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Avatar f tn My man wanted to know what he should do or he can get rid of he's got a rash on his hand a few years ago and now his thumb looks like it has fungus under the nail, and the rest of his nails grow out deformed and he get these small like blisters under the skin sometimes. what should he do.
Avatar n tn My daughter first notice the rash on my grandson's hand 3 weeks ago. And yes it is itchy. No chemicals or insect bites exposure. I saw the rash yesterday and his skin is peeling off only because he scratches it but I told him just to try not to scratch...I gaave him some tea tree oil soap for his hands. My daughter is still applying the steroid cream. I will tell her to get a refferal for a specialist.
Avatar n tn I found some tiny red spots on the inner side of my little finger, of my right hand, approximately 2 months ago. It was very itchy and I thought it was an insect bite. I am pregnant, and talked to my OB/GYN and she thought it might be just a skin allergy, so I started applying a corticoid cream (over the counter). I used it for a week, and it felt fine at the beginning but then it came back. It is really itchy and red, and it has expanded all over the inner side of the finger.
Avatar f tn Hello. Starting several months back, I noticed a small flesh colored bump on my hand, it was above my wrist, on the back side, not the palm. After I realized it was there for at least a month, i guess i started scratching it and eventually it cut. After that happened, it started expanding to more of these little bumps, though its kinda hard to see them because I have scratched it quite a bit and its now mostly a raised dime sized area with some raised bums around it.
Avatar n tn hey there, about 2 weeks ago I noticed one small pimple like bump on the left hand side gland. The last time I engaged in sexual contact was in late december, I doubt it is a pimple as I tryed to squeeze it and nothing came out, there is no white stuff of anything inside, its the same color as the gland.
Avatar m tn I have a daughter who has CP she is doubly incontinant 2 weeks ago she started with a rash small red pin ***** size on her thighs and bottom then it spread to her right foot and now its spread to her right hand the rash looks angery and purple in colour and peeling on her foot bottom and thighs, ive seen 3different DRs and a nurse all have given her different steriods and creams e45 dotocort cream anti fungi cream and thrush tablet allso nystantin which none have worked she has now been given a
Avatar f tn I have a rash that started at the top of my hand between the pinki and other finger...it is slightly red and now is flaky and has almost like little papercuts...my hands feel very dry, and i have moisterized but it doesnt seem to help and now it has spread towards my thumbs staying close to the base of my fingers. Is this just dry skin or is it fungal or something?
Avatar n tn The only changes I have seen are small blisters that appeared the first day on my left hand in the bottom portion of the blotch. They appeared when I got the rash wet but have since dried up leaving a dry spot on the larger blotch. No more blisters have appeared. The blotch is mostly the same color- a pinkish red, with the bottom portion that is dry being a little darker. No other symptoms have been noticed. Any ideas as to what this could be?
Avatar m tn Every once in a while, 2-4 times a week, I get a rash at random on my right hand between my thumb and index finger. Sometimes it extends over the top of my hand, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it itches, sometimes it does not. I used to be allergic to everything but I'm not anymore. In past experiences with allergic reactions, a shower and some cream would do the trick. I've tried this approach to no avail.
Avatar m tn Hi ive been with a girl who says shes not hiv but has been around a bit, i fingered her for 2 minutes and noticed blood on my finger, i then washed my hand and noticed 2 small cuts on my finger they were not bleeding just slighty open. ive since have had a rash one inch below ny nipples, and chest pain, should i be concerned about hiv. im really stressed. please help.
Avatar f tn I everyone...I posted this on the determatology board as well but I thought I would post it here too incase someone here has any ideas! I don't think this is thyroid related at all but I have had it for months...started last March before I started synthroid. Hi! I have had a rash on my hands for months now and I don't know what it is. It started out as one little bump on my right hand and now it is all over my right hand and starting on my left.
Avatar m tn hii i would like some help in here, i am away from my home and i will appreciate if someone can helpe to diagnose the picture i have put on my profile this is the rash on one of my inner thighi have one spot also on my hand and two small of them on my stomach this is the first time i have such rash. the lack of doctors push me to ask for help.
Avatar m tn Every year, for as long as I can remember, I get a rash on my palms in the fall. It starts out with them getting really dry and then sensitive. Next it moves to itchy and then red bumps appear and they feel like leather and very calloused. This either last a few days and reappears every now and then for a few weeks or it’s just that one occurrence. Immediately afterward my hands begin pealing/shedding. They feel like leather and calloused.
Avatar n tn its started as rash,the skin breaks when itching on it after two days the skin cells become dry and gradually become black
Avatar n tn They appear in one spot go away, and show up on another. It is primarily on my chest and a little on my traps. What type of rash does this sound like? I did some research on the internet and it resembles a maculopapular rash. What could cause this type of rash? I could send a photo if you would like to see the rash itself, Could anxiety or stress cause this?
Avatar n tn Hey im really curious about this. i have had this weird rash on my hand it is primarely behind my thumb and extends almost to my wrist. it looks like small little red bumps and there are parts where there are globs making it look really patchy. i also have a few dots on my pointer middle and ring finger. this is only on my right hand though. I did go and use a tanning salon last week but i did not burn anywhere after i had finished.
Avatar n tn hello , i hv noticed very small tiny rash near the bottom of my penis and on the skin of my penis last so many days. it is not itching or not red colour but it is of my skin colour i.e. black i.e. colour of my penis. these are very small tiny bumps raised. I am undergoing a treatment of allergy for house dust mites allergy and is on heavy dose of allegra.