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Avatar n tn DRUG PRICE COMPARISON (Figures obtained for commonly used doses, April 17, 2002) Average Wholesale Price (AWP) Category/Type Brand per month ($) per year ($) HCV Nucleoside Analogue ribavirin (800/1200mg) (compounded) 150/ 225 1,800/ 2,700 ribavirin (1200mg) Rebetol (in Rebetron kits) 1,267 15,204 ribavirin (800/1200mg) Rebetol (separate)1,177 / 1,765 14,125/21,188 HCV Immune Modulators interferon
Avatar n tn I hope it's less expensive! Rebetol capsules (SP) have been going for about $10 each, and Copegus (Hoffmann La Roche) for about $6.75; Fischer Pharmacy has been able to sell Ribavirin for around $1.25 per pill. Obviously competition is good for prices.
Avatar m tn I have Human Open Access Insurance and have to pay 25% of the cost. When I called Advanced RX they said there was a price increase on the Peg Intron. Anyone else experience this yet? Even with insurance my co-pay has now climbed to $325 for the Peg and $45 for the Rebetol. I am 1a, female 48 yr, just did my 16th shot on Tuesday. got my 12 wk PCR and it said 60IU/ml. I hope that is good.
Avatar m tn This means that I'll have to take a small pill every morning for the rest of my life, but it was a small price to pay I guess.
408795 tn?1324939275 Anyone heard about the EASL presentation about the "Generic Rebels" in the "Redemption" Clinical Trials? Just passing information onward. Following MedHelp guidelines, I'm not supposed to post any links. That's fine, if you want more information on generic Harvoni or any HepC drugs, simply go to Google and lookup Dr. James Freeman from Australia, best doctor in the world when it comes to HepC. Just say no to Gilead=Greediad and high prices!!!
Avatar n tn She wrote me a my first prescription for a one month supply of Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) and another for a one month supply of Rebetol (ribavirin). This question regards the cost of these meds. Please let me know if the amounts I paid are in line with what y'all are paying. I filled the prescriptions at the pharmacy of the University Hospital here in Seattle. My experience is that they generally have the best prices on meds in the area.
Avatar n tn Schering-Plough (Rebetol): $11.03 [source: Pink Sheet, based on Price Alert figures] -- on, a 30-day supply of 1200 mg/day is $1,632.98 ($9.07/capsule) Roche (Copegus): $6.33 (as of September 2003) [source: PBMI newsletter, based on Price Alert and Red Book Update figures -- according to Roche, the wholesale acquisition cost is $5.58] -- on, a 28-day supply of 1200 mg/day is $1,062.88 ($6.11/capsule).
Avatar n tn 5545.19 for peg and 3466.19 for copeg, I paid 20 bucks total. it sucks i have hcv, but praise the lord for the excellent insurance that is allowing me to fight this bug. I wish it was legal to donate left over meds into a fund for those who are struggling to pay for theirs. or have a med fund to which we contribute for those in need...not Medicaid...something easier to access...I shouldn't feel guilty...but can't help the feeling...
29837 tn?1414538248 The rationale for the lead-in treatment regimen is based on the fact that both PEGINTRON and REBETOL reach steady-state concentrations by week 4, therefore patients have the protease inhibitor added at a time when the backbone drug levels have been optimized and the patient's immune system will have been activated and primed by PEGINTRON.
Avatar n tn Hubby, 54, has flushed out of tx for now on S/P PegIntron plus Rebetol. He did double dose for 8 weeks, then the sides were too much, then wound up taking Procrit and Neuopogen for last 2 months when his red and white counts got terribly low. His 12 week tests were good (not great). But at 24 weeks his viral load over 5M IU/mL. He was only 3M IU/mL to start! Liver bx: moderate scaring, no cirr. The sides were horrible, especially the 3 days after the PegI.
Avatar n tn After being treated for Hep C with the combination treatment Peg-intron and Rebetol I have trouble with my feet, Numbness, tingling, Pain. I can't walk long or even stand for longer that one hour. After sitting I have a problem moving my feet enough to walk around. A neurogogist put me on Neurantin, and the problem hasn't eased any. I am now being treated through a pain clinic with Tramadol four times a day and Neurantin 1900 mg a day and Clonazepam at bed time.
Avatar n tn Schering-Plough's PEGINTRON (peginterferon alfa-2b) Powder for Injection and INTRON A (interferon alfa-2b, recombinant) for Injection, or INTRON A therapy should be taken with REBETOL (ribavirin, USP) Capsules. Both Peg Intron and Pegasys have the same effect which is to stimulate our own immune system to fight and kill the virus only different molecular structure. I'm not real sure on this but the cost is around $2200.00 a month which includes 4 injections and ribavirin.
Avatar n tn start - hgb 15.8, riba 1200 mg week 4 - hgb 10.3, riba reduced to 800 mg, RNA 2,500 IU/ml (2-Log drop) Dr. said my hgb drop was unusual (< 10% of patients). His guess is that my kidneys weren't getting rid of the riba as fast as they should. No kidney disease evident. He says that old kidneys aren't as efficient as young ones. There's no cheap test for blood riba level. Research labs can measure it at high price but my insurance won't pay.
