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Avatar m tn Psoriasis (skin rash on penis) Last time having sex about 2 years ago No other ailments/symptoms of HIV or any STD I know you or I won't know for sure until I get tested, but does Psoriasis/skin rash on the penis mean I probably have HIV? I just don't know how common it is.....
Avatar f tn About 7 months back I had protected sex with a csw I have so many symtoms, swollen lymph nodes , and extreme fatigue .... Now I have a red white flaky skin on penis which is itchy and also white flaky itchy skin on my inner thigh and region btw the testicle and anus, also my meatus is swollen Does this symtoms are of any std Does people get std even after using condoms?
Avatar m tn There is no rash or signs of a rash, but when it rubs against my underwear it is sore and irritated. Could this be some sort of an STD or is it likely just irritation that will go away on its own. I do not have any other signs that would suggest an STD such as visible bumps, rashes, itching, etc., or buring during urination. But nonetheless, my mind racing as to what it could be. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn After bathing, it is important to trap the moisture in the skin by applying lubricating cream on the skin while it is damp. Temperature changes and stress may cause sweating and aggravate the condition. Treatment is application of amild Corticosteroid ointn the affected area.If it persists inspite of this then get it evaluated by a dermatologist. ref:http://www.myonlinewellness.
Avatar m tn About 5 days later all the skin on my scrotum became flaky and peeled off. Since then have been left with rash covering whole scrotum but nothing else. Also kissed the girl and have noticed a couple of sores on my lips. Any ideas on what std I may have and/or are they related.
Avatar f tn I have.what seems to be dry skin or a rash on the head of my penis .it doesn't itch or anything but it has spreaded a little. It looks like little red spots under the skin.
Avatar m tn Hello. I have a question about the glans on my penis. Early this morning, I was a bit intoxicated, and decided to use a high-powered neck massager on my penis. I was using it while erected until I ejaculated. I went to the bathroom soon after, and noticed my penis had (what looks like) a bright red shiny blotch of skin. It looks like a rash. As of now, I can't tell if the rash is painful because of my anxiety. I am 28 years-old, sexually active.
Avatar n tn burning sensation while urinating, unusual discharge or pain within one to three weeks of last sexual encounter, pelvic pain, fever or rash on skin or genitals or red bumps that turn into painful blisters or sores. If not, this could be a yeast infection. This also presents with reddish rash, itching or burning at the tip of the penis. Most male yeast infections are easily treated with an over-the-counter antifungal treatment, such as Monistat.
Avatar m tn skin peeling penis also i get rather dry patchs on it too.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks after I noticed a small rash on my inner thigh. After scratching the rash it began to spread. Now the rash has an outer layer of itching bumbs where the inner part looks like dried up skin. I noticed improvement when I stopped scratching with the help of lanacane. There is no itching on my penis or gentals and I have no other symptoms other than the rash on my upper thigh ( the part that is in contact with genitals). Could this be a STD?
Avatar n tn I noticed about 3 weeks ago when I came back from lunch that I had a rash on my right forearm (mainly on my wrist). I didn't know what it was but they were very small redish pink spots that were slightly raised. Over the next few weeks they have gone away and come back and my other forearm as well as the same forearm that it originally appered on. At first I though it was just stress causing this b/c I was having a stressful day at work when I first noticed it.
Avatar m tn In the past 6 or so months, every so often I have a red rash appear on the head of my penis. I have made a link that the rash only really occurs when there is semen present under the foreskin of my uncircumsized penis (eg. from post-cum after masturbation). I practise good hygiene so it's not like i leave this festering for hours and hours, the rash can appear as little as a couple of hours after the semen being present within the foreskin.
Avatar f tn Just recently I start to notice that there is rash/skin coloured spots near the opening of my vagina, lip of the vagina and also some on my anus.. I think for the rash on my vagina, it has been there for some time but I was recently concerned if it is std. It's only within this few months that I noticed there were rash on my anus.. I thought it's because I plug my anus hair which I usually won't, it resulted in my anus being itchy for a few weeks but now it is not itchy anymore.
