Rash on wrist and forearm

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Avatar m tn I HAD 2 RED CIRCLES ON FOREARM TO WRIST ,THEY DID NOT GO AWAY SO I WENT TO DOCTOR and he said it was dermatophytosis so i used prescription for 10 days and the 2 red circles were still there so i went back to doctor and now he said it was eczema so i used prescription cortisteroid on it and all of sudden i have a red rash all over the forearm now instead of 2 red circles that are not near each other.I do not know what it is ringworm or eczema or what. Please help me?
Avatar n tn I have used the Rx for about a week now and the rash on my forearms is pretty much gome but I'm still itchy on other parts of my body including my forearms. Should I go back to the doctor or just keep using the Rx and see what happens?
Avatar f tn it builds up in your skin as you get older..and it comes to your skin surface as an itchy rash I have the tiny bumps on my right forearm. I have itchy starting to open up and become open sdore on right ARM, and leg. My Glucose levels are normal...therefore....(still this can be PRE diabetes and they refuse to give medication PRE diabetes) But lets go with te ALLERGY and TOXIC reasons ove "diabetes".
Avatar n tn They start from his wrist and don't go beyond his elbow and are only on the front of his arm. Having visited the pharmacy they gave me an antihistamine cream to rub on and suggested it might be a heat rash. I know it's difficult to suggest what they might be, but any help?
Avatar n tn Tuesday I had one on my right wrist, wednesday the bump on my right middle finger turned into a cluster of tiny bumps, and on thursday I started getting itchy on my neck, stomach, waistline, there were a few more bumps on my right and left hands and then the right index finger started, I then popped the bumps on my forearm, right index and left middle and they oozed a clear liquid. Now friday I notice I have 4 on my right ring finger. They kind of itch, but nothing severe. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I developed small red bumps on the inside of my wrist/forearm last night. They were not itchy - in fact, the only way I discovered them was when I ran my fingers over my arm and felt the bumps. They were a little bit itchy this morning, but I ran some hot water over them and the itching stopped. So far, they have not itched at all tonight. My main concern is that I found out today a woman who has been sitting at my desk at work also has a rash in the same area.
Avatar n tn this is the second time its happened. Last time i ate nutella and the spots appeared on my left wrist and burned so bad and it was so itchy !
596668 tn?1228162436 The pic shows the area where I feel the lump it is on the forearm area a few inches above the wrist.
Avatar m tn That same day I received some type of rash on my wrist area.. I assumed it was an allergic reaction to the lotion he used.. When it didn't go away I became alarmed and had my doctor run a skin test (which I've read are unreliable) for Herpes and Poison Ivy.. The doc said it was Poison Ivy.. The rash returned to the same site this year so I'm positive it is Herpes..
Avatar n tn Yes, same for me, only my pain wasn't so severe as most people seem to be reporting, but my whole arm and shoulder is aching, also mild pins and needles on the inside of my forearm. The nurse came in to where I was sitting, from the receptionists office at my GP surgery. She didn't wash her hands, and she didn't use gloves. After rubbing my vein with her index finger she dragged a dry cotton wool ball over the vein, then rubbed it with her finger again and inserted a very large bore needle.
6214112 tn?1379616035 I have numerous lines of non weeping rash that itches allot. I started out with one on my left top forearm & now I have 3 on my right arm (elbow to above the wrist), 2 on my right back side of my calf & a new one today on my left side of my left calf. Can you help with a diagnosis & what to do for it?
Avatar m tn When the stinging happens sometimes there's a red dot/spot slightly elevated, other times it can be red rash and other times nothing and everything looks normal. I sometimes experience fatigue and nausea when this happens. Seems like some kind of neuralgia, but is it a herpetic neuralgia I don't know. I'm so confused on what could cause this and the only thing I can boil it down to is stress/anxiety or herpes or some other std.
Avatar n tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn My other arm had two around the elbow and three on the top of my hand. I had one on my thigh and three little ones on my foot. As the day went on these bumps became very itchy and when aggravated, became raised and looked more like bug bites. The itch was enough to make me cry and would wake me in the night. I saw a doctor three days in and was prescribed an ointment that would also help my excema - it still took a week before the itching subsided.
Avatar m tn As stated above, I have them on my legs as well, from the thigh to just above the knee and as for my arms, from the wrist, to the forearm, and up to the shoulder. I have none of these near my elbows or on the other side of my arms. I am wondering what you guys think? I will be meeting with my primary care doctor for a referral this week.
Avatar n tn the rash will then miss the back of my hand and then travel on to my wrist and forearm, at this point it chainges and becomes small red dotts. The small red dotts come and go throughout the time period that im effected. My index finger however remains itchy yet the presentation differs. at presant my finger has an indent and the skin has began to break the little lumps have gone but indent is as if i have been wearing a ring which i havent for at least 5 years.
