittes, MS Hug are exacerbated today. Well, I'm off to celebrate my wellness record of 26 days with a sleeeeeeeep!
1679858 tn?1346768781 Hi we do have a list of activities to avoid, and swimming and walking r 2 good ones along with a recumbent bike if u have access to one....exercise is always a good thing pre and post op as long as u do not over do it. Talk to ur dr to see what he feels is right for u as he knows ur current health condition.
3060903 tn?1398568723 1. Warm up for three minutes 2. Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. You should feel like you couldn't possibly go on another few seconds 3. Recover for 90 seconds 4. Repeat the high intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times Be mindful of your current fitness level and don't overdo it when you first start out.
298631 tn?1210629030 Now, no matter WHAT I do I can't seem to lose one pound (even when the endo doc upped my Synthroid to 88mcg from 75). I never understood how horrible it was for people to have to deal with this problem. Seriously. I always thought "well just eat less Mallomars it's EASY" and horrible thoughts that had NOTHING to do with anything to do with losing weight when you have a serious problem with your metabolism. I wish you luck in your quest!
1225331 tn?1333369369 Mild to moderate exercise for 30 minutes is giving me the heavy-legs feeling that I had previously only experienced after something like a 30 mile bike ride on an antique, fat tire cruiser. I have a Physical Therapist in the family and he told me to try breaking my workout up into more sessions. I have only been trying this method for about 10 days, but I've upped my intensity to almost normal for 10 minutes at a time 4x a day and my legs are feeling much more normal.
1523516 tn?1330047857 Low signal equals less muscle contraction. I have been spending more time at the gym on the recumbent bike, and scrunching up newspaper in my right hand. I hope that repetitive task training may "retrain" my brain to send the appropriate level of signal to my muscles. At least this is the "best bet" therapy that a physical therapist could suggest.
Avatar f tn I would love to get back into biking but can no longer bike cause it hurts to sit on a bike and ride for a while. Up unitl a few summers ago, I would go biking with my neighbour a few miles but found that my inner thighs and behind bruised way too easily therefore leaving me really sore and unable to do too much for about a week after, so I haven't been biking in a few years. Believe me if I could do biking again, I certainly would as I love biking! We do use extra virgin olive oil when needed.
620923 tn?1452919248 how awful lol I also have a problem with cardio exercises but BP meds are improving it. I just ordered a bike trainer for my mountain bike so hopefully that will help me this winter!
Avatar n tn As for exercise, I would look into purchasing a piece of exercise equipment. While you can't get out to a gym with 3 boys, you can get them interested in a movie, and slip away to exercise for 20 minutes. Or have hubby give them a bath, and do it then. With heel spurs, I would reccommend an elliptical or a recumbent bike. Justify it to yourself this way - It is about the same $ as a membership fee and 6 months of dues, and you own it.
1466984 tn?1310564208 Do you have fatigue - all the time - even when you're not having an exacerbation? YES BUT NUVIGIL HELPS KEEP ME FUNCTIONAL. Do you notice a difference in chronic symptoms when you are more tired? YES, SOMETIMES THEY ARE WORSE. SOMETIMES I SIMPLY DON'T TOLERATE THEM AS WELL. I SPECIFICALLY REMEMBER BEING NEAR COLLAPSE THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR. I DIDN'T THINK I HAD DONE MUCH. JUST DIDN'T GET ENOUGH SLEEP HOURS.
Avatar n tn I have been exercising doing circuit training, weight training, bootcamp, kickboxing-aerobics, jogging, and yoga between 2 to 3 hours a day for 3 months, I am in 4 classes a week for exercise and the rest I do on my own at the gym. I am sweating up a storm. I also started walking my kids to school every day rather than taking the car which adds 45 minutes extra exercise to my day. I am working really hard never lost a pound and actually I have gained 10 pounds. What the heck am I doing wrong?
881165 tn?1265988188 Hi, I've used 30-40mm and 40-50mm thigh-highs, and have found that how long they last--and of course how effective they are, and how comfortable and how hard/easy to put on/take off all vary greatly by brand. But even the best brands last about the same few weeks you describe--the ones that start the strongest tend to last longer, especially one heavy-weight super-duper all-latex pair no one would wear as visible hose.
Avatar n tn My next appointment with the doctor is next Monday. Until then, I was told to just bear weight as much as possible, and keep it up with ice. I was told physiotherapy would be discussed at this next appointment. Thanks.
Avatar m tn If any one you people are taking medications for acid reflux or anything run it by your doctor because that could be what causes these vibrations.. I will be running it by my doctor soon and will follow up with some answers..
Avatar n tn I also have began exercising on a recumbent bike for 30 min intervals every 2nd/3rd day and just changed my eating habits. I suspect it might have something to do with the nerves since all of the "usual suspects" have been eliminated by everyone else in the thread. Maybe the constant rubbing from underwear on the tip when riding the bike damaged some nerves?? This started about 4 days ago and I'll be going to the Doctor to run through the medical steps. I'll update as I know more.
Avatar n tn I think it could've been worse. I also try to stay active and exercise 3-5 times a week. Even if it's only for 20 minutes, it does make a difference. Don't get discouraged, stay positive! I keep telling myself I can chose to be sick and miserable or I can chose to be sick and happy.
Avatar f tn Hopefully in time, things will improve, but this is the best alternative for now. I have found that this surgery affects people in so many ways. So many people out there that never say a word are passing you by on the streets, in the grocery store, at your work place and we never know. How sad!
Avatar n tn There seems to be a reoccuring trend that I see that people with foot injuries have them for #1 a long time and #2 The problem seems to be missed more times than not. I have been cast free since last Wednesday and My ankle is sore,stiff and limp as a wet noodle all at the same time. I broke down and called a Chiroprator friend of mine to have him get me into see a sports rehab PT guy. I'm going to meet with him tomorrow in the Am. Will see what he has to say.