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233622 tn?1279338505 ) rub on the site after the injection. For me this made the itching worse with my Rebif. It is possible that you may need to switch to another med. I know I am not ready to inject daily with Copaxone :( I hope you get good answers.
Avatar f tn With Copaxone I do not have any medication side effects, but do have injection site reactions. After 7 months of being on the daily injection, I notice that even my injection site reactions are getting less and less. This is MY experience. I really am sorry to hear that you have become frustrated wtih Rebif. Perhaps you would do better on a lose dosage and Avonex may be for you. Hope you feel better and decide which treatment to use in the near future.
308205 tn?1213965677 Did you feel the side effects right after the first shot or did it take a few to get them? How about injection site reactions? Did you have these? Sorry I don't have much feedback...just questions since I just started taking it.
Avatar f tn I occasionally got headaches but with panadol once again before the needle seemed to stop this happening. The only other problem i had was injection site reactions, just make sure you change around where you are doing the needle. Dont inject in the same spot for at least 2 weeks. I have tolerated Rebif very well and have gotten used to it over the years. It has been proven to slow down my MS and i have not had a serious relaspe since beginning the medication.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I used Rebif for a year and had the typical flu like side effects and injection site reactions (I believeCopaxone has similar side effects). I took acetaminophen to help with those. I had a major depressive episode several years before and was also treated for depression several times after that. Rebif did not make my depression recur but it is always wise to keep an eye out, and as immisceo says, if your daughter's depressiin returns the insurance company will back off.
Avatar n tn Only other problem ive had is injection site reactions but if you rotate where you do the needle and dont inject in the same spot for at least 2 weeks you should be ok. It stings a little when the fluid goes in but this is very quick and after that i always feel fine and have no other reaction or problem. If you use an ice or heat pack after the needle that helps. If you have any more questions on Rebif i now consider myself an expert after injecting 3 times a week for the last 6 years!!!
5401039 tn?1368033838 A headache the morning after, which was resolved with a cup of coffee. No site reactions. The Rebif pen is adjustable, and my MS Lifelines nurse had me set it at 1. If you choose to go with Rebif, stay away from the Rebidose injector, if you are thin. It is not adjustable. It is set at 2, and because I am so thin, I only have a few areas, that I can inject.
Avatar f tn Now that I'm taking Rebif I'm noticing injection site reactions. I know it will happen, but is there anything I can do or something others have done for it. Please help!!!!!!
1564991 tn?1307634409 I started Rebif in January on the titration pack, everything was good, minimal side effects. Ive been up to 44s for a while now and I have just started getting some site reactions. Not every time, my belly and thighs seem to be more reactive. Until about 5 minutes ago I thought they were limited to red, tender spots and bruising but now I have found an area on my thigh that appears to have a large (3 inch?) knot deep under the skin. It doesnt hurt, Its not red, but it is pretty solid.
382218 tn?1341185087 I don't know what the answer is to the injection site reactions. I do know they get less with time. I do not have any side effects from the Copaxone itself, after injection, which is why I choose the drug. I'll put up with any skin reactions.... Trust me, when I say the burning gets less and less over time.
Avatar f tn Can anyone share their experience with injection site reactions? I have been on Rebif for 6 months and 2 days after every injection, the area gets bright red, warm and I will notice the occasional lump under the surface. The red marks gradually fade over 2-3 weeks leaving behind a faint bruise. The lumps are new and the 2 that I have are about 3 weeks old so I do not know if they will go away or not.
Avatar f tn I have site reactions from the rebif and if I do my shots in the morning I get the flu-like symptoms. I take tylenol 1 hour before my shots and do them before I go to sleep. I'm not sure about rebif and pregnacy,this you should discuss with your neuro.A friend of mine is on rebif and she had similiar symptoms ,but they have resolved. If they persist then you might want to discuss this with your neuro.
Avatar f tn A little frustrated and was wondering if any of you fellow rebif users have found things that have helped decrease your skin site reactions.
1207048 tn?1282177904 These issues are not enough for me to consider stopping the shots, but I was wondering if increasing injection site reactions are a normal part of the body trying to get used to the medicine? I figured you guys would have more honest advice and suggestions than Shared Solutions would!
4455840 tn?1354845783 Be sure to rotate the injection areas and don't use the same spot again for several weeks. Massage the injection site (in the shower works best while your skin is wet) to help with the lump. You also may want to call the support nurse and talk about the depth setting on your autoinjector, if you are using one. Sometimes a change in depth will help with the lumps.
921525 tn?1248126287 Hi, I was wondering if anyone who has taken both Avonex and Rebif could give some input here. I have been taking Rebif since this past June, but have started to wonder about how Avonex would compare side-effect-wise. As they are both interferons, I would think they would be similar, but I'm not certain. The idea of once a week sounds nice in comparion though, so I would like some actual first-hand knowledge. Thanks!
