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Avatar f tn There are clusters of tiny bumps and some that are also spread out on their own, that are mostly located on the right side of my pubic area. There is absolutely nothing in the vaginal area. They do not hurt, or itch. I have had unprotected sex twice, the last time being in September. I am worried this is herpes, however, said sex was 4 months ago and the initial "rash" thing never burst or anything.
Avatar f tn I have gotten a red patchy rash on my pubic area a couple times. It seems like it has occurred more frequently lately, and has currently developed again. No blisters or fluids exist. It is just a dull red (not shinny) really itchy and warm rash that develops. It seems like develops in a few spots and spreads over my pubic area if continue to itch it. I have gotten tested for STD's and all test came back negative. A doctor I have seen in the past said he believes it's a fungal infection.
Avatar f tn I have rash on my pubic area. It started by a little itchiness, then burning, and sore. It's been nearly a week now. 2 days ago, my husband says he found some bumps on his penis, but no discomfortness. Yesterday, when he came out of the shower, his penis looked like flaking and peeling, but he says still no itch or pain. My pubic area still has red rashlike itch and pain. Booked to see the gynae, but only next week tuesday. Please help me!
Avatar f tn i have itchiness on pubic areas plus it is very dry that it flakes like dandruff on the head. It bothers me a lot especially when itchiness attacked. i have only 1 partner he is my husband. Because i always scratch it soreness happen to follow and it is really not good. I tried to use canesten thinking that it might be fungal but the more it itch and discharge appears. what will i do with this....
Avatar n tn and my rash has an outline on my body, u can tell were the rash is because the border of my stomach and pubic area is separated by a border of small pimples one side the rash, the other side my stomach. what is this?
Avatar m tn A couple of days ago, I started to notice an itchy rash on my labia majora. Red bumps accompanied the itching sensation. I decided to wait it out to see if maybe it would go away but it has actually spread to my entire pubic region (the part with hair). It's extremely uncomfortable and I noticed is most irritated when exposed to any kind of head (in the shower, when my laptop is on my lap...).
Avatar n tn Common causes of itchy bumps, spots and rashes Scabies Extremely intense Itchy red bumps or an itchy rash that has formed largely on warm parts of the body, such as the genital area, armpits, elbows, wrists, webbing of the hands and feet or other places where there are folds and crevices, is likely a sign of scabies. As the infection progresses, the itching may spread further across other parts of the skin due to an allergic reaction to the mite.
Avatar f tn For the last two weeks ive developed this rash like symptom on my pubic ares and around the base of my penis. They dont hurt or itch. It started with a bit of itchiness around my belly button that was red the next few days after i noticed the bumps and its continued to spread well into my pubic area. I have a new parter and have been sexually active with her but she does not have the bumps or a history of it, she has also not received any from me since i had this.
Avatar m tn We were both drunk and i did have a condom on but somehow came off and i didnt realise due to been no light. This evening i have had a bath and noticed a red rash in the pubic area and am quite worried what it could be. Ive had a search trying to find out what it could be but am finding it difficult, and i know anyway whatever i read on the internet i wont have a definate answer without seeing a doctor.
Avatar m tn They are flat and almost seem like a razor knick would, nothing inside, nothing to pop. There are none on my penis shaft, scrotum etc... Just in my pubic hair area and the few on my lower stomach.They have been there now for about 6 weeks. One day I noticed a couple little spots, then the next day there were more, but since then nothing has changed at all. I have had only one partner for 15 years. Nothing with anyone else. I have read some places that things can be passed by towels.
Avatar n tn I scratched it and suddenly in a matter of minutes my entire pubic area (just the pubic bone there are no bumps or sores around my genitals) seemed covered with these itchy raised red bumps like hives. Today-5 days later the bumps are starting to scab over but they're still slightly itchy and become deeper red/blue/brown and bumpy/raised after a hot shower. Since the sores are scabbing and they are slightly less itchy do you think I'm healing?
Avatar f tn After a few days I started having a very itchy pubic region and would scratch it a lot. This went on for several days until I inspected the Region. There are terrible red spots (flat spots) and a lot of them have white dry skin that flakes away very easily. I also found a bump filled with pus today that popped with the slightest touch. What could this be, skin irritation? Rash, eczema?
Avatar n tn I have noticed red marks on the skin just above my pubic hair. They are smooth and not raised from the surface, and aren't itchy or sore. It also continues underneath the hair, although it is not as noticable. I don't think it can be anything related to sex, as I haven't had sex in months, and the condition has only appeared recently. I do, however, trim my hair and shave around the edges to keep it tidy - could this be causing it? I can't think of anything else.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend came to me with a rash on his pubic area. He is very faithful, no doubt about it, and he sees his rash as extremely embarassing. He does not have any medical insurance, so he can't see a doctor. His rash: There are small clusters of pustulates about 3 inches from the penis, maybe 10 in all. They look like an allergic reaction, but they are only confined to the front of his inguinal area.
Avatar f tn I have one bump in my pubic area as well as rashes in between both thighs and my pubic area. I haven't been sexually active for 4-5 years, and I only had one partner, but I know she had a couple. I had a doctor recommend Lamisil for the rashes (thinking it was jock itch), but it didn't help. I also tried lotion in case the rash was a dry rash, but with no success. The last time I was at the doctor the bump want present, but I do recall having a bump there at one point in the past.
Avatar m tn hi I have noticed a week after I had a shave I have got a red sort of rash in the pubic area and few red spots near rash the rash or little spots arnt itchy just red the rash this morning was dry and was pealing little bit so I put cream on it to stop the dryness but al still there I also changed my washing powder last week thinking it could be a bad reaction any advice would be great full thanks
Avatar m tn I am suffering from the appearance of skin rash in the pubic area 3 times during in two years in the same logic Itching and ***** in the skin before the rash appears . There is little pain Left and right of pubic area . Skin rash Take a week from beginning of itching Until the pus .Then starts fading and Baldmor . Do not leave any scars. a simple Burning in urinary tract. No fever or other symptoms. I was gonorrhea infection . I have taken treatment .Five years ago .
Avatar f tn s healing I was being stupid and started scratching my pubic area. The pubic area is red and itchy I have one bigger soar on the top edge of pubic hair and there are very tiny ones as well. I went to the doctor to check the knee and prescribed herpes medicine but she doesn't really know what it is as of now she took swabs of knee.
Avatar f tn Hello for the past month ive had this rash on my pubic area at first i thought if was follicilitis from shaving but it hasnt went away, its lik a circle of really hard bumps and sometimes when ut gets itchy and i scratch it becomes painful.
Avatar m tn Recently I've developed a red rash on both of my inner thighs near my pubic mound. The rash is sore like razor burn but I don't shave anymore so I know it isn't razor burn. Furthermore, the rash does not seem to respond to lotions. As far as I can tell I the area hasn't developed any noticeable bumps or blisters. The area is distinctly red like a rash, sort of itchy, though mostly sore.