Rash on neck and stomach

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Avatar f tn hi in april i got up to my face being swallon and a rash on my neck and chest arms that went away but now i have problems on my chest and neck its not itchy its like when you get a cut and come thing gets in to it my face it looks like im blushing with tiny white spots like gosebumps but it never goes away its mainly on my cheeks and my neck is just red its realy starting to anoy me its not every day thing but i can go a couple weeks fine then it starts again can y help me to see if y know what
Avatar m tn As those get more dense, they appear on my inner thighs, the softer areas again. Then they appear on my neck (usually the left side) and again grow. The rash itches but does not burn. It is very irritating. I cannot think of anything recent I have come in contact with. The first time I had it I was exposed to some mold/mildew removing a sink/cupboard from an old apartment. Though I showered immediately after.
Avatar n tn A few days later i had alot more spots on my stomach and now i think there spreading on my chest, and some on my neck.
Avatar n tn Put her on zofran!!! took 1 pill at 4 pm yesterday and today has a rash on her chest and neck. Feels very tired and wants to sleep. Dr said give her Benadryl for rash. has not ran a fever/ I don't understand what is going on and dr said it is the stomach flu.
Avatar f tn ive had this rash for almost 2 weeks. it started on my arm and neck and is mainly on my stomach and back and neck. it doesnt itch all the time but when it does itch, it makes me crazy. i have no medical insurance so i was hoping to get an opinion before i get a pricey doctor bill. thank you.
Avatar f tn So, I have had this mysterious kinda blotchy rash on my upper chest and lower neck now for 3 days going on 4. It's very itchy and hot and uncomfortable. I think it may have started when I was at a softball game lying on my stomach on top of a blanket on the grass, but then again my sweatshirt and the blanket were between me and the grass and this has lasted several showers since then, so I'm beginning to doubt that theory a little.
Avatar n tn I stayed on my back the whole time, and the next day I still had my chest rash, but my stomach, and lower abdomen started itching too. I look like i burned the front part of my body, but my back isn't burned at all, still as white as can be. I have little bumps all over my chest, neck, stomach, and abdomen that itch, and burn. Could this be from the tanning bed?
Avatar m tn About 2 weeks ago, my son began developing the same type of rash, but his is on his stomach and abdomin area. Both are itchy, and seem to come and go within 24 hours. I took them to the doctor and he diagnosed Poison Ivy, problem is-its the middle of winter, there is no Poison Ivy and Poison Ivy does not come and go like this. There appears to be no other symtoms other than to be contagious. I have not switched laundry soaps or any other household products, so this can be ruled out.
Avatar m tn right below my chin and on my neck are little bumps that feel like the goosbumps, those are on my neck and the back of my neck right below my hair line. on my back and are similar symptoms excecpt they are red dots and more spread out, in random and evenly not in cluttered heavy bunches. the effected areas are not swollen, do not have impalement of skin, and are not hot. i do not have a feaver.
Avatar f tn rashes. They appear on my back, arms, stomach, neck, feet, and hands...and once on my face. They came in row kinda like this _____ _______. Except they were curved. they itch horribly to the point were i scratch myself till i bleed. I went to the doctor and he gave me prednisone but it doesnt seem to help. The welts keep coming back and i havent changed soaps, detergents, theres nothing out of the ordinary. Ive taken benadryl, zyrtec, and every other antihistamine you could imagine.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old woke up this morning with a red & itchy rash coving most of his body. Its worse on his back, neck, behind ears & stomach. Through out the day it has not gotten better or worse really. Looks red and pimple like. Very small bumps my if I sqeeze it white puss comes out. He has not eaten or been exposed to anything new or different. Help! What is it? Do I take him to his pediatrician?
Avatar f tn It started out as a red oval shape under my breast and I thought it was from my swimsuit that I was wearing but it became very itchy then a week later my scalp became very itchy and it would become scabby from itching it so much and then I started to get little itchy bumps on my stomach and side and so I went to a pharmacist and he said it was a fungal thing, so he gave me steroid creme which didn't help the itchyness or redness then I went to the doctor and same thing he said it was a fungal r
Avatar m tn he had rash on genitle area but is gone. anyways he still has on stomach and i just noticed today its on his back below his neck. dr said it is bad diaper rash last week. still has it. he dont wear a diaper on his head. what kind of rash is this? its light red and dry feeling.
Avatar n tn now its still here along with others (the size of pin heads) almost 2 weeks later in almost a rash look...The are on my stomach, back, neck and the very top of my thighs, and also armpits. I itch very bad. and it seems to be worse in the morning and at night and after a hot shower. I have cleaned sheets. I am on Zyrtec and a topical aveeno anti-itch cream. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn They are redish, raised, and itchy. They are generalized and on trunks, lens, and arms, but different places itch at different times. I've had it for apprx 3 weeks and the itching hasn't really changed, although it did move from my hips to stomach, buttocks, elbows, etc. I've tried various creams, which provide minimal temporary itching relief. On my neck, I have a patch of small clustered bumps that are also itchy and eczema occurred on the back of my neck.
Avatar f tn i have a rash that comes and goes. It's on my stomach,neck ears,and legs and it reallt itches. It is a red blouchy rash.
Avatar f tn My 13 month old son has a rash on his hands, feet, & legs, I tried to look in his mouth and didn't see anything, but couldn't keep his mouth open long.. He also has some mild redness on his butt & has not been eating well. There is nothing on his stomach or neck and only a few little red spots around his mouth.
Avatar m tn spread across my chest and under my breasts. They have gradually spread to my stomach, neck, face, and a little on my back. They DO NOT itch and they do not hurt. I havent used any new shampoo, purfume, soap and i havent ate or tired any new food. The "bumps" differ in size and they dont look like pimples. Im suppose to get married in less then a week and Im really hoping this is gone by then!
Avatar n tn It starts out as a tingling feeling that develops into a red rash on my forehead, cheeks. and neck (some areas on my face will have one or two small raised marks that appear to look like scratches). I will also have a red mark in the middle of my chest. This rash will last up to 20 to 30 minutes and then dissapear. It starts out as a tingling feeling that ends up itching and burning(like a sun burn). It is also not a uniform rash.
Avatar m tn 10 days ago I had a couple of white dots near my eye area, and now it has progressed all the way down my neck, chest, and stomach! They are red and they are all over the place. But they are not on my lower body!
Avatar n tn I went tanning two days later i got a big rash all over my side and stomach i went to dr she said she thought it was scabies, she gave me medicine i did the treatment then a day later they were getting worse so i did the treatment again now today i have small look like welps all over back boobs stomack neck crases of my pantie line and boobs and fat and i dont know what it is..it itches mostly when i am in shower or laying down not at night or after shower durning.
Avatar m tn I have non-itchy, non-painful, red raised sploches on my stomach, chest and neck. Sometimes dry looking and sometimes get really dark or almost fade away. It isn't uncomfortable, just not nice to look at. I want to be able to wear a bikini this summer but won't looking like this. Any help would be much apprieciated.
Avatar f tn It's on my arms and legs mainly right now but it's been on my neck a little my chest and stomach as well but now it's just arms and legs and when it does itch it's super bad like I can't stop itching it. I feel alone anyone else have this or been through it what worked for you???
18954 tn?1314301717 my son has a rash on his stomach, neck, & back that occured two days ago and is real red. little bumps that are'nt raised hardley at all. he has also had a low grade fever, we have been giving him children tylanol for the fever & children benedryle for the itching. can you give me any info on this or should i be alarmed? thank you.