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Avatar n tn My daughter is eight, and she went on a field trip at school, and was in the sun all day. This was a week ago. Since then she has had this red leopard shaped rash. It seems to go a way a little bit when she is out of the sun. We were driving and the part on here leg that is getting sun from the window made here leg break out in that rash. it doesn't seem to be raised, but it is all over in the areas that get exposed. Does anyone know what this may be?
7510956 tn?1411671417 I ended up getting prescription steroid cream after treatment, as the rash really worsened for me after the Tx. I found my skin actually hurt when the sun was on it, did not feel good at all.
250701 tn?1320974765 I just got some sun this past weekend for the first time while on interferon/ribavirin tx and the rash on my legs near tripled! The red bumps became inflamed and the itching drove me crazy until I took an antihistimine. Temporary relief, but it worked. I must try an oatmeal bath.
3093770 tn?1389739126 First, riba can cause rash also. Not sure about the salt, but I have heard others comment that they got rash or worsening rash in the sun. For me, I've had skin cancer so I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, but it was the heat that got me more than anything, still does 2 months post-treatment. The hot weather not only caused rash, but it made me incredibly sick as well. So be careful of that. Good luck and hopefully others who know more about the salt will chime in.
1063463 tn?1302274619 muscle weakness in legs, livedo reticularis(molting on skin), uveitis, hives when i get cold, severe vertigo(has lessened but is still there, extreme fatigue, and the newest being a rash when i go out in sun. The rash is only on my forearms and the v of my neck. I posted pictures on my profile. If you have any ideas of what could be causing this I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn gov/pubmed/10804306 This type of photosensitivity may present with rash, hives and itchiness on sun exposed skin. Taking oral antihistamines prior to sun exposure may help. However in severe forms, you may need desensitization therapy. Applying sunscreen may help unless this also aggravates the flares. Does the rash resolve in a few hours?
Avatar n tn I noticed that many people are having the same problem as I am regarding sun rashes; where it is extremely itchy and turns red! A few years back I went to Italy and I got this rash again ..this year I went to Punta Cana..and i almost got the rash until i discovered why it was reacting like this. I do have sensitive skin, although over time your skin becomes more sensitive. I got rashes when I used tanning oil ...and it was bad...
Avatar n tn s skin can be very sensitive to the sun in spring and summer, especially those with pale skin and red hair. Solar dermatitis or sun rash is seen as small, reddish blisters or small or large spots in areas that have been exposed to sunlight and usually appears after minutes' or hours' exposure to the sun and can be extremely itchy. Try to avoid direct sunlight when it is most intense around midday and early afternoon.
Avatar f tn I am a red head with sensitive skin. I have a lot of outdoor allergies. I seem to get the rash on my arms. It's only come on or get worse when i'm in the sun. It stay on from spring through the summer. it itchy bad. It seem like get's worse when I'm driving and hanging my arm out the window. I don't go outside much and it's not that hot out yet. It's not from sweat because I'm sweating. could you help me I'm going to see an allergist in few week.
Avatar f tn Just wanted to note that the symptoms are only temporary, so after appearing, about an hour later it will have gone completely so my skin looks normal again, this can happen on a daily basis but they appearance of the rash is never there for more than an hour i would say. Does this change the diagnosis ?
2059648 tn?1439766665 I got a pretty bad rash from driving and having the sun hit my arm. it was a 4 hr drive, didn't even think about putting sun screen on for driving, but I do now :).
Avatar f tn My Mother has had a skin issue going on for almost 2 years. She started with a rash on her hands and face, was given a high dose of erythromycin and became much worse after being out in the sun. She was taken off the antibiotics after going to Urgent Care and since then has visited her pcp, dermatologists, dermatopathologists (2) who took biopsies, rheumatologists, an endocrinologist and no one appears to know what is going on with her.
Avatar n tn Every spring for the last few years I get an itchy rash on my forearm. It isn't red or hot just ichy and the further into summer it goes it gets worse and it looks like small blisters. The sun and temperature changes make it really bad. Steroid creams don't work any more and I don't really know what it is anyway. Does anyone else!
Avatar f tn it itches real bad, and the skin comes off like dandruff, but worse. also I have a real red rash on my bikini line thats been there for about a year. up until now it looked like my skin there was pinker than the rest. Now its real red and the skin is a little raised. It looks Horrible!! but it doesnt itch.. I have no insurance and I dont know what to do!! Please Help!!
Avatar m tn I have never heard her say that sunblock makes any difference -- in her case anyway, it seems to be from the heat on the skin. Talk to your doctor. In the meantime, wear sleeves and a hat.
739294 tn?1235689667 I know folks can develop a sun sensitivity from some meds. I've never taken either of these you've mentioned. Years ago I did develop a sensitivity from BC pills. At work I noticed if I sat outside during lunch, by the time I came back in I had a rash all over my arms and face, tiny little bumps just where my skin was exposed.
Avatar f tn Hi, Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria (aka hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise (sometimes called exercise-induced urticaria), heat from the sun (which could also indicate solar urticaria),. The visible hives (sometimes called heat bumps) appear as a multitude of small 2-3 mm welts typically surrounded by patches of red skin.
Avatar f tn Hi there for the for the past two years ive had dry skin spots on my arms my arms are exposed to sun most of the time ii use moisturiser and sun screen but theu dont go they are jus lil circle spots and their white compared to my tan on arm , and ive recently been getting spots all over my stomack my stomack is never exposed to sun and i got a big dry skin patch under my left breast i was wearing a bra on a really hot day and i didnt kno it had came up and the next day the skin had rubbed off an
Avatar n tn Cholinergic urticaria is a subcategory of physical urticaria ( hives) that is a skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction to body heat. Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise, heat from the sun, saunas, hot showers (reaction to water can also indicate water urticaria) or any stimulus that causes an increase in body temperature. All urticarias are caused by an elevated histamine release by the body's mast cells.
Avatar f tn The rash typically develops within a few minutes of a rise in body temperature but can take longer to appear visibly on the skin. The visible rash is often preceded by a general warming of the skin or itchiness. Cholinergic urticaria is a fairly common type of hives and is often combined with other forms of urticaria, especially chronic urticaria. There is some evidence that in at least some individuals the condition is hereditary.
Avatar n tn Waxing your skin sensitized it and the UV rays from the sun and sunbed made this worse. In future wait at least 48 hours inbetween these procedures. Hydrocortizone will reduce the rash but should not be used in the long term on the face as it can make the skin thinner. Use a bland cleanser and moisturizer until your rash has gone. I recommend Toleriane by La Roche-Posay, or one from the Eucerin range. What medication are you on, and what condition are you taking this for?
Avatar f tn Hi, Allergies are genetically determined, if you develop a reaction to something it usually stays that way for a long time unless it goes away on its own. The pathological reaction that takes place on your skin due to foreign particles is considered as allergy rash. In your case it is a physical allergy, that is your body reacts to a physical stimulus. A skin rash brought on by a hypersensitive reaction heat from the sun is called solar urticaria.