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Avatar n tn I have a red rash-looking thing on my upper lip. It covers my entire upper lip and looks almost like a red mustache. It doesn't hurt or itch or anything and is not warm to the touch. It has been there for a couple of months. I have tried Hydrocortisone cream 1% and 2%, but that has done nothing. I have noticed it getting a little bit darker. I am female and so I am quite embarrassed by it. My makeup does not cover it up that well.
Avatar f tn after the 3 days, that small rash disappeared and now there is a small one on the left side of on my upper lip. same symptom etc. not in the corners, just on the upper lip...no pain no itchiness no bleeding....any ideas?
Avatar f tn HI I have an upper lip rash just like small red spots on my upperlip no real pain just tingles, its not herpes or a viral thing i've had it for serveral months now and it won't clear up. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Small rash above upper lip on right side. It comes and goes and tends to go away when I use a low potency steroid cream. I noticed it begin randomly after several months of taking Norinyl birth control pill so I switched to Ortho-tricyclen and still notice it about 4x a month, so I'm not sure if it is OC related anymore. I have no known allergies and am on no other medications. It is a red, very small papular rash.
Avatar n tn Hi after a new relationship with my girlfriend being the first one with this much kissing (several hours a week) I've developed what appears to be the rash of the upper lip. Is there anything that you could suggest. It's not the lip itself obviously but right above it where the mustache grows. Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
Avatar n tn While I was there, I showed her some small bumps I have on my upper lip. You can't see them unless I roll my lip back and sort of stretch it out. They are very small white bumps, I have a couple of clusters of 3-4 bumps per cluster. My dermatologist indicated that they are warts, and that I could wait for them to go away, or she could remove them. She said I could think about it and we would discuss it when I return for a follow-up in 2-weeks for my unrelated rash.
Avatar f tn When it gets really dry in the mornings it can sometimes create cuts in my skin that bleed. There is also another small patch on my bottom lip that flares up as well but not as often as my upper lip. It looks like the same type of rash. I've shown many doctors this but unfortunately have not been able to see a dermatologist for this.
Avatar m tn It started after I had a cold, I thought the skin was just raw from blowing my nose. The skin on my upper lip and around my nostrils was red and had a very "tight" feeling. After a few days of this, my skin broke out in individual sores, that leaked a clear liquid that dried up and crusted over in a yellow crust that easily flaked off and revealed red raw skin. It eventually cleared up after alot of burning, tingling and painful feeling.
Avatar f tn My son developed what I thought was a rash on his upper lip and around his nostrils. We thought at first it was because of his runny nose...that area was just raw or aggravated. It seems to be getting better in some spots and worse in others. We also thought it was just him...but now our other son is getting it on his nose and lip. He does have a runny nose too but the it just seems questionable since they both have had allergies and colds before and this hasn't happened.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have had a rash above my upper lip for awhile now. It is in between the upper lip and my nose directly in the center and only in the center. It is slightly red and looks like there are wrinkled ridges. It burns when I put hydrocortisone or any moisturizer on it. I put vaseline on it b/c I thought it was dry skin and that does not bother it but it does not make it better either. I am not sure what it would be. It does not look like perioral dermatitis. Any idea of what it might be?
Avatar n tn I have a yellowy open group of sores on my upper lip. They do not itch, but they are painful in the way that any open wound is (sensitive to the things they touch, especially food and drink). Unlike what I might recognize as a herpes sore, they are very small and spread out in groups. When I first developed these symptoms over a year ago, they were concentrated on one side of my lip, but now I am experiencing them all over and they have lasted longer (presumably because they have opened?).
Avatar n tn It first appeared on the lower lip and started spreading across and then to the upper lip. I though it was my lip balm (blistex) so I got rid of it and got a new balm (plamers) but it's still there. It's about 2 weeks now. Please tell me what caused it and what I can do to get rid of it.
Avatar n tn I seem to have a rash on both sides of my upper lip. It doesn't extend over the borders, just a rough patch of tiny bumps that covers the entire lip -- and feels worse towards the outer corners, smoother in the center. It feels a little chapped, but doesn't itch. Any ideas? A few notes about me -- I've been diagnosed with rosacea in the past, however, I have not had any rosacea for about a year -- and do not have any other rashy areas now. I've never had a cold sore.
Avatar f tn I have a strange rash on my upper lip. It started with a tingle, turned into small lip colored bumps, never weeped or bled, progressed to seriously scaly,peeling skin, almost healed and just when I though it was over, it is now tingly bumps again. It has been three weeks. Help!
Avatar n tn I have had a rash on my lip that comes and goes. If made it's first appearance about 2 years ago as a tiny cluster of bumps on my upper lip. I changed my chapstick to aveeno and it seemed to do the trick, the rash was gone in just a day or two. Over the next year and a half, the rash would pop up every 3-6 months or so, and I could get it to disappear in a day or so jsut by applying the chapstick more often.
Avatar n tn I have these little white bumps on my upper lip, and i think i got them from using chapstick, maybe an allergic reaction? Nobody has used my chapstick at all, just me. Homecoming is this saturday and i want to know what the white bumps are. I applied chapstick almost every hour to hour and a half today, and i circled my lips with the chapstick about two times, maybe more. The bumps are very small, they can only be seen if i look carefully in the mirror.
Avatar m tn My daily dosage of vitamin C from fresh citrus was very high, and two dry patches on my upper lip (upper left and upper right side) formed which is so dry. I have B-complex supplements too before the dry patches appeared. I will try Tea Tree Oil or other moisturizer as others suggested here and then report back.
Avatar n tn producing white, small bumps on the middle of my upper lip and along the upper lip line itself. It also is red on both rides of my upper lip and causes my entire mouth to become very dry and even leads to cracking on both corners of my mouth. Once this flares up, no lip balm will compete with what my lips go through. It also tends to itch inside my nose and along the outside of my nose, by my mouth as well.
Avatar f tn For the past few weeks after I eat something spicy my lips tend to start stinging and become itchy. This is mostly the top lip and upper lip part. Today, I woke up with a line on my upper lip. It feels like a rash and its dark and quite visible. I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Any tips?