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Avatar n tn ve been applying Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm for two months and recently the edges of my upper lip started drying out and in 2 days my entire lip was swollen, red and burning and feeling stretchy, but its not chapped but feels extremely dry. It has happened to me twice before (had used Avon lip balm then) and i applied Smyle herbal gel and Vaseline and it worked. This time though it is not working. I've been applying Smyle gel and Himalaya lip balm to cure it.
14949743 tn?1440694796 It looked almost like a rash and it would appear on the inside of my upper lip and sometimes my bottom lip too. Just in tiny areas. I have no idea what it is but you're not the only one that's experienced this! I've searched for answers high and low on the internet. Couldn't find anything. If this is the same thing I experienced, it goes away on it's own in a matter of a few days.
Avatar n tn A couple months ago I noticed a red, dry, skin peeling rash above my upper lip. I also had extremely dry lips. It is winter here and it got very cold and dry very fast and I thought that was what caused the problem. I try to keep as hydrated as possible and I used lots of Vaseline and Paw Paw on my lips and above upper lip to combat the dryness. My lips have fully healed, but I still have this rash above my upper lip.
Avatar n tn Help! I am asian, i have fair to olive skin, on my left upper lip area. i use to tweeze my upper lip area and actually there was nothing wrong with my skin i went to a doctor and got a laser treatments to smooth the skin out more. also the first time was fine and i kept doing laser treatments on the same area. I've have done over 10 laser treatments and, 2 chemical peels. now my skin is discolored and has a dent and also left me with a scar!!! what can i do about it? i hate it!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi after a new relationship with my girlfriend being the first one with this much kissing (several hours a week) I've developed what appears to be the rash of the upper lip. Is there anything that you could suggest. It's not the lip itself obviously but right above it where the mustache grows. Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
Avatar n tn I have a red rash-looking thing on my upper lip. It covers my entire upper lip and looks almost like a red mustache. It doesn't hurt or itch or anything and is not warm to the touch. It has been there for a couple of months. I have tried Hydrocortisone cream 1% and 2%, but that has done nothing. I have noticed it getting a little bit darker. I am female and so I am quite embarrassed by it. My makeup does not cover it up that well.
Avatar n tn I dont know what it is but I have this weird rash on my upper lip. It appeared out of nowhere after a day with the family at a arcade, we ate there and everything. But the next day I felt something that felt like a scab on my lip and I ignored it until later that day when it started to itch. Now it has spread from the middle of my upper lip to the whole lip and a little above it. It feels as if it is dryin out but it doesn't seem to go away.
Avatar n tn I have a red, dry, scaley, extremely itchy rach on my upper lip. When I scratch too much, it starts to weep clear fluid and starts to sting as well as remaining itchy. A steriod cream has not worked. What could be causing this? It's driving me crazy, and looks awful.
Avatar n tn It first appeared on the lower lip and started spreading across and then to the upper lip. I though it was my lip balm (blistex) so I got rid of it and got a new balm (plamers) but it's still there. It's about 2 weeks now. Please tell me what caused it and what I can do to get rid of it.
Avatar m tn outside upper lip, blood in urin,several days burning sensation when urinating, back pain, no discarge of any kind, ear and eye itch thank you for help
Avatar n tn producing white, small bumps on the middle of my upper lip and along the upper lip line itself. It also is red on both rides of my upper lip and causes my entire mouth to become very dry and even leads to cracking on both corners of my mouth. Once this flares up, no lip balm will compete with what my lips go through. It also tends to itch inside my nose and along the outside of my nose, by my mouth as well.
Avatar f tn I have a rash predominately on my upper lip along the corners/edge. It burns and hurts worse then it looks. It usually gets so bad that I can barely open my mouth due to pain and I get angular chilitus. Any ideas what it is or treatment?
Avatar f tn It went away within two days after I put some neo synalar on it but that issue has never happened before. A few days after that i noticed on the right side of my upper lip and indent in my lip with some tiny bumps. Then a day after that I noticed the middle part of my upper lip is swollen and puffy and all my lips have became extremely chapped.
