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Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia and was wondering if internal tremors or weakness in extremities was a symptom? I do have episodes where I get visible tremors in the hands and cold sweats but those symptoms usually do not come with this weakness I am feeling. I do notice that when I eat something, the weakness goes away.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia and was wondering if internal tremors or weakness in extremities was a symptom? I do have episodes where I get visible tremors in the hands and cold sweats but those symptoms usually do not come with this weakness I am feeling. I do notice that when I eat something, the weakness goes away.
Avatar m tn An alternative would be to simply make the dietary changes needed to treat reactive hypoglycemia--avoid heavy carb loads, and instead have several small mixed meals(small carb, protein and fat in one meal) during the day. Hope this helps,take care.
Avatar n tn I feel you, for sure. The kind of Hypoglycemia that we have is called Reactive Hypoglycemia. When you eat sugar or starch your body releases to much insulin and then your glucose level plumits. I went to my PCP two weeks ago with a list of symptoms. She told me "oh, I wouldn't be concerned. There are many things that could cause these symptoms." She was more concearned about why I even had a glucometer than my health (can you believe that ****?
Avatar n tn 1) Could I have REACTIVE hypoglycemia? If so, what is the best test for that? 2) Don't get hives/rash after food so my Doctor won't test for food allergies. Should I? No, I don't smoke or consume caffeine. Have normal blood pressure (more on the low side of normal), no heartburn/GERD, no anxiety/depression. I've covered the basics.
Avatar f tn Well, my last test showed by levels were back to normal, yet my fatigue remains, so does the insomnia and depression (for which I take anti-depressants). My weight gain continues and I suffer from reactive hypoglycemia - yet it seems inconsistent. I track my food daily and often eating similar foods on consecutive days - most of the time I'm ok, then I can repeat a meal and have an attack. Don't understand why.
Avatar f tn Due to your sugar not actually being hypoglycemic (this is below 70) it's not likely reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia is your sugar dropping within 4 hours after too many carbs eaten in non-diabetics. Based on your having dumping syndrome, it's likely that it's what is causing your symptoms. It's called late dumping. It might be something you could check into. A late dumping phase may happen about 1 to 3 hours after eating.
Avatar m tn i know these sound like normal readings but why am i feeling the hypoglycemia symptoms? and would this be reactive hypoglycemia.. sorry this is long trying to add as much info as i can.. im 5'5" 108 lbs so im underweight if this could be a cause. i know meters can be off so maybe im lower then what the reading says or are they pretty accurate with the lower readings? Thankyou for anyone who read. again sorry this is long.
Avatar n tn not so much a fatigue, but more like a sick, unwell, uneasy feeling throughout the day, and when my blood sugar becomes low, this feeling I have been having only increases as well as adding in the usual symptoms of hypoglycemia -- sweating, anxiety, feeling faint. Only eating a meal that isn't conductive to weight loss will I recover to an extent, but I still am not feeling well even when my sugar level recovers. I would say that maybe this happens 2-3 times per day.
Avatar n tn You would do well to keep juice available in case it does. Symptoms of hypoglycemia to watch for in small children who aren't verbal enough to tell you if they feel woozy are: irritability or unexpected tears sleepiness chills, followed by breaking out in a sweat yawning for no apparent reason (a toddler I babysat would do this if his glucose was dropping...
15298662 tn?1439720697 Because it will benefit me in many ways to become healthier in every aspect of my life. So from what I read and I am experiencing it seems to me like I have Reactive Hypoglycemia. But of course I am not for sure. And I have also read that sometimes Reactive Hypoglycemia can turn into Type 2 Diabetes but I guess that depends on whether not the RH is caused by insulin resistance or not.
Avatar m tn It does sound like reactive hypoglycemia - and the treatment also requires cutting out caffeine as well as cutting out sweets. Did your doctor order a GTT? If you get a GTT, make sure you get a 6-hour GTT, not the 2-hour GTT used to diagnose diabetes. Do you ever check your blood pressure during these episodes? Some people have hypotension and actually need medication to keep their blood pressure up. You might want to get a BP kit.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have reactive hypoglycemia. One of the best websites to learn about hypoglycemia is I don't think it's possible to grow out of hypoglycemia. I'm a teenager and I've had it since I was two or so. I really wish though!!
Avatar n tn If true hypoglycemia is rare, then when do they decide that this is not reactive hypoglycemia and decide to treat her for diabetes. I am really worried! This has been going on for a year now and I see symptoms getting worse and worry that I'm not doing enough but when the Ped Endo won't listen, what next?? **Do these numbers of the 145's 198's and 245's indicate a need for insulin? **Does her GTT reslut look like a typical or early Type 1 GTT result???
Avatar m tn Until that time, eat small meals several times a day(about 5-6 small meals) containing some fat,protein and carb. This is the basic dietary recommendation for reactive hypoglycemia as well. Avoid simple carbs, sweets,sodas etc. Hope this helps, take care.