894231 tn?1293847583 It won't lessen most of the common injection site reactions, and firsthand training will still be the best method of developing a starting skill in administartion. Proper training should not be skipped just because the needle is hidden inside a talking and beeping injector device.....
572651 tn?1333939396 Well, I am so sorry you must officially join the ranks but I understand the peace of mind that a diagnosis brings. I was dx'ed last fall & started Rebif this past Feb. The injections didn't hurt & I had no site reactions, & I liked that I only had to inject 3x per week. Was on it for 8 weeks when my liver enzymes elevated. This is listed as a side effect but not many users actually experience this. I had no history of liver problems.
771085 tn?1268013865 they have tons of tips and tricks to make the injection and post injection syptoms go away. As far as injection training I believe Rebif contracts with nurses, so they will find a visiting nurse from the closest city from you to come out and assist you with the training. As far as the Rebif and Depression, please have a spouse, loved one, or family members look out for any changes. With me I was slowly slipping into a "black hole" and felt alone and no way out.
Avatar f tn Immunomodulatory Reduction in relapse rate and accural of neurologic disability Flu-like symptoms, fatigue, injection site reactions, liver chemistry abnormalities, depression Dosing depends on specific agent used Pre-and postinjection acetamiminophen or NSAIDs may reduce flu-like symptoms Monitoring ot CBC and liver chemistry is required every 6 months FDA class C drug - should not be used during pregnancy or lactation I hope you are getting better and it helps a little.
Avatar n tn I've been on Rebif for 6 months. My neuro prefers either Rebif (3 times per week), or Copaxone (daily). Rebif & Avonex are essentially the same med, but Rebif is 3x week with a small needle into the fatty tissue; Avonex is weekly with a looong needle into muscle. Beta is similar to Rebif (slightly different chemical composition), every-other-day injection; I think you have to mix up each shot -- but many are successful on Beta.
1225331 tn?1333369369 I switched from needles to the Rebismart auto injector about a month or so into the treatment and notced that is when the injection site reactions started but that might have been a coincidence. My first full dose gave me really bad chills with the mild fever but it was only that one time. I did find I was really tired but do not know if that was Rebif or not because I had 2 relapses in 4 months prior to starting it.
1710955 tn?1309450073 (I didn't get them until I was on it for just over 3 months.) I put an ice pack on my injection site for 2 minutes, then, wipe my skin with an alcohol wipe, wait for it to completely dry, then, inject. Immediately after injection, I take a very soft, warm wash cloth and gently rub my injection site in a circular motion to disperse the medication. I've never experienced any site reactions. And I haven't had any burning, at all.
Avatar f tn I'd ask the surgeon (and your neuro too) if there is anything else you can do to encourage bone growth and healing and/or counteract the Rebif reactions. How debilitating is this? Would it be worth interrupting the Rebif therapy while you heal? I thought I remember you saying this surgery would mean no weight bearing for many weeks. Have you been able to return to work already? How possible is it to melt into misery for a time?
503486 tn?1340980374 I have felt fatigue and heat intolerance, but Dr thinks that is from MS symptoms more so than Rebif. I do have really bad injection site reactions that are not at all attractive. I am sure that is just an allergic reaction and the wonderful nurses have been working with me to try and find what works best to get rid of the reactions. I personally use the auto injector. I like not having to see the needle. I think it is worth a try for you to switch. I hope it goes well.
Avatar f tn It didn't to me early on, but now I'm glad I chose this schedule. Injection site reactions are minimal and you may get some silver dollar sized red spots that do fade. They should not be severly raised. My experience is that the nurses are great from MS lifelines. Cons: You will need to go for bloodwork for WBC, liver enzymes and thyroid. Though that really wasn't too much of a downside for me - I just went to get it over and done with.
Avatar f tn Now wondering how it will go with the injection site. I did see a youtube video post on injection techniques with copaxone and it showed you must remove the air bubble before injecting and by doing this it greatly reduced the stinging. Might be worth a go. Can anyone tell me whether the avonex injection cause the same injection site reaction, saying that it is only once a week but you also have to deal with the flu like symptoms. This is becoming a very difficult decision to make!
233622 tn?1279338505 It does make it quicker and easier but Copaxone has some nasty injection site reactions. At least there are ZERO flu symptoms. That's why my Neuro and I chose it. Take care dear...
1713150 tn?1314470942 Talk to your neurologist next time and see what he thinks of these 2. Remember if you have a site reaction to call the Rebif nurse immediately. Good Luck and keep me posted!