Avatar f tn No, I don't shave my lip. I'm a girl lol There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I'm thinking it might be steroid induced perioral derm. since I have been using steroids around my mouth for the past 6 years. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn My daily dosage of vitamin C from fresh citrus was very high, and two dry patches on my upper lip (upper left and upper right side) formed which is so dry. I have B-complex supplements too before the dry patches appeared. I will try Tea Tree Oil or other moisturizer as others suggested here and then report back.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Arimidex for almost 2 years. Outside of hot-flashes, no other side-effects. About 3 weeks I got a rash or acne in a small area on my face. It now goes over my nose, on my upper lip and some on lower lip areas. Iam 57 and always had a good complection so I'm not sure if this is acne or a rash. Could this be caused by Arimidex?
Avatar m tn My daughter came home from school with purplish bumps ONLY on her upper lip. Mostly on the inner side but some on the outside too. I asked her friend that she goes to school with and she said she didnt have them at school. She said she didnt touch anything but food to her mouth and I pack her lunch and she had nothing out of the ordinary in there. The "spots, bumps" have gotten darker this evening. She said it isnt bothering her....what in the heck is it!?!?!?!?
Avatar m tn These sores have since spread to around my face (upper lip, under nose and chin). The latest symptom has been a sort of rash on my chest, starting in the middle and working its way outward. It is only painful in the center of the rash. Also, the rash is difficult to define as per borders and has a few red bumps fer and far between. My question is, could this or is this related to my facial herpes? Should I be going to my GP or wait it out? Unsure..
Avatar n tn Today at her soccer game, my 6 year old drank a small bottle of Gatorade. Shortly after I noticed a rash on her upper lip shaped like the mouth of the bottle. There are tiny red speckles throughout the rash. This has only happened once before. During the fall season, she had Powerade and developed the same rash on her upper lip. That rash took at least a week to clear up and she hasn't been allowed to drink Powerade since.
Avatar m tn I noticed some redness on my upper lip a few months ago. After a while it would go away, but not completely. The past couple of weeks it would stay around pretty much all day. A few days ago, my chin was itching and irritated. So, I shaved all the hair off today. It's a red rash, it's irritated, but I don't see white heads. It looks like it spread a little to my neck and cheeks from shaving I presume. Any ideas what it could be and what I could treat it with.
Avatar n tn So, I have had this bump for multiple months. It is small and painless. It's not on the inside or along the lip line. It's on the upper lip only on the middle. I looked at many things to see what it may be before going to the doctor. Most things say symptoms will include, clusters, pain, swelling, and etc. I have not had any of that. It does not look like a cold sore or any std. I can just see it or feel it because it is hard.
Avatar m tn Then I looked in the mirror I see something I never saw on my lips before very small needle point dots not a lot but a few on my upper lip. I'm like what the heck is this herpes? I haven't had a sexual encounter for about 2 months. I do have pearly penile papules had them for awhile on head of penis think the things I see on my lip might be fordyce condition or Cheilitis I hope. As for my groin jock itch I hope. Do you think I have herpes?
Avatar n tn I have a yellowy open group of sores on my upper lip. They do not itch, but they are painful in the way that any open wound is (sensitive to the things they touch, especially food and drink). Unlike what I might recognize as a herpes sore, they are very small and spread out in groups. When I first developed these symptoms over a year ago, they were concentrated on one side of my lip, but now I am experiencing them all over and they have lasted longer (presumably because they have opened?).
Avatar m tn I have had this rash on my face for some time. I'd say 18 months, to 2 years. Symptoms: I have this red rash (as seen in the picture) that sometimes peels, and on rare occasions itches. It often becomes sore if I wash it with any kind of soap. If I just leave it alone most of the skin appears smooth, but in the crease on the side of my nose dead skin flakes off. Peeling rarely happens anywhere else. It use to be just on the side, and end of my nose.
Avatar f tn I tried that very early on and it makes it worse since it's a sensitive area, the skin doesn't become smooth just exfoliating it's need to be healed. Ah I really don't know it just flares up every now and then, it's just there you could say. It doesn't itch at all although it used to.