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Avatar m tn Hey, around a month and a half ago I just out of no where got these little red dots on the upper part of my shoulders, lower neck at sides, and a few on upper chest. I've never had anything like this happen before, that I can remember. If you look at them close enough, they sort of look like dried out skin, but red. Each one is about 0.
Avatar n tn Hi, Last week I got this rash on my hand it was very itchy, then later that night my thumb got sore. Day later: both my knees and my feet were in pain. this went on for the rest of the day. Next Day: my right arm hurts but the pain in my feet and knees are gone and so is the rash. After that day: No pain at all :S Day after: Pain in both my right and left arms Next day: Pain in both my right and left arms and slight pain in ancle.
Avatar n tn These bumps appear every year during summer on my chest and some on the shoulders, but never before have I had them on my neck and I've never had so many of them. They are scattered around on my chest and shoulders, but are more tightly spaced/appear in clusters on the neck. They aren't noticable when I stand facing the light, but are I stand with my side to the light/window.
Avatar m tn It started on my back and has now appeared on my shoulders and upper arms. The rash is smooth and does not itch. It is also not a continuous rash, but appears in isolated splotches. I do not have health insurance, and plan to go to a walk in clinic in my area sometime during the week, but am trying to see if it is something I really need to be worried about. This hasn't been a huge deal to me until the past couple of days when I noticed a new spot on my right arm.
1664097 tn?1302990302 I have stinging pain (feels sort of like jellyfish stings) on my upper arms and shoulders that comes and goes. Sometimes there are very tiny itchy pimple type bumps and sometimes it's where the bumps used to be. It's painful and nothing seems to relieve it. The doctor's best guess is eczema. I feel like it's nerve related since I've also had nerve pain pop up in my feet. When should I consult a neurologist? Or should I just accept it's from the fibromyalgia?
Avatar f tn I know this is probably nothing to worry about, but Ive noticed these red lines appearing on my shoulders. They are thin, red lines, running parallel to eachother, going from my shoulder down my arm and have been getting a little longer everyday. At first I thought I had scratched myself with my nails as thats what they look like, but the skin isn't raised or bruised, just smooth like the rest of my shoulder. Ive been wearing tshirts, so it can't be fromt the sun.
Avatar n tn I have bumps across my shoulders and chest and randomly on the inside of one forearm, that are flesh colored and do not itch or hurt. It's been about 3 days, I don't think they're getting worse, but they're not getting better. Please help, should I go to my Dr?
Avatar f tn It is on my shoulders and back... faded on shoulders and wrist now, but still present on my back. No fever, or anything else.... started a bit too early. But the scary thing is that drug reactions are itchy like hives, and hiv ars rash is non-itchy. Mine is non-itchy I'm on week 3 from exposure... no major flu yet. I just wish I could trust my negative rna result from day 9 post exposure. The wait is killing me.
Avatar n tn t have enough so I forgot about it. Now it is on my shoulders badly and aroundmy eyes. Any treatment suggestion or pain relieving suggestions????
Avatar m tn Since typing this post the rash has appeared on on shoulders and a little on my arms. I've taken an antihistamine just to be sure. Its probably a good idea to see my doctor I think I try uploading a photo but can't find a way to put in the post?
Avatar f tn My GI has me wash the riba rash areas with Head & Shoulders (or Selsun Blue) dandruff shampoo and then apply over the counter hydrocortisone cream. My rash is is on my face and you have to be very careful using hydrocortison cream around the eyes as it thins the skin. This ritual works but the minute you stop the rash does come back.
Avatar m tn For the last two years I have had a rash on my upper back, chest and shoulders. It is accompanied by intense itching that flares up at about two in the morning almost every night. I have been to the Doctor's many times. They first tried treating it with Tri cream, then thought I was allergic to Lipitor, but neither turned out. The sent me to an allergist who gave some more creams. I then saw a dermatologist who told e I had uticaria-- with no explanation as to what's causing it.
