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Avatar f tn I read your pregnancy week by week
Avatar n tn s - the lifelong work of a UK doc/researcher. Avaiable for a free online read - check it out for information.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of long term consequences to RSV? I have read that he may be at an increased risk for asthma which really worrries me. Please pray that he gets better soon and stays well!
Avatar n tn My son is going to be 2 months old soon and a couple of days after he was born they told me he has RSV, i have been in and out of the hospital so many times and he dose not seem to be getting any better. I have read everybody stories and How they lost their loved ones and i am so scared that it might happen to my son. Please is there anything that i can do to prevent this from getting worse???
765043 tn?1234583003 My son is 2 months. He has RSV. On top of that hehas pnemonia and Broncialitis. I am concerned. He has been on life support for a week exactly today. They have him on antibiotics for infection for phnemonia. ANd they say the rsv has to run it's course. But of course he is getting treatments. Such as pounding, suctionning after his IPV treatments. He had already been in the NICU after giving birth to him for 3 1/2 weeks. He had premaure lungs. 35 weeks old at birth. Jaundice. 1 apnea spell.
599170 tn?1300973893 I am noticing when ever I read the Bible, I just pick it up and what ever page it opens to I read and it is always 100 % what I needed to read most. Yesterday I opened to Matthew 6:24..about anxiety...just what I needed to read and made me feel as if 500 pounds was truely lifted of my shoulders..I felt calmer than I have in a long time. I actually felt the Holy Spirit, move through me. What a amazing thing. I notice it happens every single time..
Avatar n tn My son is almost 7 months old. About 5 weeks ago he had come down with RSV. Although he had a mild case, the doctor had informed me of petichae and told me to keep an eye out. Shortly after I noticed a petchia on his leg. Doctor had looked and said one is normal time to time. For about 4 weeks after (RSV lingers) I noticed he started to get more. They were very small, light brown in color, and randomly placed on his legs, but wouldn't blanch with pressure.
Avatar n tn My son has had a fever for 4 days along with a cough and breathing difficulties I took him to the emerg and had a chest x ray that showed nothing but the emerg doctor gave me a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics and no matter how many times i asked what he was treating with the antibiotics he would beat around the bush and not give me an answer I took him to the clinic and the doctor there said he thought he had brochiolitis and said that the doctor at the hospital is a good guy and to gi
Avatar f tn I took my 4 week old to the ER and they told me he has RSV. They just gave me a paper on it, They didn't really tell me what to do except suction out his nose. I read the paper ad it told me that in mild disease that no specific treatment is necessary. So I guess he is only a mild case, but I don't know how to tell if he is getting worse. I read on another site that family history of asthma puts him at a higher risk for becoming a severe case. I am know wen he is getting worse?
Avatar n tn I'm afraid that I don't have anything to add about RSV. I just read your post and wanted to say that I'm so sorry for your loss. Your pain must be overwhelming. Please accept my condolences.
368785 tn?1270432283 Diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis.
229857 tn?1319029907 Oh he also has a little rash on his face which I know is common in babies that have a cold or other type of infection... the thing im worried about is RSV??? I think thats what its called. I read online it usually shows up between 4-6 week olds and he is 4 weeks... also im worried about the dark yellow mucus being an infection like pneunomia or something.. Gosh I hate the internet!!
Avatar n tn I read my bible, and slept through the whole night
562511 tn?1285904160 ve not heard before. Good to have on hand to read up on a particular subject before going to your neurologist too. The name of the book is "Managing The Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis" by Randall T. Shapiro, Medical Director, Fariview Multiple Sclerosis Center - Fairview University Medical Center and Clinical Professor of Neurology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is in it's Fifth Edition.
1690584 tn?1340297472 Savannah was admitted to the hospital for RSV, Bronchitis, Ear Infection. Stayed until Saturday but was released earlier then she should have been due to Christmas. Her oxygen levels were still not staying up high but she is now doing better. She does have a partial collapse of the right lung and they want to no check her heart due to some blue around the mouth.
1126464 tn?1300799701 I read my bible and prayed , and I slept real restful
Avatar f tn Watch DVD whole day Renovation done at kitchen Read some Bible
Avatar m tn Can RSV cause cardiac arrest in a child with passed myocarditis and would he qualify to recieve rsv shot to prevent him from getting it.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
172826 tn?1423422956 i heard that for children they should not be used..however when i read up online(totally forgot to mention this to the doctor...) Actually I just tried calling him so I am waiting but like i said i read up online and it says the reason why its not recommended to used a warm mist is because they get so hot and children can burn themselves so hence the cool mist...anywho, until he is old enough to get out of his crib and all...i'm wondering if we could use it in the meanwhile or whatnot?
Avatar f tn Drink some chamomile tea that usually helps me and read the bible lol it puts me to sleep cuz its a little boring for me so read like a boring book
Avatar f tn t want to fall into depression your only hurting yourself when u do that read inspiring stories read the bible get online and discover the world maybe dream about places you want to see someday.
1053987 tn?1279304510 If your an alcoholic I suggest you read "Beyond Influence" it is by for the most motivational book I have read, especially the chaper "A river runs through it" which talks about the influence our society, especially alcohol companies. You wouldn't believe the amount of lobbyist money that goes into keeping alcohol from being labeled as a drug. I still struggle with my alcoholism, but keeping up my motivation and understanding of alcoholism is key to my recovery.
Avatar f tn ) Try music therapy (think ckassical), and what I REALLY suggest along with the others, is to read your bible. Start in the book of Psalms. You can go online and read it, too. God knows just what we need and can handle... I will be praying for you! Hugs!
Avatar f tn A teacher that I work with has a baby in the hospital with RSV. She emailed that if you baby has a cough with no fever, please take them to get checked for RSV. My DD is 6 months old and has had a chronic cough for a long time. It seems to get better and then starts all over again. I have taken to the doctor for it three times, the last time a week ago today. Everytime they check her really good and say it is just drainage from a cold. She has not had any fever and feels good.
Avatar n tn My son who is 21mths has just been diagnosed with RAD. I have read several e-mails all pretty much saying the same things, their children had been very sick for a long time. Some w/ ear inf., others with RSV, and some with bronchiolitis. My son has not been that sick. He has had two bouts of bronchiolitis (9mths apart)and a sinus infection, all in one year. He has had congestion that he can't get rid of and a cough ( not nearly as bad as others I have read).