Avatar n tn I have be on generic Rebetol since day one. I am 1b geno, and was undetectable at 12 wk pcr. Just the price is the diffence. Same ugly sides. I am so glad for you that you get a break. I just don't know if I could crunch numbers that intently with riba brain fog. My congradulations and hats off to you for making it through the tax season. You need a good vacation after all those hours and I know tax preparers work many, many long hard hours. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!
Avatar n tn Can you tell me a bit about rebetol. are the sides similar to ribavirin. I have heard it is kinder to blood distruction?
Avatar m tn But I have been advised that I shouldn’t mix Copegus with Rebetol. From the RebetolPI The safety and efficacy of REBETOL Capsules with interferons other than INTRON A or PEG-INTRON products have not been established. So maybe I shouldn’t mix them. As Copegus are pink pills and Rebetol has blue stripes on the capsule then I kinda saw them as boy/girl pills. I was hoping that if you mixed them together that they will bread. Instead it looks like they might fight. Bugg3r.
Avatar n tn I use Priority Healthcare/Freedom Drug 1-888-419-9993. I'm on Pegintron/Rebetol and they call me 2 wks before I'm due for the next shipment to schedule delivery. Received w/o fail so far. You might check and see if they are a participating provider thru your BC/BS. I've been very happy with them. Whoever you choose to provide your meds, I'm hoping you don't have any further problems in getting your scripts set up and meds delivered. I know how frustrating that can be. Good luck with tx.
Avatar m tn I pay $7.50 for the Rebetol. $7.50 for the Peg-Int., Epogen and Ambien and Paxill. Oddly the make me pay $20 for the doesn't cover them and how else are you supposed to get the Epogen in? That makes me laugh at how absurd it all really is.
9648 tn?1290094807 I have a similar profile to yours and am on SOC with 1000 copegus, the equivalent of Rebetol 800. ------------ 1000 copegus equals 1000 Rebotol. 800 Rebetol equals 800 copegus. It's the same stuff with a different name.
Avatar m tn It's the pharm getting the best price that they can. A long time ago, I placed some level of faith with Aetna and the local pharm that the meds they supplied were the accurate bio-equivalents that I needed.
163305 tn?1333672171 i always wondered about schering ploughs numbers for pegintron rebetol. i think one of their deals says 40% chance in 48 weeks for 1a to SVR. didnt they hand pick that 1a crowd for low viral load and no liver damage? i cant imagine in my wildest dreams that they would have a more realistic cross section, but maybe they did. anyone know?
53833 tn?1235000229 If the docs are not fully correct on this one, then we are going to pay the price. Lte's hear from the SVR's out there, who have been able to continue drinking in moderation (or otherwise), and have remained SVR!!! There must be a research study somewhere on this issue. Good Question Laurie! Doubledose.
92903 tn?1309908311 Most of us would probably prefer to continue treatment with the name brand drug, although with the significant price differential between name brand and generic, I expect many of us would more willingly switch to the cheaper product were we paying out of pocket. I thought it would be informative to have a thread for discussing the merits and issues of generic ribavirin.
1930700 tn?1327068504 Part II of the HCV SPRINT-1 study explored a low-dose ribavirin strategy in which boceprevir was given in combination with PEGINTRON and low-dose REBETOL for 48 weeks. SVR for the low-dose REBETOL arm was 36 percent (n=21/59) compared to 50 percent for a 48-week control arm with PEGINTRON and standard-dose REBETOL plus boceprevir (n=8/16).
1148619 tn?1332014584 That may have something to do with less sever side effects or the price tag. Vic. is about 1/4 the price of Incivek. The clinical trials indicated that Inc is more effective in non responders/relapses but the difference in naives was small.
Avatar n tn I have been very careful with my diet. I've paid close attention to everyone's experience. I always take my Rebetol with food. I eat fruit between meals, have almost eliminated sugar, use very little salt, drink about 80 oz's of water daily. I also take Folic Acid, which really helps the mouth sores, Acidophilus, Vitamine E, Milk Thistle, and spray the nose with AYR.
Avatar n tn It's sad to say, but if you didn't have Rx insurance, you could get it from the drug company free of charge. That's how I got my tx. I am on Medicare and it doesn't pay for Rx's. Check with your insurance and see if they will cut you a better deal than that. Good luck. I was on Pegasys and Copegus for 48 weeks and I had to have Neupogen once. But the anti-depressants and vitamins were a strain on my pocketbook. Being on Soc. Sec., it got real dicey there at times.
29837 tn?1414538248 As we get closer and closer to the release date of the PIs, we're going to see more and more people making tx decisions based on the share price of stocks. To me, this doesn't seem like a good way to make a decision of this type.
Avatar n tn I have a couple of questions, hoping someone can answer. My husband is a 1b, viral load 2.7 mil, taking 800mg Rebetol & will do 3rd shot with the Redipen tomorrow night. His biggest side effect so far has been fatigue, but when I came home from work today he complained about not being able to "see straight." Someone mentioned vision problems, which I haven't seen on here before, can you elaborate? Also, Dr. wants his bloodwork done at 4 weeks. Should it be checked sooner?