Avatar f tn hey so i need help. i have this rash from my shoulders to my ankels. it started when i was 7 or 8 weeks pregnant. i am now almost 11 weeks pregnant and it only seems to be getting worse. it is not an allergic reaction or anything else that makes sense. i am going crazy because the itchy feeling never goes away. it feels like hives and looks like it but for having it this long it is impossible for it to be a reaction please help.
Avatar n tn For a few months I experience upper arm pain close to my shoulders when I lift my arms up. At the same time I have a constant sinus infection. Can there be any connection? What doctor should I see for my arms/shoulders? Second question. I was taking Selexa for two weeks and I got a bad skin rash. I stopped taking Selexa three weeks ago but rash doesn't go away. What can be the reason?
Avatar n tn I have has some kind of rash on my skin only on my arms and shoulders(front side) for over 2 months now. I went to a doctor first who said it looked like ringworm and gave me nizoral for a week. Nothing helped. I went to a different doc again after a month who said it could be eczema and gave me ammonium lactate to apply twice a day. I felt like there was improvement but after 2 weeks the rash looks just like it was before except it started turning dark and patchy.
Avatar f tn It seems as i have the same thing on the back of my neck on my traps. What I noticed is after I constantly use head and shoulders shampoo for a few times it goes away; when I stop using it, it comes back. Any idea what this is?
Avatar m tn My 5 year old son developed a rash on his buttocks this morning. Since then it has spread to his thighs, arms, shoulders, trunk, neck, and last to his face. It does not seem to itch and he does not have a fever. Anyone had this experience?
Avatar f tn s been 5 days now since applying the cream and the rash is spreading to my back, shoulders and upper abdomen area, and is more severe on both breats. The red bumps very in size, but they are all scaly looking and they ich pretty bad. I'm not too sure what to do to help prevent the spreading, and I'm wondering if this is even a sweat rash at all? Note: I do suffer from night sweats from time to time.
Avatar n tn i want to know if this rash is due to allergy ( as it should go away with allergy traement but it is not going ) or it is the result of the medication I am undegoing ? I have very small rash on my shoulders too and surely some times there is reddish inflammation of my chest skin too that goes away in 1- 2 times. should i consult a dermotologist or forget it ?
1815939 tn?1377991799 What would be best to use on it? I am not excited about putting that greasy fluocinomide ointment on it. I already use very mild organic herbal shampoo. I could probably live with it if it did not get worse at night and itch like crazy, just like the other hot spots on my legs and ankles. I thought maybe someone on the forum has found a good remedy for Riba rash on the scalp.
Avatar m tn I had this itchyness and rash begin about 2 weeks ago, it began at the back of my scalp, then spread down the sides of my neck, now it's on my upper back, shoulders, and it is extremely bad on my forearms. I've scratched so bad that I have caused sores on my forearms. I went to see the doctor, and he gave me Betaderm Cream, because I do have an history of eczema. It works with the soothing of the itch somewhat, but the rash is still getting worse, it drives me crazy all this itching.
Avatar m tn By 10-oct -2010 i had rashes over my shoulders and two rash in my chest area which are non-itchy and i am very much scared about my hiv status please help me what i have to do now?whether i got hiv by this ?how can i know about my status?Many sites says no documented case by fingering but in wiki answers.com one person replied got hiv by fingering.what is the right time to test for hiv? i am fearing a lot whether i am going to lose everything in my life? anyone please help me., Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi there! I'm a 35 yo female. Last week I got a slight sunburn on my belly and shoulders. It's been somewhat itchy, but not too bad. Yesterday while taking a shower I noticed tiny red marks/rash on my stomach. I have always bruised easily. These marks look like petechiae. It's just on my abd and shoulders. Should I be concerned? They are already starting to fade, but I am still concerned.
Avatar m tn Im a make and Like a few people on here I also get that embarrassing red rash on my neck, chest, shoulders and even to upper back. I have been to my doctor and have recited some cheap pills to help but heard about the beta blockers. If anyone has used them do they really work ? Like do you take it to get rid of the rash or after taking your prescription does the rash ever appear again like complety gone? Any one who can help me I couldnt thank you enough.