Avatar n tn I have these red bumps all over my left Forearm and wrist. before they were better, i had some before that weren't Clustered as these. But they are itchy and slightly painful, than the other ones. I saw a dermo not long ago that Confirmed that I had a form of warts that are infectious. More info, currently I work in the Automotive trade, but my right arm seems fine... Photo included.
Avatar n tn A week and a half later, I complained of a blister-like feeling on my forearm so the nurse replaced the cast. There was still a blister on the incision, and there was also a nickel sized patch of red skin covered with thin clear blisters lower on the inside of my wrist. Well, several days later my wrist started itching ferociously.
Avatar f tn I returned home (Texas) from vacationing in Jamaica on July 19th and immediately broke out with a first an infernal itching on my right hip and within a day or two started having a rash and several days later had about 6 bruises appear within the rash, it looked like where fingerprints had been. It spread across my abdoman.
Avatar f tn In February of 2007 I scraped my leg at the local swimming pool, this turned into a rather dark deep bruise, when the bruise had almost gone I developed an itchy rash. This rash came and went off and on for about 18months before finally going, in september this year I fell and bruised my thigh quite badly, again after the bruise healed a rash appeared to cover the bruise site, then it reappeared on the original site.
Avatar n tn I started with hives on my upper chest and lower stomach and huge ones on stretch marks on my stomach and thighs. It ended up being a horrible red rash all over my torso, neck, back and tops of my legs. It always seemed to get alot worse when I wore warm clothes, took a warm shower or slept under blankets. It went away once summer got here and now since it is cold out his is coming back fast.
Avatar f tn the others are developing dry skin and are getting itchy and bumpy. I just started putting arnica salve on my arm to make the bruise go away but it makes the rash itch more. What's going on!?
Avatar f tn I've had a Hawaiian tribal around my forearm for about 6 months now and the rash started in a small area and has now grown to half the tat. When you say "maddening itch" Holy COW! I've NEVER had anything itch this bad. I've tried every cream known to man! What I found that will actually stop the itch is regular baking soda mixed with water to make it a paste and putting it on will subside the itch, but the rash won't go away. I'm going to try the tea tree oil bit to see if it helps.
Avatar n tn bumpy dry rash that doesn't go away on my left forearm. it started on my wrist and my brother sprayed me with dust off on my forearm which froze my skin. it spread to that area over the next few days. been going on now for about 8 months and just like you said nothing works. and it can be unbearable at times.
Avatar m tn Im not sure if its 'cutaneous larva migrans' and I sure hope not, cause that sounds scary. but i have a strange horizontal line on my arm. its on the inside of my left forearm about 4 inches from my wrist. its red but it dosnt itch or burn. it goes all the way from the right side almost to the left, its about 2 1/2 inches long but real thin. only 1-2 cm thin. and its raised up about 1 cm. it is a dead straight line, no curves. it is actually kind of hard to the touch. not squishy.
Avatar n tn I have hundreds of small red bumps (about 1/16 - 1/8 inch apart from each other) on my forearms (from wrist to elbow, and some of them are approaching the top of the arm but mainly on forearm). There are alot more on my left forearm than my right. I have had them for about 5 days and they don't seem any different. They don't really itch and I feel ok (a bit of a sore throat today, but I feel it is unrelated).
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed a lot of very tiny raised bumps covering the back of both hands. They are not on my fingers or the palms. They are basically flesh-toned and are only visable in good light, but i can feel them when I run a hand over them. They do not itch at all. Yesterday I noticed that they started appearing on both of my forearms, but only on the top, not the underside. Today I noticed a 4 or 5 on my left ear, but those ones were itchy.
1341014 tn?1276074482 if I lay or turn my hand a certain way my fingers go numb and on occasion i too have had a funny red mark similar to a rash that stayed for around 2 days and is normally on the side and palm of my hand. I'm not sure what it would be called medically but I have had it happen to me.... the aching and stuff too but it's usually from laying on it too much! :) As long as it's going away and doesn't reappear or as long as it's not causing you problems or any other symptoms I'd say your alright.
Avatar n tn On my wrist and forearm I have dark reddish/purple lesions that are visable at all times. These spots and/or lesions do not itch or hurt ever. Which is why I have ruled out that it is a rash. I have had this condition for about 2 years now, and it does not seem to be getting any better. It is light and temperature sensitive, and I have received laser treatment in the passed. However, as you can see the laser treatment had little to no effect at all.
Avatar n tn Second, I've been getting some mild/minimal pains where my biceps are, elbows and sometimes my back and chest hurts. And today I noticed on my left forearm that a few red spots came out. They are light blush red. I'm really worried that I may HIV. What do you think?