190341 tn?1192166779 I have had the symptoms of hypoglycemia for many months now, I feel very weak and tired,shakey, and sweaty. I have tested my blood sugar, and when I feel this way, the results are usually in the 60's. I also have a rash on my chest and back, that will not go away. Is this because of the low sugar?? My question is, if I do go to the doctor, what can be done for the low sugar attacks??
Avatar f tn Fasting sugar was 80 and fasting insulin was always 6-9. He diagnosed adrenal fatigue and reactive hypoglycemia due to poor diet. My problems improved with diet overhaul and life went on. A few years later, I suddenly began losing weight rapidly without cause. I got down to 110 pounds, and I am a very tall woman. My BMI was under 18. I was put through another battery of the same tests, and everything was normal except the blood sugar dropping to the 70's after meals.
Avatar n tn I asked about low blood sugar since snacking sometimes helps. Both drs said hypoglycemia is over-dx'd and treated, and didn't think this was her issue. Diabetes does run in the family. I think GI isn't looking at her whole picture. Also, she has never been an anxious child, but there definitely is a psych. component now (behavior, moodiness, glum). I wonder if that is a result of feeling sick, not vice versa. Please help! Thanks.
Avatar f tn I think there are two types of hypoglycemia. If it is reactive hypoglycemia the intake of sugar will depress blood sugar further. In the other type an intake of sugar will raise blood sugar. The latter would explain why the intake of sugar helps you. I hope other people on this forum can explain it better, since my knowledge is sketchy. I have reactive hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn I have had troubles with reactive hypoglycemia for the last 9 years or so. I used to have a snack of pretzels in the afternoon and within an hour I was shaking and almost passed out. So I figured it out eventually that I needed to avoid high refined carb snacks. But I still seem to get hypoglycemic episodes sometimes and I can't always figure out why. Today I had a high protein, low carb meal - paleo bread (9g protein, 6g carbs(1 sugar)) and hemp seed butter (9g protein, 4g carbs(1sugar)).
Avatar n tn fasting hypoglycemia often is. Symptoms Symptoms of both types resemble the symptoms that people with diabetes and hypoglycemia experience: hunger, nervousness, perspiration, shakiness, dizziness, light-headedness, sleepiness, confusion, difficulty speaking, and feeling anxious or weak. If you are diagnosed with hypoglycemia, your doctor will try to find the cause by using laboratory tests to measure blood glucose, insulin, and other chemicals that play a part in the body's use of energy.
Avatar m tn Hi, A 3-hour GTT is still used by some doctors to diagnose what is called "reactive hypoglycemia" but on the whole many endocrinologists do not use it anymore. If you are having symptoms AND recorded low blood sugars on your own meter, this will usually suffice. You can proceed with that, or what most folks do is start with the dietary changes needed anyway and see if symptoms get better.
Avatar m tn I have found these symptoms are similiar to Postprandial Reactive hypoglycemia. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced symptoms of Postprandial Reactive hypoglycemia and if they went away after your thyroid levels returned to normal.
Avatar n tn They said that I showed signs of rective hypoglycemia but did not show absolute hypoglycemia. The doctor told me I was getting symptoms that felt like hypoglycemia because of the amount of adrenaline I produce (the stress release hormone). He said that this was because I used to be an athlete and through my teenage years I was brought up under immense competitive stress.
Avatar f tn You might still be eating things that are spiking blood glucose, which in turn spikes insulin levels and after the food wears off in a short time, the hypoglycemia takes over. That's called reactive hypoglycemia... I have it too... Another question: Are you taking all the cytomel in one dose or are you splitting it into multiple doses throughout the day? Most of us on a T3 medication find that splitting the dose into 2 works best, as it keeps levels more stable.
Avatar n tn who thought not all of this was thyroid related. Underwent a 6 hr. glucose tolerance test that revealed reactive hypoglycemia. Went back for a check-up at the endo. last week to find out that she suggests a thyroidectomy because the Synthroid isn't working to keep the goiter/ nodules from growing. I have an app. with the ENT/surgeon next week to discuss surgery further. I just want to feel better.
Avatar n tn Reactive hypoglycemia, simply put, is low blood sugar. The symptoms you are describing are typical of hypoglycemia, especially if they disappear when you eat. I too had blood tests, all that came back with a normal result. I then saw an endocrine specialist and she sent me for a six hour glucose tolerance test. This test involved drinking an orange liquid high in glucose and then testing my blood every half hour for six hours.
Avatar n tn 1) Could I have REACTIVE hypoglycemia? If so, what is the best test for that? GP tells me fasting glucose would cover that....even though I have the problems in response to food. 2) Don't get hives/rash after food so my GP won't test for food allergies/sensitivities. Could this be a possibility? If so, what kind of test is ordered for food sensitivities? 3) Any other suggestions?
Avatar m tn 2 years ago I was extremely fatigued, and I would sweat buckets at night. Then one day I started sweating right before lunch. I suspected I had low blood suger and grabbed a blood glucose meter from the drug store, my bg was 57. The doctor in running bloods tests for my symptoms turned up that I was hypo thryroid with tsh of 9.5. So my G.P started me on levothryoxine and at the same time I started the south beach diet.