Avatar m tn So today I woke up and found a strange rash on my right inner thigh across from my testicle. The rash at first looked like dry skin but after I noticed it I was trying to look at it more closely and I irritated it. I'm medical smart enough to know that generally most STD's come with pus and intense itching. It doesn't itch enough for me to be uncomfortable or burn it just feels like it's irritated.
Avatar m tn Dear Doc, I have a very small rash on my penis. It's a small line, about than a centimeter long and maybe 2/5 of a centimeter wide. It's located on the anterior side on the loose skin below the glans. The rash only becomes apparent after some time of vigorous intercourse (wearing a condom) because it causes a very mild burning sensation that disappears quickly after intercourse is over. The rash require close inspection to see. There are no blisters.
Avatar n tn I was given a needle at the hospital when I went into labour with my daughter I reacted to the needle all around the injection site thought it was an allergy but it recurs OFTEN and is believed but not confirmed to be a herpes infection in the skin. Its on my back so its not near fingers, mouth, or genitals....is it still considered to be an std?
Avatar m tn However, your rash came on too soon (the generalized skin rash of syphilis occurs in the secondary stage, which doesn't begin until at least 2-3 months after infection); and in any case, the negative syphilis blood test at 2 months is solid proof against syphilis. As far as abdominal pain goes, certain gastrointestinal infections are common from male-male sex; common causes include campylobacter, shigella, and salmonella.
Avatar m tn I have developed a red rash on the top of my scrotum over the past couple of months. I started noticing it at the beginning of the year and it has spread a bit since then. The rash has a couple of clusters of very small bumps (the bump is no bigger then 1.5 millimeter). I have been to the health center at my school 3 times, and they tell me it is nothing to worry about, but it has not gone away in months. I am sexually active and I have had a girlfriend for a few months.
Avatar m tn It had grown larger after a week and I visited my doctor which said it was just a minor irritation and did not think it was an STD One week later it has spread to several spots (the larger one on the shaft and the spreading rash on the head) and has gotten larger? What is this? do I need to revisit the doctor or is there some over the counter meds I can pick up.
Avatar m tn About 38 days ago I had unprotected sex. About a week ago I noticed a small skin rash on my inner thigh. Could this be herpes? It is very small, when I press on it I can see where the skin is raised almost like a hive (Red with white raised skin around it). It gets irratated when I touch it and becomes itchy for a few minutes then it goes away. It seems like it comes and goes. Any input would be greatly apprectiated. Thank you!
Avatar m tn t have access to a doctor in this town. I noticed there is some irritation on my penis skin and I worried too much, I tried to avoid soap, but the issue still exists.. it's been 2 months .. one thing I suspect to cause that has I had my clothes washed in a small laundry shop here where they wash all clothes together, I worry mixing my underwear with other people started the issue. I also dated a girl for awhile and we had unprotected sex but she tested from STD and was negative.
Avatar m tn I have developed a rash on my penis approx 6-7 weeks ago. it is located on my shaft on the right side and has an almost tickling feeling in the area. Some times it is barely noticable but other times extremely red. the skin almost feels lilke dry when it rubs against my scrotum and goves a small uncomfortable feeling. I was traveling in asia and received oral sex from a prostitute.
Avatar n tn hello , i hv noticed very small tiny rash near the bottom of my penis and on the skin of my penis last so many days. it is not itching or not red colour but it is of my skin colour i.e. black i.e. colour of my penis. these are very small tiny bumps raised. I am undergoing a treatment of allergy for house dust mites allergy and is on heavy dose of allegra.
Avatar m tn If you used a condom and don't see and rash or red marks you're fine. See your Dr about the flu like symptoms because that's probably what it is, the flu.
Avatar n tn No STD shows up that fast. Your rash may be just a rash but could be a skin infection..such as staph, which is becoming a greater and greater problem. Your health care provider should look at this right away. Take care.